December 23rd 2011

KISS Army Mťxico: Eric, this is the first time that a KISS Army project in Mexico reunite all fans, with membership, we hope we will reach 500 members in the next few months and after that go nation wide, what can you say to all this KISS fans in KISS Army Mexico?

Eric Singer: This is Fantastic !! This is what makes ALL KISS fans so special and unique. You take it upon yourselves to support the band and for this we thank you...

KISS Army Mťxico: KISS it's a Monster, what can you tell us about the sound of this new record, its already finished? do you know the release date?

Eric Singer: There is no set release date yet. We are still working on it as of this writing and it should be done soon. It really has great riffs and songs and I think will be a pleasant surprise to so many KISS fans. It will be worth the wait ~!

KISS Army Mťxico: You are going to sing one song in the new Monster Album? if so, what can you tell us about that song or songs?

Eric Singer: I will be singing a song again and you have to wait for the record :-)

KISS Army Mťxico: Do you know when the Monster tour will begin, new set list? it will include Mexico?

Eric Singer: We have to finish the record/CD first before we plot out our tour schedule. But I am sure we will do everything in our power to try and make it to Mexico again. I think there will be a few new surprises in store for the next tour...

KISS Army Mťxico: KISS costumes will be the same or they will be a Monster too?

Eric Singer: Surprise, surprise,surprise...

KISS Army Mťxico: We have heared that KISS stage will be a new stage with more pyromania, what can you tell us about that?

Eric Singer: I cannot tell what the future holds as it would not be "new" if we tell everyone about it ahead of time.... Patience pays :-)

KISS Army Mťxico: Over the years with Kiss, can you tell us wich 10 items you consider your favorite KISS collectibles?

Eric Singer: I never really thought about a top ten list. But I can tell you that I like many of the old & new items such as the Sleeping Bag, Remote Control Van, KISS Radio, Lava Lamps, Mr.Potato Head. and my Favorite the KISS Pinball Machine ! I think the "Hello Kitty" stuff coming soon will take it to another level in 2012...

KISS Army Mťxico: Why Kiss didn't play Sonic Boom songs at the Kiss Kruise? Don't you consider those songs Kiss classics yet?

Eric Singer: We tried to go deep into the catalogue and play songs that fans never or rarely get to hear. We tried to do our best but we know you can never make everyone happy

KISS Army Mťxico: In Mexico we are very excited about KISSology 4, what can you tell us about it?

Eric Singer: I do not know the final content yet. That would be a question for Tommy Thayer as he is heading up that project...

KISS Army Mťxico: What can you tell us about your other projects? We will love to see you play with Avantasia in Mexico, but also see you with ESP Unplugged and also Alice Cooper, what can you tell us?

Eric Singer: I have stayed focused on KISS the past few years except for a few ESP shows now and again. KISS has kept me busy enough. I enjoy working with other projects and musicians when time permits or something interesting comes up.

KISS Army Mťxico: How do you feel with all you have done in your career, are you happy? or there is something more that you want to do that you haven't done yet.

Eric Singer: I have been very blessed to make a living doing something I always dreamed of doing and have passion & love for. For this I thank the universe ! and the Fans too...

December 15th 2011

KISSÖnot only the hottest but the most benevolent band in the universeÖ

A few months ago, we contacted our friend Eric Singer and other key people in the KISS camp to help with the 19th Annual Veterans Holiday Celebration. We were amazed at the outpouring of support we received for the wonderful men and women of the US Armed Forces.

The Veterans Holiday Celebration is a grassroots, all volunteer, donation based event. This year, we fed over 4,500 veterans a gourmet meal and provided gift bags to each attendee. Many of these veterans are living in halfway houses and hospitals in the Los Angeles area. The KISS Army Vixens hosted a booth at the event where our mission was to allow the veterans to feel like the rock stars they are.

Eric Singer contacted the other members of KISS and Live Nation. They sent us over a truckload of officially licensed KISS concert t-shirts to give away at the event. In addition, various members of the KISS Army donated their personal signed KISS memorabilia (along with other merchandise) to hand out to our American heroes.

We wanted to express our sincere gratitude to Eric Singer, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Keith Leroux; as well as Phil Cussen and Ramsey Sharif of Live Nation.

