December 29th 2010

Here`s a pic I got send from my good German friends Herbert Schreier
 ( & Stefan Huber (

December 15th 2010

Wishes 4 Kids is a charity based in Leicestershire, England which was  created to grant a with to terminally ill or disadvantaged children. Tonight in Hinckley a very special concert took place in conjunction with The Junior Academy Of Music to raise awareness of the charity and  to help raise some money. As part of the concert a very cool KISS  tribute took the stage and sang their own rendition of Crazy Crazy  Nights.

One of the members of the band was a very special 10 year old called Luke. Luke suffers from cerebral palsy and yet with help from the  Academy has learnt to hold a drumstick and keep a beat. As can be seen from the photos Luke had a blast playing Crazy Crazy Nights, even though he made it clear this isn't his favourite song (which happens to be Modern Day Delilah!). He comes from a family of KISS fans with both  himself and his brother Matthew being "introduced" to them by their Dad  (sounds familiar!).

This is where KISS come into it, with help from KISSOnline, Eric Singer  was informed about Luke and provided him with several signed photos and  some signed drum sticks. I am always amazed at how KISS treat their fans and this was no exception. The presentation took place after the song and Luke was a very very happy 10 year old, I asked him if he knew who Eric was and straight away he answered "er yeah, he's the KISS drummer". Luke was then presented with a special custom air-brushed shirt from Nick Smith, his eyes again lit up when he saw the shirt, somehow I think he'll be very attached to his early KISSmas presents!

Huge thanks to Keith Leroux, Eric Singer & Nick Smith for helping  make this little boys night. And of course to Rachel and Dave from the  Junior Academy, Russell from Wishes 4 Kids, all the kids & teenagers who took part in the KISS tribute and especially to Luke, it was a  pleasure to meet you.

December 7th 2010

Dear KISS,

Thank you for making the 18th Annual Veteran Holiday Celebration such a success. We, the KISS Army Vixens, would like to personally thank Eric Singer, Ramsey Sharriff of Live Nation, Keith Leroux, KISS, and Spike.

The VHC is an all volunteer and donation based holiday celebration to honor our American soldiers. The KISS Army Vixens volunteered to work at the event and KISS graciously donated merchandise that brought smiles to many of the vets faces. The one and only Eric Singer worked tirelessly to ensure that we received the merchandise in time for the event. We were honored to have our own "KISS booth" at the party... and thousands of veterans stopped by to take pictures and share their KISS-stories with us.

For many vets, KISS was the first concert they ever attended and we even met the Gene Simmons Family Jewels "butt crack plumber" who couldn't stop telling us how GREAT Gene and his family were. When we were given a designated "KISS booth", Spike helped us decorate it with his personal posters and then entertained the vets with his KISS crew stories. When it was time to hand out the KISS merchandise, we needed a military escort of Marines to assist us with crowd control. KISS was SO very popular with everyone, young and old!

We were immensely moved by these wonderful heroes that risk life and limb to protect our freedom and often return home broken in many ways. It was such an honor to be able to say "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts to these brave men and women. It meant a lot for us to tell the vets how much KISS loves them and supports the armed forces.

KISS Army... please join us in recognizing the sacrifices of the US Armed Forces, past and present. Next time you see a service man or woman, take a moment and acknowledge what they are doing for our beloved country. You'll be surprised at the reaction you get. Many of the vets told us they have never been thanked by anyone... and that's a very sad reality.

If anyone would like to help support this cause, please visit their website at

Thank you once again, KISS, for everything you do to bring awareness to the US military. By the way, we all want to know when you are going on tour again...

The KISS Army Vixens

November 26th 2010

Eric is featured in the december issue of WatchTime Magazine

November 14th 2010

By Cynthia Martin
Being a prolific and talented drummer didn't prepare Singer for all the  work it would take to be in KISS - not that he is complaining. "Being in KISS is such a responsibility. Not so much with the work involved, but  with the daily stuff - working on the makeup and the two hours it takes to get ready, and all these shoots and meet-and-greets and interviews  before the shows. I mean, it's just really steady work being in this band. It's not like when I'm in another band where I just get to sit backstage in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and being like, 'Okay, we're playing in 20 minutes,' and just get up and play."

Singer is grateful for the chance to be a part of rock 'n' roll history, and to work with these iconic mentors. "I get to work with great people who I've learned a lot from and who I've learned the most from. I've  learned that hard work pays off. You need to have that kind of attitude, because I've seen how hard you can fall. And you need to stay focused. And that's why we're successful. Aside from all the special effects and stuff, the men behind the masks really have the work ethic and a sturdy  kind of focus. And if it wasn't there, you and I wouldn't be talking right now."

With their "Hottest Show on Earth" tour wrapping in October, KISS is headed back to the studio to create their next musical masterpiece. Due  to hit stores mid-2011, and with a tour to follow, their new album is sure to stun and surprise - in true KISS fashion.

October 22nd 2010

Eric is on the cover of the nov/dec issue of german “Drums & Percussion” magazine

October 1st 2010

Some cool pics from the Fontana show can be found here thanks to Jay Gilbert

September 24th 2010

Here I am showing off my new THOMAS SABO Jewelry.
Great stuff that I am now including as part of my KISS costume !

September 16th 2010

Christine sent some cool from the Cleveland Show

September 15th 2010

BLACK SABBATH - Seventh Star, Eternal Idol "Box Sets" Due In October!

According to BLACK SABBATH News, the next two reissues in the Deluxe Edition series are the highly overlooked Seventh Star (1986) and Eternal Idol (1987) albums that featured Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE) and Tony Martin respectively on vocals.

After just a handful of dates on the 1986 Seventh Star Tour, Hughes was let go, and Ray Gillen was brought on board. He finished the tour, and work began on the next album, and it was mostly completed. Gillen left to found BADLANDS (with now KISS drummer Eric Singer also from Sabbath), and this left Black Sabbath with a mostly completed album, and no singer. Tony Martin was brought in and re-recorded all the vocals in two weeks. The album came out with Tony Martin, and the only remaining bit of the Ray Gillen original vocals was some laughter in the track 'Nightmare'.

The original Ray Gillen version of The Eternal Idol has been traded in bootleg circles for ages now.

Sanctuary/Universal UK will be releasing The Eternal Idol Box Set on October 25th. The additional tracks include 'Some Kind Of Woman' and 'Black Moon' (demo) on Disc 1. Disc 2 will comprise the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol album! Complete tracklisting is as follows:

Disc 1:
'The Shining
'Ancient Warrior
'Hard Life To Love
'Glory Ride
'Born To Lose
'Scarlet Pimpernel
'Lost Forever
'Eternal Idol
'Black Moon' (demo)
'Some Kind Of Woman'

Disc 2:
'Glory Ride'
'Born To Lose'
'Lost Forever'
'Eternal Idol'
'The Shining'
'Hard Life To Love'
'Ancient Warrior'

Sanctuary/Universal UK will also release the Seventh Star Box Set on October 25th. The first disc of Seventh Star will include the album as well as the remixed version of 'No Stranger to Love', which appears in the music video of the same. Disc 2 is a live concert recorded on June 2, 1986 and has Ray Gillen on vocals.

The complete tracklisting is as follows:

CD 1:
'In For The Kill
'No Stranger To Love
'Turn To Stone
'Sphinx (The Guardian)
'Seventh Star
'Danger Zone
'Heart Like A Wheel
'Angry Heart
'In Memory
'No Stranger To Love
'No Stranger To Love' (remix by Jeff Glixman)

Disc 2:
'Mob Rules'
'Danger Zone'
'War Pigs'
'Seventh Star'
'Die Young'
'Black Sabbath'
'Neon Knights'

September 15th 2010

KISS IS EVERYWHERE! is holding a contest for viewers to choose the best photo  featuring a cheerleader. They're down to their top five finalists, and one of the photos really rocks!

Cheer-tastic Photo Contest at

September 14th 2010

VIP Concert Experiences
Mani-pedis and meeting the band are some of the new trends in concert deals.

September 14th 2010

Here´s a picture of Eric for an upcoming interview in GQ magazine!


September 10th 2010

Posted by Michael Gallucci

When drummer Eric Singer joined Kiss in 1991, the circumstances were far from ideal. The band's popularity had plummeted - the ill-fated decision to drop the make-up probably had something to do with that.  Drummer Eric Carr had just died, and Singer, a Cleveland native who had toured with Kiss' Paul Stanley on a 1989 solo tour, was brought into the fold. But Singer was in for a big surprise when the veteran rockers embarked on a 1996 reunion tour and replaced him with original drummer  Peter Criss. Still, Singer stayed on good terms with group leaders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and returned to the band in 2001. He recently talked to us about Kiss' 30-city summer tour, which comes to Blossom Music Center on Sunday. -Jeff Niesel

I think you joined the band in 1991. What was it like when you initially came on board?

