2008 Comet Sparkle Kit KISS Alive 35 Tour

Pearl Masterworks
Black Comet Sparkle Finish
(Reference Specs / painted flat black on the inside)
A: 26”x15” Bass Drum
B: 8”x8” Tom
C: 10”x8” Tom
14”x6,5” Eric Singer Signature Snare
E: 12”x8” Tom
F: 13”x8.5” Tom
G: 16”x14” Floor Tom
H: 18”x16” Floor Tom

Zildjian Cymbals
1: 14" Avedis Rock Hi-Hat
2: 20" K Custom Ride
3: 19" Z Custom Medium Crash
4: 19" Z Custom Medium Crash with 8” Splash on top (inverted)
5: 16" Oriental China Trash
6: 9,1/2” Zil-Bell
7: 8" Splash
8: 6" Splash

aa: LP Bongo Bell Chrome

DDrum triggers
Attack Drumheads
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