In the millions strong KISS Army (and Navy) we would like to give thanks to Michael Gershe, Carl Butcher, Don Ohina, Caleigha Starchild, Fifi Larue, Ed Universo, Jessica Fernandez, Shanti Fletcher, Bo Blackey, Steven Weiss, Sher Bach, Sylvia Lopez and Anthony and Matt Porter, among many others who wrote letters and cards to the veterans.

Thank you again KISS, KISS Management, Live Nation, and the KISS Army (and Navy) for all your support.

Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you.

Love and KISSesÖ

The KISS Army Vixens

The website for the event is

December 14th 2011

Here are some photo's from recent ESP unplugged trip to europe which also included KISS fan expos in Holland & Italy.
We had the pleasure to stop by the Bologna Motorshow on a day off and enjoyed some killer cars !

December 14th 2011

We where very curious about the ESP unplugged gig at the Zaklette Rewiry club in Wroclaw.
ESP reduced to three musicians, without Chuck Garric. It was the last gig of the unplugged winter tour.
The mainly polish audience was a blend of John Corabi, Bruce Kulick and last but not least Eric Singer and Kiss fans.
All of them got their moneyís worth! The sound produced by these 3 guys on their two acoustic guitars and a cajon was unbelievable.
Powerful, saturated and with a clear voice!
We where singing almost two hours to all the classic hits like ďHooligans HolidayĒ ďNo Friend of mine!, ďBlack Diamond!,
 ďHard Luck WomanĒ, ďBethĒ and many more.

Dear Eric, John and Bruce, we say ďthank youĒ for this wonderful night. The unplugged winter tour was a great idea and we all enjoyed it very much. And many thanks for being such nice guys, who always take so much time for us, the fans.
-Stephan Mayer
click on the photo for more pictures

December 7th 2011

It was a great pleasure for us to get hold of two rare vip tickets fort he KISS EXPO on 27.11.2011 in Enschede/NL
We were in the first group and met Eric together with some other fans just beyond 14:00.
We all were surprised how relaxed Eric was. He took a lot of time for everyone and signed the various photos and all the merchandise people brought to him.

During the whole time he was very friendly and had a lot of fun while being photographed with the fans.
I had a board with a Zildjian 19Ē Crash and Erics Zildjian Signature Sticks with me, which was custom made for me. Eric liked the board very much and signed it with the words ďAll for the GloryĒ.
The KISS EXPO, the tribute band KISS ON THE ROCKS and the question & answer session were of course a great experience too!
Some friends brought it to the point, ďYou simply canít celebrate the 1. Advent in a better way!Ē
-Stephan Mayer

November 30th 2011

Here is a link to Holland Expo fan pictures of the Meet & Greet

November 30th 2011



November 30th 2011

Here are some photos from the KISS Fan Expo in Enschede, Holland. What a great event! This past Sunday, over 500 fans from around Europe  gathered to celebrated all things KISS! Eric Singer spent the entire day signing autographs and posing for photos, fans shopped for KISS  kollectibles and merchandise, and KISS on the Rocks ended the evening with an explosive set of KISS classics!

KISSonline had a wonderful time talking with old and new friends! Thanks to everyone for stopping by to say hello! Thanks to Rutger, Rikk, KISS on the Rocks, and of course, KISS Army Europe for making this a great  fan event!

November 20th 2011


The following KISS Fan Expos will take place in Europe over the next few weeks.

Friday, November 25
Guests: Bruce Kulick and John Corabi
Tribute band: KISS Fever
Venue: Room Ramdall (Madrid), Cl Ferraz number 38, Metro Plaza of Spain

 November 26
Guests: Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick,
John Corabi
Tribute band: KISS FOREVER
Venue: Nosturi, in Helsinki, Finland.

 November 27
Guest: Eric Singer
Tribute band: KISS on the Rocks
Venue: Poppodium Atak in Enschede

MODENA, ITALY - December 2
Guest: Eric Singer
Tribute bands: Live4Win and JulietKiss
Venue: Dancing La Montagnola - Campogalliano, Modena, Italy o

KISSOnline will be attending the Expos in Holland and Italy.

These KISS Fan Expos are run by the fans, for the fans.

November 19th 2011

Some photos from last weekend when I attended the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp with Paul Stanley saturday afternoon @ Amp Studios in North Hollywood then the Concert event at The Playboy mansion that evening.

November 19th 2011

Jay Gilbert took some cool photos at serveral shows.. check em out

November 18th 2011

Avery did this special 4 minute-20 Album KISS Drumming Tribute for KISS (in makeup!).