When I first started, it was a different time. They weren't wearing  make-up. The circumstances were awkward. Eric Carr had cancer.  Originally my relationship with the band started because I played in  Paul [Stanley's] solo band in 1989. I joined the band under a strenuous  situation. Playing in place of someone who had passed away was  difficult. And getting an opportunity to do something better at  someone's expense was very awkward.

But things eventually solidified.

This line-up has been the same for six and a half years now. They did  the reunion tour and that was a great success. Some of the same issues that reared their head originally came into play again after that. Fast forward to 2010 and if it weren't for the original band, I wouldn't be talking to you. They created what Kiss is and kept it moving forward in this modern era. We have to be on the same page and in the same car  driving down the same highway. Chemistry has to be important both on  stage and off the stage. We have mutual respect for each other. We  understand what we're here to do and how it works. There's an old  saying. It's called the music business. And it's a business. People hate hearing it. This tour has been great. It's a really successful summer. There are great things tied into the tour. We're supporting the Wounded Warrior Project [to help out injured servicemen].

Gene Simmons is one of the funniest guys I've ever interviewed. Talk about what it's like working with him.

Well, I call him Uncle Gene. To me, he really is like a crazy uncle. I like Gene a lot. I honestly think he is great. I know him as a co-worker but also as a friend. He's a really nice guy. He has a strong work ethic. He has his way of doing things. If you want to work with him, you have to know he's driving. I understand how he likes to do things. I  know deep down he's a good guy. I've seen him do some random acts of  kindness. He loves attention and he's the first one who will try to get your attention. Gene loves Kiss but when it comes to the personal things, Gene doesn't look for attention or for anyone to pat him on the back. Deep down he's a big marshmallow.

I think it's great that kids under 14 get in for free on the lawn with a paid adult admission. Talk about your efforts to introduce Kiss to a  new generation.

The audience ironically is growing younger for Kiss. Letting the kids in is about accommodating families so they can get in. We're seeing this  in Europe where there was no 14 and under deal. The kids have been  getting younger and younger. It's Guitar Hero and Rock Band and YouTube  and visibility on the Internet. They see us and tell their parents they like us and want to see us. Their parents are like, "That's Kiss.  They've been around since I was a kid."

Do you think the band will ever get inducted into the Rock Hall?

I don't give any thought to it. I'm from Cleveland. I'm really glad that the Hall of Fame got built in Cleveland. The phrase got coined there.  Having these museums is a cool thing. I have a problem with one thing.  Who decides who gets in. Some group of people decide. Why not let people vote, just like you do for the NBA All-stars. You should let the fans decide who gets in. I'm a fan of Madonna. But in the Rock and Roll Hall  of Fame? She's not rock 'n' roll. She's an entertainer and pop artist.  It should be just rock 'n' roll. It's wrong to ignore bands like Deep Purple, Kiss, and Alice Cooper. You can't deny their influence.

September 10th 2010

Young or old, KISS is ready for DTE crowd

Christina Fuoco-Karasinski / Flint Journal

KISS drummer Eric Singer has seen a distinct change in his band's fan  base since 2008. What was once a party crowd has slowly given way to  families.

"It's pretty much become an all-ages show," said Singer, via telephone from an Atlanta hotel. 'There are so many younger kids and teenagers who come to the shows more and more. You really see a difference. We saw it starting in '08 but really started to notice a big difference over the last year or so."

Singer is unsure about the reasons behind the change. Even KISS' manager, "Doc" McGhee, has investigated the matter by walking around  shows and asking people what they like about the act, which also includes guitarist Tommy Thayer, lead vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons and lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley.

"Our manager, Doc McGhee, walks around and talks to people before the  show just to get a feel for what people think and what they like," said  Singer, who's been in KISS from 1991 to 1996, 2001 to 2002 and 2004 to present. "He'll ask them, 'What can we do to improve the show? What do  you like about the show? What don't you like about the show?' He asks those questions.

"A lot of kids say they discovered the band through YouTube, Rock Band,  Guitar Hero, that stuff. ... They�ve also heard about it through an aunt or uncle, or their parents. They used to see their parents old records  laying around. They investigate, put them on and listen."

KISS is encouraging families to see its pyro-heavy show by offering free tickets for children ages 14 and younger with the purchase of an adult (21 and older) lawn ticket. Tickets must be purchased day of show.

"On outdoor shows (like DTE Energy Music Theatre), whenever it's a Live  Nation show with lawn seating, if somebody buys a lawn ticket, if you  have a kid that's 14 or younger, you can get four kids 14 and younger for free on one ticket," Singer said. "It's very good. It's to sit on  the lawn but at least you can get in the venue. We did that as a way to try to help people who are financially more strapped or want to be able to bring a family and it's just too expensive to go to a show. But a family that has three or four kids and they want to go to a show, they go, 'Hey, we'd like to take our kids but we can't afford to buy six  tickets.' They can buy a couple lawn tickets and they can take their kids for nothing as long as they're 14 and younger. We're just trying to find different ways to do the right thing, if you will."

"Doing the right thing" also applies to supporting the military. KISS, who released its latest album "Sonic Boom" in 2009, is giving $1 per  ticket to the Wounded Warrior Project, whose mission is to honor and  empower injured troops.

"That's something that's important to us," Singer said. "We don't go out of our way to get caught up with standing on a soapbox and looking for  accolades. It's just something we do because it's important to us.

"It's not a political thing for us. The bottom line is we have a volunteer army. Most of them are 18-, 19-, 20-year-old young people - practically kids. They go over there voluntarily. A lot of times they  come back and they just need to get their life back. That Wounded Warriors Project helps them with physical or mental therapy. I think it's important to know that these people have sacrificed voluntarily for you and I to have an opinion one way or another on anything we want."

This KISS tour, dubbed "The Hottest Show on Earth Tour," wraps up in early October, after which the band is going to take a break. Singer  said he's sure another album will be in KISS' future. In the meantime,  KISS is thrilled about returning to Detroit, which is located in an area of the country where the band goes over well.

"The Midwest - or if you want to call it the Heartland - has always been great in general for rock 'n' roll," Singer said. "I grew up in Cleveland. I know what it's like. Detroit and Cleveland are very similar. They're literally just around the bend from each other on the lake. They're so close in proximity. Everyone I've met from Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, those parts of the country, they have a certain kind of work ethic and a certain appreciation for music and rock 'n' roll.

"Growing up, I remember it being such a music town. That whole region is always into music and really supportive of bands. It's in the water or  in the blood. There's just something about it. Detroit's always had a special place for KISS. Besides the first album, all three of 'KISS  Alive' albums were recorded in a combination of three cities - Detroit, Cleveland and Indianapolis. There's something about that connection."

September 9th 2010

Here´s the Eric Singer article that can be found in WWE magazine sept.10 issue.
Click on the pic

September 4th 2010


We went to 7-Eleven tonight -- check out the front of the Slurpee machine! They had all the new KISS Slurpee cups too and of course we got one of each. When we checked out, the clerk working the register said  "These are, by far, the greatest cups we've ever had!" We agree!

Marie Oliver

September 3rd 2010

KISS is in the Random Notes section of Rolling Stone

September 3rd 2010

Here's an additional story at City Pages, the leading alternative weekly in Minneapolis/St. Paul,
about the 13 best KISS commercials

August 27th 2010

KISS with Lady Gaga, Star Magazine, 8/25/2010

August 26th 2010

Behind the scenes with KISS

August 23rd 2010

Lady GaGa made it out to a KISS show last Friday in New Jersey.
She was very kool and gracious to everyone. Not to mention also a huge KISS fan :-)


August 11th 2010

By Jeffrey Ougler

Some howled.
Others pounced.

Packs of critics and Kiss fans were far from content with Eric Singer's  having - they would contend - the temerity to take on Peter Criss's  Catman character, previously solely portrayed by the flamboyant rock  band's original drummer. Even the late Eric Carr, the first to replace  Criss in the early 1980s, didn't go that far; he was the Fox until the  makeup-clad rockers dispensed with the war paint for a spell.

The mere mention of such cynics these days still brings Singer's claws out - a bit.

The accomplished drummer - he's also beat the skins for the likes of Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath - contends he's become very comfortable in his cat skin, so to speak, since putting it on in 2001.

"I'm totally fine with it. . . . I mean it's like all things in life," Singer said recently from his L.A. home.

"(In sports) people can love your team, and there's going to be people on the other side of the country that hate your team.

"No, I don't have an issue at all, and I know you can't make everybody happy.

Singer said he's confident many initial wounds have healed.

"Well, you still have a few naysayers. . . . There's no doubt about it," he said.
read more

August 10th 2010

Me signing drumheads before a KISS show !


August 7th 2010

By Ed Hannan

KISS drummer Eric Singer loves to use sports analogies. You could say he's the Billy Martin of rock and roll.

Whereas the fiery Martin managed the New York Yankees on five different  occasions, Singer has been the drummer in KISS on three different occasions. He replaced Eric Carr (who himself replaced Peter Criss in  1980) in 1991, but when KISS decided to put the makeup back on in 1996, Criss returned to the band and Singer found himself on the street.