November 18th 2011

Me jamming at Rock & Roll fantasy Camp jam at The Playboy Mansion last saturday

November 11th 2011

Here are some photos taken at the KISS KRUISE Thanks to Al Soluri

November 6th 2011


November 6th 2011

Here is a link to some photos taken by good friend Joel DeLorge at a couple KISS shows.
Wanted to share them with all of you

October 31st 2011

The Venue for the ESP Unplugged Show in Wroclaw, Poland is

Zaklete Rewiry Club
100 Krakowska st.
Wroclaw Poland

you can get your Tickets here:

October 25th 2011

Hope you caught the piece on CNN last night.
If you didnít, it is re-airing this Saturday in the 8pm ET hour on CNN Presents
or you can watch it right here


October 20th 2011

Limited ESP Unplugged European Winter Tour with Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick and John Corabi.

Dec. 1st - Veysonnaz, Switzerland at
Bar Vague ŗ l'Ame 
Dec. 3rd - Moutier, Switzerland at Aula Chantemerle 
Dec. 7th - Toscany, Italy - Venue TBA 
Dec. 8th - Milano, Italy - Venue TBA
Dec. 9th - Oslo, Norway - Venue TBA
Dec. 10th - Wroclaw, Poland - Zaklete Rewiry Club

Though the schedule is pretty much set as far as dates and cities, there are still a few venues to be confirmed. So, be sure to check back for additional information as it becomes available

October 20th 2011

Here are some new clips of the 5 year old Avery playing ďI just wannaĒ and ďModern Day DelilahĒ



October 19th 2011

Here are some clips from the Kiss Krusie



October 11th 2011

Here's a preview clip of "KISS Inc.: The band and the brand," an in-depth special that premieres on October 23rd at 8:00pm on CNN. Poppy Harlow goes inside the world of KISS for an exclusive look at the most branded band.


October 11th 2011

Here is another up & coming drummer after my job
Enjoy everyone !!



October 7th 2011

Eric Singer made a guest appearance in Cleveland in 2004 to support a benefit for Tommy Amato, another long time drummer friend of his dealing with cancer. Tommy Amato has returned home to Cleveland every year since to host this benefit rock show against cancer.

KISS has been a sponsor for the Tommy Amato Rock Relief benefit each year, this being the 8th annual one. Their on-going support continues to make this benefit a huge success.

This year KISS has donated a KISS Autographed Bass Drum Head to the "Tommy Amato's Rock Relief 2011".

The recipient of this year's benefit is Tommy Koncar. Eric and Tommy Koncar both grew up in Euclid, Ohio and are long time friends going back to high school. Tommy Koncar is a drummer as well and has been dealing with cancer for four years.

This year's benefit is on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at The Sly Fox in North Olmsted, Ohio.

CLICK HERE to bid on the KISS Autographed Bass Drum Head

September 25th 2011

Hi Eric,

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Being on KISS website is awesome ! I got more attention and views in one night , my first time and I am very happy that people got to know me. You may be wondering why I have this beautiful stuff. Here is what happened..Me and my brother Cid joined a band recently. My family, the band and friends went to Los Angeles, CA studio to film a video of the band's new song. During lunch break, to my surprise, Mr.Eric Singer of KISS came to the studio. I was shocked to learn that the drummer of KISS came to see me. Although,we are friends on Facebook, I still could not believe he would come.

And some more surprise !!!He brought me gifts that I needed for my drumming. You know, my snare drum at home is "falling apart". All the lugs around the snare hoop are always loose. So, when he brought me a Pearl snare drum with a Pearl stand, I was very,very happy! He gave me a Pearl Eliminator double pedal that I dreamed of having, Attack drum heads, Zildjian Eric Singer signature drumsticks and of course...KISS t-shirts and photos with KISS signature!! and KISS drum head with Mr.Eric Singer signature....Wow!!

He also taught me how to twirl the sticks with both hands. He showed me how to play Modern Day Delilah on single pedal. That was awesome!! Last but not the least...He stayed in the studio until the band finished filming. He watched me play drums for the video ! I am already using my new snare drums, sticks ,drum heads, and double pedal. Please wait for my new KISS video,coming soon!!!

I am now calling him "Uncle Eric". He is my inspiration, idol, friend and uncle!

I love you, Uncle Eric!!I'll see you again sometime soon!

Take care,

September 15th 2011


Following the success of the "One Nite KISS, Waiting for the Boom" in 2009, to celebrate the forthcoming KISS Monster album and related new Tour, DeuceNews proudly presents: "The Italian KISS Expo 2011" featuring the mighty KISS drummer Eric Singer!!

Eric will be the special guest at the 2011 Italian KISS Expo at the Dancing La Montagnola in Campogalliano (MO) on December 2.

Our friend Keith Leroux from KISSOnline will be also attending the event with the greatest Official KISS merchandise!

Tribute bands Live4Win and JulietKiss will perform the hottest KISS songs, KISS dealers and Washburn Guitars booth will be there for you and more...See you all there!!

A special thanks to our partner in crime Enrico Ronzoni

Tickets pre-order and detailed info soon at

The 2011 Italian KISS Fan Expo is a fan produced event. By the fans, for the fans!

September 13th 2011 Interview with Eric Singer

First thing, Eric, we'd like to thank you very much for your time, your kindness and for being always available to speak with us. Let's start with the interview.
- Have you guys planned some new stage tricks for the new Kiss show?
 We will have some new ideas for the next tour. Not sure exactly what as it is a work in progress...
- Can you tell us something about the Kiss Cruise?
 You have to attened to find out the surprises that are in store for the Kruise ! :-)
- We reckon that Kiss, at this point of the career of the band, has nothing else to prove. In your case, being a member of the band for twenty years, do you think that there's still something special to achieve for Kiss?
What are the goals the band is after nowadays?
KISS is only KISS at this point. We make music that is not in competition with anyone else or trying to chase trends. MONSTER will again be a testament to this !
- Do you have any plans to record again with ESP?
 No plans at this time, but you never know what might happen :-)

- Let's talk about "Monsters", the new studio album. Is that the confirmed name?
 That IS the working title as of this writing.
- What can you anticipate us about the sound? Is your work in this record closer to that in "Revenge" or in "Sonic Boom"?
 We do not like to give a reference to other records but that seems to always happen as a way to let people know the style or direction. MONSTER will stand on it;s own and will be Monstrous in sound !

- We'd like to know about the drum kit you're using in the recording.Is it very different of the one you used in "Sonic Boom"?
 I am using the recent "live" PEARL kit I had been using on recent KISS shows. It is a great sounding kit and fits the sound and vibe of MONSTER for sure.

- Have you participated more or less to decide the musical direction of the new album?
Did you have more freedom to compose?
 This is even more so a group or band effort. We are ALL actively involved in every step of the recording...

- What inspires you when you're composing a song and/ or your drum parts?
 I always keep an open mind and ears and listen to everyone's ideas. I always play for "The Song"

read more

September 12th 2011

Check out 8-year-old Alexey Poblete drumming to "Modern Day Delilah!"  Alexey had been playing drums for less than two years! She loves drumming and KISS:


September 11th 2011


Weīre excited to announce that Eric Singer will be the guest at the 2011 Holland
KISS Fan Expo at Poppodium Atak in Enschede on November 27th!

KISSOnline will also be attending the event with the latest Official KISS merchandise!
We look forward  to seeing everyone!

The Fan Expo will also feature KISS dealers from around the world, a makeup contest,
and Europeīs KISS on the RockS will perform a classic KISS set.

For ticket info visit-

The  2011 Holland KISS Fan Expo is a fan produced event. By the fans, for the fans!

September 9th 2011

More fan-filmed clips of Eric and Tommy's Q&A from the KISS Coffeehouse's 5th Anniversary.




September 6th 2011

Hereīs a link to an new Interview Kiss Army Chille did..check it out

September 5th 2011

Check out these fan-filmed clips of Eric and Tommy's Q&A from the KISS Coffeehouse's 5th Anniversary.




August 20th 2011

Eric Singer will appear on Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio tonight at 10PM PT / 1AM ET. Red Eye Radio is a nationally syndicated radio show that covers just about any topic - music, politics, history, and sports.

Tonight's show will be hosted from 790 KABC in Los Angeles by talk radio icon Marc Germain.