"A friend of mine said, 'It's not the music friends, it's the music  business. The bottom line is like all things in life, sometimes you are  on the good end of a decision and sometimes you are on the bad end of a decision," Singer said.

"I've known Paul for more than 20 years. I have a friendship with him. Do I take it personally? Sure I do. You have to learn to be an alligator and have tough skin to get through it. I understand why decisions were  made. KISS is a company. You have to make decisions to keep it afloat.  Sometimes, that means you get downsized."

In 2001, however, just before the Japanese and Australian leg of the Farewell Tour started, Criss left the band again, reportedly unhappy  with the salary. Singer returned, but only stayed with the band for a year before Criss returned once again. Yet, when Criss' contract expired in 2004, Singer permanently replaced him.

These days, lineup changes (which were prominent in the 1980s as the band shuffled guitarists and drummers seemingly every two or three years) are as much a thing of the past as farewell tours (which the band did a decade ago for the original lineup).

The makeup has also returned, with Singer donning Criss' Catman costume  (lead singer Paul Stanley is The Starchild, Gene Simmons is The Demon,  and Tommy Thayer, who replaced Ace Frehley, is The Spaceman).

"We get along so well and play so well together," Singer said of the current lineup. "If, three years ago, you said that we'd be touring for  the next three years and have a new record, I wouldn't believe it. I  thought we'd do maybe 10-15 shows a year in places like Australia and  Europe, with occasional corporate dates in the U.S."

The current KISS lineup will take the stage Saturday night at the  Comcast Center in Mansfield. The show is part of the band's summer North American "Hottest Show on Earth" tour, which follows the band's KISS  Alive/35 and Sonic Boom tours. The band is touring ostensibly behind its most recent album, last year's Sonic Boom, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard album chart even though it was only sold exclusively at  Walmart, missing the top spot thanks to crooner Michael Buble.

"When you have a lot of fun doing something, if people aren't coming to  see you, there's no reason to keep playing," Singer said. "But KISS is growing into as big of a machine as before. It is a true pleasure."

Expect to hear such classic KISS cuts as "Detroit Rock City," "Rock  & Roll All Nite" and "Beth," as well as see (and hear) pyrotechnics, the fake blood, and the makeup. It's something that, Singer says,  everyone should experience. "I always say that going to a KISS concert is like going to Disneyland. You need to do it at least once."

It's cliche to make fun of KISS as a stage-show spectacle, but consider  that the band has sold more than 19 million albums in the United States, 100 million albums worldwide, and has been around since 1973. They are  doing something right, clearly, to have survived that long.

"Some bands have been around a lot of years, but you find out they never see each other offstage. Many bands, surprisingly, exist that way," Singer said. "We all love KISS and doing the KISS thing.

KISS plays at the Comcast Center in Mansfield on Saturday night. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $70.50, $25, and $20. For information or to purchase tickets, visit

August 3rd 2010

By Brian McManus

The idea is pretty damn solid. Four guys, inspired by the New York Dolls but too ugly to pull off the whole androgyny thing, decide instead to  dress like Japanese Kabuki warriors, spit blood, breathe fire and pen songs about staying up all night and partying ev-ah-ree day. That's KISS, who now, after 36 years of lineup and costume changes are once again circling the globe on their Hottest Show On Earth Tour. We caught up with KISS drummer Eric Singer - in the band on and off since '91 - to talk about the KISS machine, the fabric of Americana and what it feels  like to be a permanent understudy.

The KISS monster keeps growing. Why is that?

"I think it's a couple of different factors. We noticed a change when we toured Europe in 2008. We noticed that all of a sudden, 'Wow there's a lot of kids here, like teenage kids.' It wasn't just Mom and Dad bringing little kids to the show, like babies, it was teenage kids coming on their own, like you would expect with this brand-new band or a young band. We thought, 'This is just Europe,' because we hadn't been there in a few years. And then we went to South America and Australia  and New Zealand, and everywhere we went it was the same thing. It was a  younger audience.

"The band has become a part of the fabric of Americana. When you think of America, a lot of people think of Coca-Cola or Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper, McDonald's, Disneyland, Universal Studios. I think KISS fits right in with those things. It's part of American fabric. It's become an iconic thing that you think about as part of America. Everywhere you go, you  can show the KISS logo or the makeup designs of the guys, and everybody will go, 'Oh, that's Kiss.' I mean, they'll know it even in Malaysia."

A lot of that is to do with Gene being a master brander, right?

"It's not just Gene. I love Gene and I respect Gene, he's very much a  business-minded guy, but he's not the one that invented everything KISS  ever did. Ace Frehley came up with the KISS logo. So you've got to give credit where it's due. A lot of our costumes, all the things that we wear now, Paul Stanley sat there and he sketched them and designed them  all out himself. When we do photo sessions Paul Stanley goes out and  goes to Home Depot, and buys supplies with some of the crew guys, and he puts together the sets of how he wants it to look for the photo sessions. I mean, a lot of the stuff we do is hands-off, but a lot of the creative stuff, I have to give credit, is more Paul.

"But Paul's not the kind of guy who's gonna go out and tell everybody, 'I did this, I did that.' I think people associate Gene as the face or  spokesperson of the band. But that's really more Gene marketing Gene  through KISS. So he thinks along those lines and he's very creative and comes up with a lot of great ideas. But just for the record, everybody,  including myself, have input for things that we do.

"But you know, Gene and Paul have really been there from day one. They started the band. They created this idea of what they wanted it to be,  so it really is a partnership of really those two. If you want to think of the one common thread, it's those two guys."

The original KISS lineup is so revered by fans, and I know you've been with the band on and off since '91, but when [original drummer] Peter Criss decides to come back, you get ousted. How do they go about telling you you're no longer needed? Does it make you upset, or do you get it? How does it work knowing you're basically a permanent understudy?

"Well, I wouldn't say I'm an understudy anymore. And I actually never  looked at myself as an understudy. The bottom line is that it's a  business. Every band can tell you, 'I just care about the music, and I'm an artist.' They can all say that, but the bottom line is, if nobody  buys their records or nobody buys tickets to their concerts, guess what, they're not going to be in business for very long. If you don't treat it somewhat business-like and approach it from at least some aspect that would be included in your mindset, you're not going to be in business very long, because you can't just be an artist."

So you didn't / don't take it personally?

"Well, no, because it's business. But look, was I happy when they did  the [original lineup] reunion? No. But here's how I looked at it: I knew that if they did a reunion, it's like, I can give you a lottery ticket  and say, 'Brian, I have all the winning combinations on the ticket, all  you have to do is scratch the numbers off and give them the ticket. But you have to do that, you have to go in and claim your check.' To me,  those guys doing the reunion was like a lottery ticket they just had to go cash. So, it was an opportunity they couldn't pass up, and they knew that, and they saw that the time was right, and it absolutely was. And  honestly, I don't think they knew how big and successful it was going to be.

"Look, I know what I do is play drums. I sing songs, and I like to think of myself as a very solid background singer, but I also know that I'm  not the leader, I'm not the front man of the band. I don't have that  ability to go out and front a band. I know that. Some people, their ego can't get out of the way. They think they need to be a star too, but not everybody gets to be. That's not something everyone is capable of doing, even if they'd like to do it. I look at my job as a unique thing  that I get to do, but I also realize that if I'm not here playing drums, it would definitely be someone else. Don't ever think you're not replaceable because everybody's replaceable."

August 3rd 2010

Went to see The Royal Crown Revue the other night in Hollywood with bud Tommy Clufetos (OZZY)
We were treated to the great drumming style and sounds of Daniel Glass !
Check Daniel out sometime as he is keeping the torch burning for a soon to be lost drumming art form..

August 3rd 2010

Scott Engel talks to KISS drummer Eric Singer on his Sirius XM show  about his passion for sports. Eric reveals some great memories from his  younger days and sounds off on LeBron James. Listen to the RotoExperts  every morning from 7 to 11 am ET on Sirius 211 and XM 147.


July 31st 2010

New Eric Singer Interview by Jerry Atchison
Well I did a 15 song Q&A with Eric Singer and he was very generous and replying within a day of me asking him to do the interview. Props to Eric for giving me the time out of his day to do this:

Hello, Eric - Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with Not For The Innocent pro boards. Let's get right to it!

1. Four Day Creep (Eric Singer Project 1999)

Huge Humble Pie fan growing up ! Played Rockin' The Filmore LIVE til the grooves wore out...Jerry Shirley has the best swing and scrappiness to his drumming and Steve Marriott is the #1 singer for me! Had to cover this tune sometime in my life...

2. Beth (KISS 1976)

Klassic KISS Tune for sure! I am honored to be able to sing this song live with KISS...

3. Gimme (Alice Cooper 2001)

Like the heaviness of the groove and the overlayed drum loops added a modern touch to Coop's signature voice.

4. Set Me Free (Eric Singer Project 1999)

The SWEET were a big influence to me as I love 70's Glam bands ! And they were one of the very best. Great drumming from Mick Tucker. (just ask Tommy Lee/Kickstart My Heart)

5. God Gave Rock N Roll To You II (KISS 1991)
read more

July 26th 2010

Eric Singer Interview
Posted By: Amy Harris

The Hottest Show on Earth tour which kicked off July 23 in Cheyenne, Wyoming and will be hitting Cincinnati Friday, July 30 at Riverbend Music Center. The boy are back with a tour that is bigger than ever and  they are attracting whole new generations of fans.

We caught up with Ohio native, Eric Singer aka "CATMAN", drummer for the infamous band, to discuss local sports and the show on Friday.

CB: First question, how do you feel about Lebron leaving?
Eric: I get asked that obvious question a lot because everyone knows I am from Cleveland. We are all in a business. I am in the music business and he is in business as well for himself. I just tell people that there are good ways and not so good way to do these things. I think the way  he chose is not the best way and not a good choice. He is trying to market himself and be his own brand like Jordan and he has been pretty successful. The best analogy is like you go on national TV and tell your wife that you are going to divorce her and that you found a new girl in Miami. He should not have done that. He should have done it like a typical announcement through an agent. I read that when Michael Jordon decided to re-up his contract with the Bulls that he just sent them a fax to tell them. He didn't go through some big announcement and make a  big deal about it. I believe he knew well in advance and did not just decide that day like he said he did, but I guess only he knows. I am not saying it is a disloyalty thing because he was a free agent. It was just the way that he did it was not appropriate.

CB: Did you see the owner's reaction?
Eric: Oh yes, I did. I am a huge NBA fan. I am on everyday. I am actually a huge Lakers fan and even though we were on tour in Europe I did not miss any of the playoff games. The games would start at 3 am and I would watch every other day. My body clock was so out of whack. I  would stay up all night watching. Everyone on the tour would ask why I  looked to so tired and it was because I stayed up until 7 am watching  basketball.

Eric: You are in Cincinnati. I saw that you just signed Terrell Owens.
CB: Yes we did, what do you think about that?

Eric: I think it is a great thing. Obviously, I am a Cleveland Browns fan being from Cleveland.

CB: We won�t hold that against you.

Eric: No, I have always rooted for the Bengals. My Dad had season  tickets to the Browns in the 60's and he would take me to all the games. My Dad was also a musician and he knew Paul Brown personally. I think Paul Brown coached at Ohio State so we also loved the Buckeyes so Ohio State Buckeyes are always my college team of choice.

My Dad was always a huge Bengals fan because he loved Paul Brown.  Basically I root for all the AFC teams except the Ravens for obvious reasons. I cannot stand the Ravens like most Cleveland fans. I always  root for the Bengals. Overall I think it was a good pickup. T.O. is a  personality but at the end of the day he is a great talent and is a great receiver. The Bengals may make some noise this year. I don't look  for much from the Browns this year to do any damage. I just want them to improve over last year. They have had so many changes with management  and quarterbacks. I think that it would be nice to give the people of Cleveland something to look forward to versus focusing on the Lebron situation.

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July 26th 2010

Another photo fro Jay Leno Tonite Show
photo by Dean Snowden

July 26th 2010

Here is a photo from our performance on The Tonite Show/ Jay Leno last week.
I got to meet one of my favorite basketball players (I am a HUGE NBA fan...)
Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat ! I gave him the drumsticks I used during the show and commented on his watch no less... :-)
Photo by Dean Snowden

July 20th 2010

Here are some pics from yesterday's perfoemance on The Tonite Show w/Jay Leno
It was a fun great day and I got to meet an Icon/Don Rickles and one of my favorite NBA players / Dwayne Wade !


July 20th 2010

Please welcome John Jeffrey as the newest contributor to Rock Music John is the founder of the KISS Underground fanclub, which he began in 1987 and published over 40 issues of the KISS Underground fanzineand has been a long time friend to With John's vast and extensive KISSTORY if you will, it was a clear win/win situation to bring John aboard. Look for John to bring us many KISS related exclusives in the months ahead.
To start things off, John's first contribution to our site is an exclusive interview with KISS' next generation "Catman" Eric Singer. If you're not familiar with Eric Singer, aside from Gene Simmons, Eric is the most talkative member of KISS. Our 15 minute time allotment turned into almost a 45 minute interview. In order to bring you all of our conversation with Eric, we've split the interview into parts for your enjoyment. Without further adieu, here is part one of our interview with Eric.

Hello everyone, this is John Jeffrey with Rock Music and today we have KISS drummer Eric Singer.

RockMusicStar: Eric, how are you doing?
Eric Singer: I'm good John. How ya doin'?

RMS: Good...good. First of all, I wanna thank you for taking the time to speak with us, and I wanted to start out by (also) congratulating you on the completion of KISS' highly successful European tour. I followed the tour personally by listening to the Sim-fy - the 'Instant Live' (type) - recordings, and I have to say, musically, you guys were really tight.....right on the money. Were there any shows that stood out for you?
ES: Well, i would say that there were some that stood out because of the circumstances. ...
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July 20th 2010

Here's KISS performing "Modern Day Delilah" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight!


July 18th 2010

Here are some great pics by Al Soluri ... check em out

July 1st 2010

Tommy Doc McGhee and I spent time after a show with the KISS Army Spain at the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid.
ere are some pics and a clip !
IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Hope to see you on the upcoming USA tour.


June 30th 2010

Here is picture of new ANONIMO Chronoscopio MK II "Prototype" in 44mm with "Drass Treatment case"
and 18k Rose Gold Accents this watch is a killer in person ! beautiful workmanship

June 21st 2010

Here´s a link to some cool shots of Eric taken at the Arnhem show by Will van Leuken

June 19th 2010

Here´s a great pic of Eric singing Beth in Malmö.. Thanks to Bjørn Madsen

June 8th 2010

BY Gerasimos Kavvadas

Looking at the schedule of the 2010 European Tour of KISS, it sure makes you wonder how long this band will still be on the road presenting the hottest show on planet earth! A couple of years ago, during the KISS Alive 35 World Tour, we were treated with the live presentation of the legendary Alive! Album in its entirety. Last year KISS released the excellent - and already a favorite among the KISS fans - "Sonic Boom" and they embarked on a world tour that hit Europe in the spring under the tour title "Sonic Boom Over Europe". The show was hosted in the prestigious, modern indoor Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena that holds approximately 12.500 and the ticket prices ranged in between 35 and 60 Euros.

At 21:00 sharp, down went the huge black curtain that hid the stage and KISS appeared on a huge hydraulic platform, landed on stage and making a bombastic sonic intro with Modern Day Delilah with Eric Singer sitting on his throne/drum stool keeping the beat up and steady. The huge stage is absolutely unique and spectacular with a screen "decorating" the whole backdrop while two KISS Army Banners refined the whole scenery on the left and right of the stage. The amplifiers create some really cool visual effects as they are used also as screens while the band's logo stands proudly on the floor of the stage. Flames, fireworks, light show and the usual KISS props are pushing the show to another limit while the four KISS members seem tireless, tight and compose a powerful band. They all share lead vocals in front of a frenzied crowd that didn't stop at any point to scream and support the hottest band in the land. Simmons and Stanley are naturally the leaders and the crowd couldn't be happier when KISS decides to perform songs that were once part of the band's set-list but not of, "Crazy Crazy Nights". Sonic Boom was represented by three tracks ("Modern Day Delilah", "Say Yeah" and "I'm an Animal"...this last one created such an impressive, doom atmosphere and it actually explains why so many doom bands are influenced by KISS) while Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer put on their show with rockets fired at all directions by both of them during the "Shock Me" live routine.

Up next was possibly the most anticipated moment of the show with Simmons spitting blood and flying 30 meters above the stage in order to sing from up above the immortal anthem "I Love It Loud". Love Gun, Lick It Up, Detroit Rock City came next and ended the first part of the show. "Shout It Out Loud" leads the way for the encore numbers with "I Was Made For Loving You" featuring the flying prop by Stanley who sang the song on a special platform in the middle of the venue. "God Gave Rock N Roll To You II" is next and it pays tribute through the big screens to some of the most innovative rock stars of all time like Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Who but also to the late KISS drummer Eric Carr.

The show came to an end after almost 135 minutes with the absolute rock n roll anthem "Rock and Roll All Nite" with tons of confetti falling down on the fans who couldn't believe their eyes! We left the building simply asking for more and of course looking for the next KISS concert!

June 6th 2010

Here's KISS with Vitali Klitschko, world boxing champion, backstage in Hambug, Germany.

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSonline.


May 30th 2010

I would like to pass along heartfelt sympathy to my good friend Bruce Kulick on the passing of his Father.
I am very sorry for your loss Bruce..."

May 24th 2010

Here's an interview with Eric from Italy's Rock N' Roll Radio!


May 21st 2010

here's a six page story and interview with Eric in the new issue of the  German Watch magazine CHRONOS. The interview took place in Erfurt, Germany the day KISS played on the "Wetten, dass...? TV show.