1 (866) 90-REDEYE Ė 1 (866) 907-3339

The show is currently aired by WABC in New York City , 790 KABC in Los Angeles, 680 WRKO in Boston , MA, 700 KSEV Houston, TX, 98.9 KXBT Austin, TX, 850 WFTL, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/West Palm Beach, FL, 1220/106.9 WSRQ, Sarasota, FL, 1200 WINK Ft. Meyers, FL, 1310/95.5 WLOB Portland, ME, 970 KCMB in Portland, OR, 100.5 WAPI Birmingham, Al, 105.9 WXTL Syracuse, NY, 99.7 WNTK New London, NH, 94.3 WTRW Scranton, PA, 99.1 KSMD Searcy, AR, 950 KXJK Forrest City, AR, 1240 WATN Watertown, NY, 1420 WLIS Old Saybrook, CT, 1150 WMRD Middletown, CT, 1400 WILI Wilimantic, CT, 106.7 WSRT Traverse City, MI, 105.5 WSRJ Traverse City, MI, 940 KYNO Fresno, CA, 106.7 KNKI , Show Lo, AZ, 1450 WBMW Wahpeton, ND, 960 WSBT South Bend, IN, 1300 WGDJ Albany, NY, 1240 WRTA Altoona, PA, 1300 WLSC Charlotte, NC/Kershaw, SC, 910 WAVL Apollo, PA, 1010/94.9 KIND Independence, KS and Cable Radio Network.

August 14th 2011

Fans from over 30 states and Canada (and some from as far away as  Switzerland!) came to Myrtle Beach to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the KISS Coffehouse with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer!

Tommy and Eric signed for over 7 1/2 hours straight, greeting fans and taking photos. After the long autograph session ended, Eric and Tommy went on stage and held a question-and-answer session with the audience.  During the Q&A, it was revealed that the KISS Coffeehouse will be  opening a new restaurant / coffeehouse location in Las Vegas next year! More details about this exciting development will be posted on  KISSonline in the months ahead.

KISSonline wishes to thank Johnny Rock and the entire KISS Coffeehouse crew for putting together this fantastic event. Tommy and Eric extend a  special thank-you to the many KISS Army members in attendance as well!

August 13th 2011

The KISS Coffeehouse would like to remind fans to bring their E-mail order confirmation & Photo ID for tomorrow's event. They can't wait to see everybody! The KISS Army will be well represented, as KISS fans are coming in from over 20 different states!
Check out this interview that Eric Singer did today to promote Saturday's Anniversary Party!



August 2nd 2011

KISS Drummer Eric Singer Featured In Exclusive BW&BK Interview Part 2

KISS To Deliver New Album Early Next Year - "Thereís No Plan To Sit Around In 2012" Eric Singer Tells In Part II Of Exclusive Chat

KISS drummer Eric Singer recently sat down with scribe, Mitch Lafon, for an all-encompassing three-hour chat. Part I of the sit-down can be found here. In Part II, Eric discusses more of KISS' upcoming plans.

On the upcoming KISSology IV DVD Box set: ďIt should be out before Christmas. Itíll be about twelve hours of stuff. Tommy has been putting it all together, but I canít tell you exactly what is on it because we still have to get the rights to some of the stuff. The band has to buy the rights even if itís only one song like on David Letterman or Jay Leno. Even though itís your performance, itís their show and they own it. KISSology IV picks up where the last one left off. For the most part it runs chronologically, but there is some old vintage stuff on there that they had been trying to find. Itís all a matter of clearance and them getting permission to use certain stuff. Thereís an A list of stuff we want, a B list of stuff we know we can use and C list of stuff we have to wait and see if we can use, but I do know there will be a Cobo Hall (Detroit) concert from 2009.Ē

On the topic of Paul Stanley: ďPaul is the consummate pro. Paul never complains. Heís calm before the show, but when he walks out on stage he flips the switch, goes 100%, gives it all and never ever complains. This is a guy who has had both knees replaced, his hip (on the right side) replaced twice and torn both rotator cuffs (in his shoulders). He might say, íIím really sore, so Iíll need a massage or Iím staying in bed today, but still after all heís had done he never complains.Ē

KISS maven, Gene Simmons: ďGene is the archivist in KISS. Anytime thereís an article about KISS, Gene tears it out nicely and he puts them in these big coffee table sized books. He used to have them stacked at home under the bed at his momís house, but I donít know where he stores them now. He collects anything and everything KISS."