May 19th 2010

Here´s a pic of Eric with Jimmy Page

May 19th 2010


May 18th 2010

On Saturday, on the eve of KISS' concert at the Zurich Hallenstadion,  Eric Singer, drummer and avid fan of Swiss watches, made a stop in Biel to visit the Omega Museum, where he was personally and privately  welcomed by the president of Omega.

It was eleven o'clock when the drummer of the legendary rock band KISS chose to detour from his touring schedule to visit the watch city. Eric was treated to a private tour of the Omega Museum, which had been opened just for him. Enjoying a day off from KISS' European tour (which passes through the Hallenstadion in Zurich and the Geneva Arena,) he was welcomed by Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega.

The guardian of time (and beat) in KISS, Eric is also a big fan of Swiss watches, which he has acquired with passion for many years. His collection, which includes hundreds of beautiful pieces, is expanding  throughout the band's world tours, and he has managed to establish contacts with representatives of luxury brands. His rock star status helps greatly. Above all, Eric is an ambassador for TAG Heuer, though he is also fond of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe and, of course, Omega, which featured its "Speedmaster" wrist model for the occasion.

"I must have been five years old when my father gave me my first watch, a cheap plastic model. But I was immediately fascinated by the object and it was like a click occurred," Eric confided.

May 14th 2010


May 13th 2010

Here are 2 cool shots taken by Dave Phillips in London last nite.

May 13th 2010

Wembley Arena crowd singing Happy Birthday to Eric a few hours ago.


May 12th 2010

Happy Birthday Eric...All the best to you.....


April 30th 2010

iW Collector Interview Eric Singer

by Michael Thompson

As KISS drummer since 2004, when for the third time he replaced Peter Criss, Eric Singer’s long career as a rock and roll drummer began when he toured with Lita Ford in 1984-. Since then the Cleveland, Ohio, native has played and recorded with Black Sabbath, Brian May, Badlands, The Cult and Alice Cooper, among many others. In 2009, Singer, along with lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, played and sang on “Sonic Boom,” the first KISS studio album to feature the new line-up.

When not performing with KISS, a band he has toured and recorded with since 1991, Singer tours with Alice Cooper and can be heard on three recent Alice Cooper albums. When not on the road (KISS is currently touring Europe), Singer resides in California, where he keeps a collection of more than 100 timepieces.

International Watch: Do you recall your first watch?
Eric Singer: Yes, it was a German brand on a Speidel Twist-O-Flex band. My father was the band leader on the S.S. United States & S.S. America Ocean Liners in the 50’s-60’s out of New York, crossing the Atlantic roundtrip forty-eight times. He would bring toys and such back for my sister and brothers and that is when I got my first watch-—when I was five or six years old. I still have the watch today although it does not run.
Later in my early teens I got a Glycine for Christmas. And I acquired my Father’s LeCoultre triple calendar moonphase and Gallet mini chronograph after they were retired from his wrist.

What timepiece(s) are you considering for your next purchase?
I am always looking, and right now am thinking about a Blancpain 500 Fathoms. I recently acquired a Ball Diver Chronograph that has awesome gas tritium indices and glows like no other watch!

What type of watches typically attract your attention?
I love chronographs or big Italian-style watches. I tend to go for something different, although I do respect traditional watches. TAG Heuer is one of my favorite brands because of their automotive/racing heritage. I think they have done a great job of remembering their past and retaining their roots while being very inventive with modern interpretations of many of their classic watches. Being a car person has always attracted me to this brand. Some of the Italian brands I own or wear are Anonimo, Panerai, U-Boat and Giuliano Mazzuoli/Manometro.

Do you wear a watch onstage?
No. They would get trashed, and mechanical watches are not made for such shock and abuse.

How many watches do you bring on the road?
I always bring four to five watches and rotate them daily on my wrist. I know that I usually will acquire something new along the way and try to only bring a couple, but I can’t seem to do that. It is almost like leaving your kids at home!

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April 26th 2010

Here´s the Cover of DRUMMER Magazine´s May Issue

April 2010

Here's your chance to bid for a pair of exclusive KISS Meet And Greet tickets.

The ABC Trust - a charity dedicated to helping the lives of children in Brazil - has launched a KISS charity auction via eBay.

Funds raised will help support a project called the Street Child World Cup, where teams of street children compete in a football tournament.

(The 'ABC' in ABC Trust stands for Action for Brazil's Children - see what they did there?!)

Anyhow, up for grabs is the following prize, which includes:

* Two exclusive Meet And Greet Tickets to see KISS at London's Wembley Arena on May 12
* Personal photograph with KISS
* Autograph session (includes 8�10 autographed photo)
* Exclusive KISS concert shirt
* Collectible KISS tour poster (limited edition, numbered)
* Official KISS tour program
* Official Meet And Greet laminate
* Set of KISS Sonic Boom guitar picks
* $100 voucher for the official KISSonline store

To enter your bid, click here

April 2010

Here is reminder to check out the Donate Life Auctions happening NOW on ebay.

April 2010

April is National Donate Life Month.
Eric and KISS have donated some items for auction to a good cause.
Please check out the website and the auction items and remember that your helping a great cause.

April 2010

Eric Singer
(Modern Drummer May 2010 Issue)
Just Being Himself

by Billy Amendola

For eighteen years, Kiss’s drummer has helped his world-famous band stay in our hearts and on the radio by doing what he does best—being himself. In this special online extra from his May 2010 MD cover story, we begin by asking Eric about…

The Band’s Younger Fans
In 2004 we did the Rock The Nation Tour, and then we didn’t do any kind of full-length touring until last year in Europe, and that’s where we really noticed the resurgence. All those shows did extremely well for us, and we noticed the age demographic had completely changed. All of a sudden there were a lot of young kids, and when we’d ask, “Hey, how do you know about Kiss?”—thinking that maybe their parents were Kiss fans—a lot of them said, “We found you on the Internet through YouTube”…or through Guitar Hero…or Rock Band. So it’s the kids themselves discovering Kiss. And next thing you know, they go out and buy the CDs or videos. And then next thing you know, they want to come see the band live!

Surviving The Music Business
I look back now at all the drummers who’ve attained longevity in the music business…it’s not an easy task. Being a journeyman musician is different from being in a band. If you’re not a songwriter, or you’re not the principal owner of a successful band, to survive in this business is very hard work. A lot of drummers talk in interviews about their workout regimen and “I’m working on this ostinato thing where I’m playing this with my left hand,” and that’s all great and fine. But the majority of people will never be able to use that kind of technical ability unless they create some kind of niche for themselves. Ultimately most players just want to have a career in music, whether it’s as a studio musician or being in a band with some success, where they can just play for a living.

It’s almost like a rare art form to be able to play music for a living. And the way people view musicians in America is different from the way they view them in Europe. Overseas they look at dance and theater and music and all that as a cultural and artistic expression, and they really support and admire it and respect it in a different way. Jazz musicians are totally revered in countries like Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany.

When people ask me for advice about being in the music business and making a living, I tell them that you’re on not only a financial roller coaster but an emotional roller coaster as well, and you have to always remember that it is a business. Everybody is aware that musicians look at their art as being a part of our cultural fabric and that we are very emotional about it. Unfortunately, a lot of businesspeople are very aware of that. The best way to take advantage of people and situations is to tap into their emotional side, knowing that they’re not always going to make decisions based on logic. A lot of times the business can prey on that. I don’t want to sound negative; I just try to be realistic. There are some very, very shrewd people in the music business, and I think if you’re not business-minded you’ve got to remember, no matter who you’re working with—even if it’s the best friends you grew up with—the minute you throw some fame, success, and money into the equation, you will see people change. Not everybody—some people do retain their humbleness and their roots. But you have to be aware.

Early Years/Favorite Drummers
I watched bands on TV, and I saw many on Ed Sullivan’s show. I went to see concerts, I saw Led Zeppelin one time—so I did get to see Bonham live! I never got to see the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix with Mitch Mitchell or Cream with Ginger Baker. I was a little bit young for them. Even though I was aware of all that music because I had an older sister and brother, I only got to experience them on TV or on records. These days anyone can buy DVDs or watch performances by just about anyone on the Internet. Years ago, when I saw Tony Royster Jr. at twelve playing like Dennis Chambers, I was like, “Forget it, it’s over.” [laughs]
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April 23rd 2010

“KISS donated a signed guitar for The American Heart Assoc.
It was auctioned off and here is a pic and story”

Over 900 supporters gathered at the Overland Park Convention Center on February 20th for the 23rd annual Kansas City Heart Ball. The Heart Ball, presented by Saint Luke’s Health System, raised more than half a million dollars for the American Heart Association's lifesaving cardiovascular disease research and education.  KISS partnered with the American Heart Association for this lifesaving cause by donating an autographed guitar. The guitar was featured during the Heart Ball’s exclusive live auction that evening and after a heated bidding war, the guitar went home to the lucky bidder who donated  $2,100 for the item. We greatly appreciate KISS and the guitar donation that went to support the American Heart Association’s lifesaving mission and work!



April 17th 2010

After numerous sensational chart entries all over the world the 2 disc box-set "The Wicked Symphony/ Angel Of Babylon" of Avantasia has entered the European Top-10. Having entered at #7 Avantasia marks this week's highest new chart-entry all over Europe!
The first chart positions of the new album:
Germany #2
Czech Republic #6
Switzerland #7
Austria #9
Slovenia #7
Sweden #1 (Rockcharts, national #14)
Finland #18
Norway # 22
England #26 (Indie)
Holland #27 (Indie)
Spain #32
France #74
Japan #89
Avantasia is an allstar project of Edguy vocalist Tobias Sammet featuring guest stars of the Scorpions,
Transsiberian Orchestra, Kiss, Judas Priest and many more...

April 13th 2010

I just got the first three chart positions for the new AVANTASIA albums"
Austria #9, Switzerland #7 and Germany #2


April 12th 2010

Here is some recent press items for our upcoming European tour


March 28th 2010

The new issue of Classic Rock features 8 pages of KISS coverage, including one of the most hilarious question-and-answer sessions with the band and their fans that you'll ever read! Here are some photos from the issue.

March 23rd 2010

Drummer extraordinaire Eric Singer packed the house at the 2010 Indianapolis KISS Expo on Sunday, March 22. Over 700 energetic KISS fans swarmed the Ramada Inn East to come out and see the KISS drummer who is on a short break before the rock icons return overseas for the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour. Eric signed autographs nonstop for eight hours. It was so busy that he could not even leave the KISSonline booth for a Q&A session, instead answering questions directly from the booth as expo staff roamed the crowd with a mic!

An all-kids KISS tribute band, "KIDS," warmed up the enthusiastic crowd with a short setlist. The band members are all between the ages of 11 and 14 and they definitely kicked off the day with a bang! KIDS closed with a fast-paced "Modern Day Delilah" and then handed out DVDs of some of their previous concerts.

During our KISSonline video presentation, we surprised guest of honor Christopher "Critter" Smith by showing the crowd a clip of Critter meeting KISS last year in Milwaukee!

Later in the day, fan-favorite KISS tribute band MR. SPEED rocked the ballroom with a great set, which included "All For The Glory", "When Lightning Strikes" and "Say Yeah!".

It was a special day for everyone involved. Numerous fans commented that this was their first convention, and that the expo was everything they hoped it would be and more.

Another great day celebrating the greatest band in the world with the greatest fans ever!

March 23rd 2010

Here is a clip from the 1995 Convention tour. Bruce Kulick Instrumental "495 JAM"


March 20th 2010

The 2010 Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo will be held Sunday, March 21 from 11 am - 7 pm at the Ramada Inn East (Formerly Holiday Inn East, same location as always just new name.) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This year's special guest is KISS drummer Eric Singer! Eric will do a Q/A and be available for photos and autographs at the KISSonline booth throughout the day. KISS tribute band's Mr. Speed and KIDS will both perform.

Children 12 and under get in free! KISS merchandise and collectibles will be on sale throughout the day. There will be giveaways and contests too.

The KISSonline booth will be a busy place please stop by and say hello.

Happening at the KISSonline Booth Sunday:

- Eric Singer will be signing autographs throughout the day
- KISS Raffle for Christopher "Critter" Smith
- Official KISS M&M's posters to benefit the Fishers Cats Travel Baseball Team
- Official KISS Merchandise will be available

click here or more info..


March 16th 2010


Six of the Best: Drummers pick their defining records

From Black Sabbath to Alice Cooper and KISS, Eric Singer tells Phil Ascott how he's landed gigs with rock and metal royalty over the past 25 years through determination, talent and good fortune. Perhaps God really can give rock n' roll to you...

KISS - Sonic Boom (2009)

Harking back to their classic Destroyer album, Paul Stanley instigated new rules for the writing and recording process of the band's first album in 11 years, ensuring jam sessions rocked and rolled all nite...

"I was pleasantly surprised when Paul called up to say, 'I'm thinking about doing a new record but I want to do it as a band and play live. No outside songwriters.' That was basically saying make sure it's your idea, don't bring a song that you had going with someone else. Paul used to write his songs and Gene used to write his, then they'd bring the material to the band and each would get a certain amount of material on the record. That was thrown out the window. It was like, 'We're gonna jam ideas and arrange them so that we're comfortable enough to go into a studio. Then in the studio we'll put them under the microscope.' Brilliant. That's how I first started making records. I used an old Rogers kit - I wanted to use vintage - and a Pearl free-floating plexiglas snare that was perfect with it."

Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper (2003)

Eric's second album with glam shock icon Vincent Furnier was unfairly maligned, according to Singer...

"I played on Brutal Planet (2000,) The Eyes of Alice Cooper and Along Came a Spider (2008.) But out of all those Alice albums, Eyes... was the most fun and the coolest because it was done garage-style, live as a band. We literally went to a room, with all the amps and the drums in the same room, not even really using partitions, and we just blasted the songs out. I got frustrated sometimes because you have so much volume, with the bass guitar and the guitars bleeding into the mics, but we did most songs without a click track, just live as a band. It was truly old school. Probably because of a bad record label and no support, that record went by unnoticed, but if anyone gets the chance then go check that record out because it's a really cool, straight rock n' roll record."

KISS - Revenge (1992)

Another chance meeting whilst recording with Badlands landed Eric his most prestigious gig to date, although it would be a while before he entered the studio with the glam rock titans.

"I was in New York recording the Badlands album in 1989 and someone said [KISS guitarist/singer] Paul Stanley was looking for a drummer for his solo tour. Ironically I was staying at a hotel right around the corner from his offices so I went over and met with him, chatted a bit, and the next thing I know he's hired me. I played on 'God Gave Rock N' Roll To You' for the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey soundtrack, as Eric Carr was ill. Then when he was too ill to do Revenge I got called in to play as a studio musician. Producer Bob Ezrin was a crazy guy but a genius. I remember we were recording a track playing along to a drum machine so he could monitor the time, and he would speed the drum machine up and slow it down in different sections to have the song move around and feel more natural."

Badlands - Badlands (1989)

Ray Gillen, the young singer who replaced Glenn Hughes in Black Sabbath for the initial Eternal Idol sessions only to quit the band along with Eric, formed this 'supergroup' with ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee.

"I get a lot of drummers to this day that ask me about that band. The guys were great players and for me it was the chance to do our own music, write my own drum parts that didn't have a predetermined drum sound or direction. KISS have a sound and style. I have to make my drumming fit in to the sound. Same with Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper. But when you create your own music you're like a painter and you have a wide open canvas to create what you want, your own sound. I enjoyed that experience but it didn't work out on a business level. I used two Pearl MLX kits and the GLX to record and we recorded live, not to click tracks. We were inspired by Zeppelin, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, Humble Pie - it was about being organic, like a classic 70s rock band."

Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol (1987)

From heaven to hell. What started in the Caribbean paradise of George Martin's AIR Studios descended into squabbling and ended three producers, two singers, two bassists and a mess of an album later.

"A completely different record, not the same vibe at all. Things were very disjointed and you could see things unravelling. The recording was initially a lot of fun because we were in the Caribbean for six weeks, swimming in the ocean and we had a gourmet chef in the studio. I used an old Pearl GLX to record. It had Super Gripper lugs - you didn't have to unscrew the tension rods all the way to take the drum heads off. It was supposed to make it quicker, but a lot of people thought they were a pain in the ass. I thought they were some of the better drums Pearl made, really loud with a big, bombastic sound. I still have that kit. We got a really cool drum sound originally, but they ended up switching producers twice and I was long gone out of the project by the time it was mixed."

Black Sabbath - Seventh Star (1986)

As they say, "Right place, right time." Just a year into his first professional job touring with '80s metal princess Lita Ford, Singer was drafted in for sessions with her boyfriend at the time, one Tony Iommi.

"It was the first actual record I did for anybody! It was going to be a Tony Iommi solo album with lots of different singers but ended up becoming Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi and had Glenn Hughes singing on the whole record. Most of those songs started with just us jamming riffs; there were no melodies or arrangements, per se, with a vocalist in mind. It does help when you know what the vocal phrasing is going to be because as a drummer you can accentuate and be more melodic and enhance the arrangements. We didn't have that luxury. For my first record it was a great experience working with Tony. I recorded with a Sonor Phonic red mahogany veneer kit in standard sizes, two 24" bass drums, and 13", 14" 16" and 18" toms. I bought that kit in 1979 and still have it to this day."

March 15th 2010

Aerosmith, Kiss, Black Sabbath Members Featured in “From Satan to Sabbath” Interview Collection

Author and veteran drummer Joel Gausten (Pigface / The Undead / Electric Frankenstein) has released his latest book, “From Satan to Sabbath: The METAL Interviews 2000-2009,” which collects 16 conversations from the world of Hard Rock and Metal.