As for Geneís love of money, Singer says: ďI laugh when people say that all Gene Simmons cares about is money. Nobody really knows who Gene is. Nobody loves KISS more than GeneÖ NOBODY! Gene eats, breathes, and lives everything KISS. Thatís what he does. Gene is a workaholic. Weíre on a day off right now and Iím at home, but Geneís in Vancouver doing demos with local musicians. Heís working on song ideas for the new record. He did it in Toronto last week on his day off too. Gene canít sit still. He canít just relax by the pool and get some sun. Thatís just the way he is. Heís got work ethic like nobodyís business. Thereís nobody more driven and with a better work ethic than Gene. Gene is 24/7 KISS. Everything he does is because of KISS.Ē

On KISSí work ethic, Singer states: ďThese guys donít fuck around. When we meet at rehearsal, they put on the guitars and gear and we run the set from front to back and itís see you guys later. Letís say the set takes two hours to run down, weíre there no more than three hours. Other bands goof around for hours, but these guys come in and Ďbamí they run this shit down and get it done with. They do their work and leave. Still to this day (38 years or whatever later), they still do the work and whatever it takes that you are supposed to do to be in band. They will talk to Joe Fucks website. Whatever interview list they give us to doÖ we do it. In other words, we do the work. Thatís why, for any of the naysayers out there, we get along and this line-up works. This is why Gene and Paul still want to play and enjoy it. Weíre all completely different in our personalities, but when it comes to being in a band everybody treats KISS professionally and with respect. Itís about being respectful to it and being serious. Bottom line is that this band has given everybody a life style that is better than most people and that comes from them doing the due diligence, doing the work, treating it with professionalism, respect, and not running away from the work. It gets done. Iíve learned a lot from Gene and Paul about those things that are taken for granted by most musicians. Much smaller bands will sit there and have an attitude about doing interviewsÖ ĎI donít want to do this or I donít want to do that,í and you know Mitch Ė you hear it and see it all the time. Then you see a band like KISS, that will do whatever they have to do.Ē

On the new KISS album currently being recorded: ďIt will be completed in the next couple of months. The plan is to put it out at the beginning of the year and to do a tour with a new stage (new staging and new show) and maybe even new costumes. Thereís no plan to sit around in 2012.Ē

When asked if the new album will be a Walmart exclusive (much like their last offering, Sonic Boom): ďI donít know. Whatís changed more than anything, is in the old days you toured to support a record, but now you make a record so that you have a reason to tour. Itís exactly the opposite of what it used to be. The only way bands can make money anymore is by touring. People just donít buy records when I was in BADLANDS in 1989, we sold almost 400 000 copies of our first record and that wasnít enough. Atlantic records said that theyíd kick in the real big money if we could get it to Gold (500,000 copies sold). We came so close to getting M÷TLEY CR‹E's Dr. Feelgood tour, but WARRANT got it because they had radio songs happening. Badlands did one more record. They went from selling almost 400,000 to selling 80,000 on the next one and then the band was over. If you sold 350,000 records today; that would be considered phenomenal.Ē

When asked if KISS will ever tour again without make-up Singer offers: ďI donít know. Iíve heard Gene mention something about maybe doing another KISS convention thing again in the future, but I donít know if thatís ever going to happen. When we did it in 1995, it cost 100$, but thatís nothing compared to todayís prices. For the fan, that was a great experience, but Gene says a lot of things. Heís an idea man and in business if one or two of your ideas comes to fruition youíve done pretty damn good. Do you know how many pilots and screenplays that get done, but never see the light of day and that nobody knows about? One of the things we plan on doing on the KISS Kruise, however, is to play unplugged with no make-up.Ē

August 1st 2011

KISS Coffeehouse 5th Year Anniversary Party Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Schedule Of Events*

10:00 AM Ė 12:00 PM Professional Photographs @ KISS Coffeehouse
(Platinum & Double Platinum Packages Only)

12:30 PM Ė 5:00 PM Meet & Greet w/Eric & Tommy @ KISS Coffeehouse

7:00 PM Ė 7:30 PM Q&A Session w/Eric & Tommy @ Celebrity Square

8:00 PM Ė 10:00 PM KISS Army Concert @ Celebrity Square

10:30 PM Ė ??? After Party w/KISS Army @ KISS Coffeehouse

*Schedule is tentative, and all times are approximate, and subject to change.

ALL Kids 10 & Under Get In FREE With Paid Adult!

Visit for more information.

July 25th 2011

Note from Gene about this great photo:

Montreal - yesterday afternoon...backstage...right before we hit the stage in front of 50,000 fans.

A young boy came up and held my hand.