The 192-page “From Satan to Sabbath” includes the complete text of Joel Gausten’s out-of-print book “The SABBATH Interviews,” selections from Gausten’s books “Prong: The Early Years” and “Pandemonium: Inside Killing Joke,” cover art by Shannon Gardner-Gausten and previously unpublished, full-length interviews with past/present members of Aerosmith, Plasmatics, Celtic Frost, Opeth, Thin Lizzy, Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Hades, Watchtower and Napalm Death.

“From Satan to Sabbath” features in-depth interviews with:

Rick Dufay (Aerosmith)
Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)
Eric Singer (Kiss / Black Sabbath)
Bob Daisley (Black Sabbath/ Ozzy/ Rainbow)
Tommy Victor (Prong/ Ministry/ Danzig)
Ted Parsons (Prong/ Killing Joke/ Godflesh)
Troy Gregory (Prong/ Killing Joke/ Flotsam And Jetsam)
Martin Atkins (Killing Joke/ Ministry/ Nine Inch Nails)
Tom Gabriel Fischer (Celtic Frost/ Hellhammer/ Apollyon Sun)
Midge Ure (Thin Lizzy/Ultravox)
Richie Stotts (Plasmatics)
David Ingram (Bolt Thrower /Benediction)
Nic Bullen (Napalm Death/ Scorn)
Dan Lorenzo (Hades/ Non-Fiction/ The Cursed)
Alan Tecchio (Hades/ Non-Fiction/ Watchtower)
Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)

From exploring Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward’s former life on the streets to revealing the real story behind guitarist Rick Dufay’s notorious stint in Aerosmith, “From Satan to Sabbath” cuts through the P.R. fluff and media propaganda and gets right to the flesh, blood and soul of the real world of Metal – straight from the mouths of those who live it.

Joel Gausten is an award-winning journalist and the author of six books, including “Tales Of Horror: The History of The Misfits & The Undead” and “Words From The Third Side: Essays on Sex, Satan & Success.” A drummer for nearly 25 years, he has worked with a vast array of artists including Pigface, Electric Frankenstein, The Undead and Effectionhate. He got his start in the music business as a promoter for The Misfits.

The paperback edition of “From Satan to Sabbath” is available at .
A special hardcover edition, limited to 50 copies, is available at .

March 5th 2010

Here is a picture from the London O2 gig the other nite
thanx to Barbara Caserta


March 4th 2010

Stu Bayley took this awesome pic of Eric in London

March 4th 2010

Check out this great fan-filmed clip of "Say Yeah" live in London!


March 3rd 2010

Here are a few pics taken at “Wetten, Dass ?” Thanks to Harald Streibl ( for the pics.

February 27th 2010

Check out this explosive performance of "Say Yeah" and "I Was Made For Lovin' You" that just aired on Germany's largest, most popular television show, "Wetten, Dass..?" (Wanna Bet?)


February 26th 2010

Here´s another cool shot taken at the NY Stock Exchange Podium

February 24th 2010

Eric Singer
The KissFAQ Interview - Part 2
Tim McPhate

KF: That segues us into "Unplugged."

ES: To me, it was kind of bittersweet at the end of it. Once we got to do "MTV Unplugged," I knew it was cool. We played with the original guys. It was cool getting to play double drums onstage with the original band and to be part of that.

But it was also kind of awkward because I knew all the rumors were flying around. And look, it was very obvious that Peter and Ace and their managers were definitely jockeying position to try to get Gene and Paul to do a reunion tour. Look, it wasn't just Gene and Paul trying to MacGyver the whole thing. Absolutely not. That was something that was going on from Ace and Peter's camp. There's no doubt about it.

I have to say in looking back that I didn't think that they would do a reunion tour. I thought it couldn't happen. You have to remember we rehearsed for a week in New York before we taped the show and just from what I saw from the interaction and from other facets, I just didn't think it would happen. And when it did, I was kind of surprised. Was I surprised at the success of it? Yes and no. I didn't know that it would be that big. Honestly, they didn't know it was going to be that big. I don't think they had any idea that that thing would blow up and be so huge that year.

You know, I don't blame Gene and Paul for doing it. I know I would have done the same thing. But personally at the time, I didn't think it would happen and I didn't think it could happen. But you know, everybody rose to the occasion and stepped up the plate. And they made it work and it was a huge success.

KF: You kind of went into my next question, which was about "MTV Unplugged" being a big factor in leading to the reunion. So you did have a sense that was the destiny for KISS at the time?

ES: Bruce told me that he always thought that at some point they would probably come back and do a reunion. He thought it was probably inevitable. But you have to remember at the point I had only been around for maybe four years and Bruce had been around for 11 years. He'd been around a lot longer. He really knew more about the inner workings of how Gene and Paul worked and what went on with KISS.

But at the end of the day, it's all a business. And it's about survival. Some people don't like when musicians start talking about music and business because to them it's very emotional. They don't like when it's talked about as an item, or a product. But at the end of the day, that's what you are, you are in business and you create a product. Your product is your music. That's what you're promoting, that's what you're selling. And that's how you make a living. If somebody is not selling TVs in the style that they make then they have to find a way to make a different style that consumers will buy or they go out of business.

Same thing with a band. If people don't want to come to your shows or if they don't like the music you make or don't like what you're doing, they really do vote through participation. If people aren't buying what you're doing or aren't liking it and supporting it, eventually you see change.
read more

February 23rd 2010


Intimate UK Club Show in March 2010 in advance of the "Sonic Boom Over Europe: From The Beginning To The Boom" European Tour May / June 2010

Rock legends KISS are set to bring their new "Sonic Boom Over Europe:
From the Beginning To the Boom" tour to Europe in Summer 2010.
In advance of the full European tour, KISS will play a special one-off club show at London's O2 Academy Islington on 2nd March 2010. With just 500 tickets available to the public, this show is a rare chance for fans to see one of the world's biggest bands in an intimate venue.
Says KISS frontman Paul Stanley: "We thought this was the perfect opportunity to do something a bit crazy. With all the buzz about our upcoming tour, we thought, let's come to London, strip it down, turn it up and blow the roof off the O2 Academy. What better way to say 'thank you' to our most devoted fans than to pummel them?"
Very limited tickets will be available from from 12.00 midday tomorrow Wednesday, 24 Feb 2010.

February 22nd 2010

Eric Singer
The KissFAQ Interview - Part 1
Tim McPhate

KISS fans know Eric Singer is a talented drummer. But perhaps more notably, Eric Singer is full of passion. And, as he is apt to point out, he can sometimes go on tangents.

"I will try to speak slowly, clearly and concisely because I tend to talk a hundred miles an hour," he prefaces. "But when you catch me early in the day like this, I am usually more mellow."

Over the course of two and a half hours with Eric, we span many topics over coffee for him and energy drinks for me. At times it feels like more of a conversation than an interview. During our discussion he is interrupted by business calls as KISS is getting ready to head for Europe, starting with a promotional tour next week. When asked about future band plans, Eric jokes, "I look at KISS Online -- that's where I usually find out what we're doing and where I'm going."

It's all business as usual for Eric Singer. "At the end of the day, whether people like it or not, this is what I do for a living," he says. "I play drums for a living. When I go on tour, that's like somebody going to their job. It's not your typical job, it's very unique and different. But it's my workplace and I've always tried to treat it seriously. I can only attribute part of me having any longevity and any amount of success in the business probably more to me understanding how things work and what it takes to be in a band."

February 16th 2010

Here's Eric on the cover and in the March issue of the Musician's Friend catalog.

February 16th 2010


Here is a video Eric did along with a photo shoot for Musicians Friend´s March Catalog Cover


February 15th 2010

The KISS episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is scheduled to air this Sunday, February 21 at 8 pm (EST) .

In the spirit of the KISS Army, when the ABC hit show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" told legendary rockers KISS about a family of needy KISS fans in Gainesville, Florida, who started a home-based, non-profit music school while their own home is falling down around them, the band heeded the call and launched the offense during their Tulsa stop on their North American KISS/Alive 35 tour.

Tobin and Jill Wagstaff, a couple with four children, operate Studio Percussion, Inc., a school that currently serves about 200 people, half of which receive financial aid or a full scholarship. The non-profit school can only afford to pay Tobin, 29, a salary, so Jill, 32, must also work as a pre-school teacher to help pay the bills. Their utter devotion to their family, school, and community leaves little time and resources to tend to their home that is in dire need of repair. The floors and rooftops are completely rotting away and the electrical system throughout the house is faulty.

In just seven days, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" team leader Ty Pennington, the design team, and the Gainesville community are rebuilding their home while the show sent the family on a surprise rock and roll vacation.

The Wagstaff Family, who are huge KISS fans, flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to meet the band who played at the BOK Center in Tulsa on December 8 as part of their North American KISS/Alive 35 tour in support of Sonic Boom, their first album in 11 years.

The next morning KISS and The Wagstaff Family, on behalf of Gibson and Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, a non-profit music group, met at the Wilson Middle School in Tulsa to present $100,000 in instruments from Gibson to the school as well as their own school back home in Florida. Some of the students at the school in Tulsa even donned the famous KISS make up to show their support.

February 5th 2010

The February issue of  “Bateria Total” a Spanish Drum Magazine features Eric on the Cover.. check it out.
Thanks to for the pics.

January 27th 2010

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from KISS on Wall Street at The New York Stock Exchange where KISS rang the closing bell. We were there to promote the 125th Anniversary of Dr. Pepper and promote our upcoming Super Bowl Commercial that will air at the 2:00 min. timeout of the first half.
All photos by Hab Haddad

January 26th 2010

Check out this clip of KISS at the New York Stock Exchange today with the CEO of Dr. Pepper!


Here's KISS ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange today!


January 21st 2010

2010 Indianapolis KISS Expo March 21st Special Guest Eric Singer!

Get A Life Inc presents the 2010 Indianapolis KISS Expo. Get ready for another great KISS Expo! The 2009 Indianapolis KISS Expo will be held Sunday March 21th from 1:00PM to 7:00PM (12:00PM for VIP holders)

Ramada Inn East (Formerly Holiday Inn East, same location as always just new name.)
6990 East 21st St.
Indianapolis, IN 46219

For hotel rooms - call 317-359-5341 and ask for the special KISS Expo rate!
Cutoff for the special rate is February 20th.

You do not want to miss this KISS Expo! This will probably be another year of very few KISS related Expos.

Special guest KISS drummer Eric Singer is fresh off touring around the world on the Alive 35 Tour for over 1.7 million fans! Eric is making a special appearance at the Indianapolis KISS Expo before he takes off again with KISS on their upcoming Sonic Boom World Tour! Eric will do a Q/A and be available for photos and autographs throughout the day.

Special performance by tribute band Mr. Speed! Alright Indy…last year’s expo was Hotter Than Hell. This year we’re showing up and we’ll be Dressed To Kill! That’s right. The 1975 release of “Dressed to Kill” will be performed from front to back. All of the classic tracks that we grew up with and still rocked out to on KISS’ Alive 35 and Sonic Boom tour will be performed just for you. And speaking of Sonic Boom, as an added bonus MR.SPEED will perform more than half of this killer release in celebration of the first KISS album in 11 years. Indianapolis and KISS with MR.SPEED…it’s a rock and roll party!

Children 12 and under get in free! KISS merchandise and collectibles will be on sale throughout the day. There will be giveaways and contests too. Limited Edition Eric Singer VIP Ticket get in one hour early and get a limited edition Eric Singer laminate, Got To Choose Trivia Card Game and Alive 35 World Tour Poster for $35 only 50 available! VIP ticket holders will be able to get in one hour early (12pm) and get a FREE Got To Choose KISS trivia card game! VIP tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Regular admission is $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

Due to the economy this year there will not be many KISS Expos, so don't miss out on one of the best ones held every year in Indianapolis. For vendor information contact us

For more info keep checking

January 19th 2010

I attended the 2010 NAMM show this past saturday.
I did my usual signing session @ Zildjian and stopped by to say hi to PEARL, ddrum & Attack Drumheads...
Always good to catch up with the companies that support me and old friends to.
Here is a picture from the show with some good friends
Left to right:
Damon Johnson,Tommy Clufetos,Derek St. Holmes,ES,Greg Smith and Michael Cartellone


January 11th 2010

Something for the Weekend

By Matt Silk

THIS week SFTW goes to Minneapolis to meet rock legends Kiss. We hang out with God Of Thunder Gene Simmons and experience their Alive 35 tour, celebrating the three and a half decades since they first emerged - an explosive taster of what the UK can expect this spring.

"Go ahead, touch it - I won't tell anyone..." I'm in a Minneapolis hotel room with a true rock legend, the fire-breathing, bloodspitting demon bassist of Kiss - Gene Simmons. And the man they call the God Of Thunder, who claims to have slept with more than 5,000 women, is inviting me to squeeze his thigh.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to have heard that line.

No cause for concern though. Iron-thighed Gene, 60, is proudly demonstrating the condition he needs to be in for the gruelling extravaganza which is the Kiss live experience.

The Alive 35 tour celebrates three-and-a-half decades since this incredible outfit first emerged from New York city.

"We're gladiators in the arena. There's a physicality to what we do that nobody does," says Gene.

"When you hit that stage, the adrenalin hits your veins, you physically become bigger and thicker. I become stronger and less susceptible to pain. But I come off-stage and I'm black and blue from the armour I wear banging in to me."

The 16,000-odd fans who packed out the city's Target Arena the previous night -- many of them in their teens and early twenties and a fair few sporting make-up while tottering on 7-inch stack heels -- wouldn't be surprised by Gene's battle scars. They're probably still recovering themselves.

Kiss's show has always been the stuff of rock folklore - with ridiculous levels of fireworks, flame and confetti, set-pieces including vocalist/rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley gliding on a zip-wire from the stage into the middle of the arena, Gene flying up to the gantry and Tommy Thayer's rocketfiring guitar.

Despite a muddled post-Seventies history of line-up shuffles and direction changes, this is THE Kiss experience rock fans my age grew up dreaming of witnessing. Except... except it's probably even better than it was back then, even more of a spectacle -- and those classic songs have never sounded better. An extraordinary achievement after all these years.

Among all the rock 'n' roll fantasy on stage, there's a new element -- all four are clearly having a whale of a time up there. Gene says: "If God gives you the opportunity to be Gene Simmons -- what the f*** are you gonna do with that? Are you going to quit after ten years because you have all the money and chicks you could ever need? Or are you gonna ride that pony and see how fast it will go until it drops?"

Paul adds: "We do have fun and that's the difference. We also have a lot of pride when we're up there. We have a good time and really enjoy each other and that's, er, new!"

The singer is referring to bad times that came shortly after the 1996 reunion of the band's original line-up, marking the return of drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley after nigh on 16 years.

Paul says: "From there it was really downhill. There's magic in people seeing the original line-up but, outside that, if you listened to it objectively, it grew old quickly."

Paul and Gene were watching a re-run of the late Seventies, as drink, drugs and egos tore the band apart again, leading to their farewell tour in 2000.

"All of the b******t we had to go through with the drugs and booze and lack of self-esteem that Ace and Peter had just sucked the life out of us," says Gene.

"It's been a thorn in my side for a long time. Even the phrase sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll -- what a loser's phrase that is! Why isn't it just sex and rock 'n' roll? How did drugs become cool?

"You can't win a marathon high, you just can't. Don't get me started, it makes me furious."

Some old-school fans have a hard time accepting the line-up now, seeing it as Gene and Paul with two hired hands (despite drummer Eric Singer having been on board for 17 years and guitarist Tommy for nine). You only have to see the chemistry between the four, on and off-stage, to realise that is not the case.

Paul says: "Hired hands? Ridiculous. That does the band such a disservice. The truth is, when I have questions most of the time I go to Tommy, not Gene. When I want feedback I go to the others.

"And anybody who thinks we could have made (new album)Sonic Boom with another line-up is out of their mind."

Ah, Sonic Boom. A blistering and long, long overdue return to form for what, for a good few years in the Seventies, was the biggest rock band in the world.

The new album's success (it entered the US chart at No 2) will see more new tracks included in the live set by the time Kiss arrive in the UK for their spring tour.

Old Blighty holds a special place in the band's hearts and the feeling is mutual -- extra dates have been added after the initial Wembley and Glasgow shows sold out.

Paul says: "I'm an Anglophile and the roots of everything I do are there. Led Zeppelin came out of there -- what more do you need? That makes it the Holy Land!

"Whatever we did there in 2008, which was damned good, is dwarfed compared to what we're doing now. You ain't seen nothing yet. Not because the show is that much bigger but because WE'RE that much bigger. We're pretty lethal - and proudly so.

"We're that much surer in our boots - and these are big boots."

They certainly are.

January 6th 2010

Here´s a cool Clip of Eric with Alice in 1990


January 5th 2010


by Barbara Caserta
The “Alive 35 World Tour” is over… Kiss delivered the goods in front of 1,5 million people, between die-hard fans and… young-hard fans! Me and Fabio were lucky (and dynamic) enough to be proudly part of the most fantastic Rock Circus on earth once again, in Europe last year, and most recently in the USA, for 4 Californian awesome shows…
read more


January 5th 2010

KISS will be featured on this evening's ABC News program NIGHTLINE. The award-winning news program goes on-tour with the iconic rock band and offers viewers a sneak-peak in to the musical and marketing genius that is KISS.

NIGHTLINE airs nationally on ABC at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT.

January 2nd 2010

One of Eric´s Pearl Promo Posters can be seen in the Movie “Jennifer´s body”

January 1st 2010

Happy New Year 2010 to Everyone.
We'll see you on the road again very soon. Peace on Earth, Love to All

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