July 24th 2011

KISS Drummer Eric Singer Featured In Exclusive BW&BK Interview

BW&BK scribe Mitch Lafon recently caught up with KISS drummer Eric Singer, discussing a variety of subjects in anticipation of the band's July 24th appearance at Heavy MTL.

Singer: "KISS has always been somewhat of a unifying and polarizing band. Just like buying a car or eating at a restaurant Ė you go by participation. If I donít like something I donít buy it. I donít support it. You vote with your wallet, but KISS is about the show and about having a good time. Being in KISS is a lot of hard work. Itís not easy like everybody thinks. Iíve been in a lot of bands and nothing takes the amount of energy, effort and work as it does to play in KISS. Iíve seen Paul almost yawning before he goes on stage, but when the lights go down Ė BAM. Heís running around, jumpingÖWhatís important is when you are on that stage. Thatís when you have to give 100%..Ē

-- On the KISS audience: "Weíve seen how the audience has changed over the past few years. Itís now more of an all-ages show. I liken KISS to Disneyworld or Universal Studios Ė itís one of these spectacle things that youíve got to go see."

-- On Heavy MTL: "We love Montreal. Itís a beautiful city. Iím glad that weíre going back there to play the Heavy MTL festival. And we have a day off there, which is very cool."

-- On the new album: "Weíve done eight songs so far. Doing this summer run keeps it fresh, but mainly it gets you playing at a more intense level and that helps you bring that intensity back into the studio. Right now, the album doesnít have a title because weíre not done, but this isnít The Elder where we have a theme for the whole record. Itís a straight-ahead rock KISS record and I think this stuff so far is stronger better material (than Sonic Boom). Itís more riff-y which makes it more interesting."

"This album will have more production (than Sonic Boom), so in that sense it might be leaning more towards a Destroyer type approach. Iíve asked to have my drums put in a bigger room because I want to get a big soundÖ a more bombastic drum sound. Weíve taken more time to get better sounds on this recording."

-- On doing a vocal on the new album: "Thereís been talk about it, but until we do itÖ The plan is to have me sing a song and to have Tommy do one, but weíve never asked to sing a song. Paul is the producer and that was his choice and decision. It was him encouraging me to sing. He knows that Iím actually shy when it comes to that. Iím not a shy person for the most part, but I am when it comes to singing."

"A lot of people say, ĎI can play circles around that guy,í but I realized a long time ago that you canít let it be about you. You have to be smart enough to know your place in the band. You have to play for the song, play for the music and keep your own personal shit out of it. You have to have that attitude if youíre going to work for people. Iíve got to do the job that Iím hired to do."

-- On Vinnie Vincent: "I wonít make any comments about Vinnie, but I do think actions speak louder than words and his actions have spoken very loudly. Thereís a saying, 'the whole world canít be wrong.' Itís one thing to sit there and point the finger in a particular situation, but when that situation keeps happening again and again after a while you have to go, 'Well, wait a minute, maybe itís not everybody else,' but thatís all Iíll say about Vinnie. I believe that in life you are supposed to pave the road smoother for those that travel the road after you, not make it harderÖ and some people have made the road harder (that were there before me)."

July 23rd 2011

The KISS donated autographed Bass Drum Head went for over $2200.00 in the Birmingham Barons Tornado Relief Auction! Thanks to all of the KISS  Army members who bid in the auction.

100% of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham Tornado Relief Fund.

July 8th 2011

Barons Baseball Team Auction for Tornado Relief
The Birmingham Barons are holding an online auction benefiting tornado  victims. Fans can bid on various autographed memorabilia and  collectibles as 100% of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham Tornado Relief Fund.

KISS donated an authentic KISS BASS Drumhead to the auction. The Drumhead is autographed by Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer, and Gene Simmons.

CLICK HERE to bid on the KISS Bass Drum Head, and other collectibles.

June 29th 2011

Jonah Rock plays Ericīs Drums

Friday I got to go to Spokane to visit my friend Eric Singer.  I was really happy because I didnít see Eric for a real long time!  We went to the big arena place and waited for Eric. Then some nice guy came and said hi, it was Eric, but I didnít recognize him because he had a pony tail.  I asked Daddy if this was Eric, he said YES.  Eric took us to the concert stage and me and Eric went to see his drums. They are very cool.  Then me and my mom and dad sat on the chairs and there was a lot of noise coming from the speakers.  Then we got to watch KISS sing some songs at the sound check. I really like the sound check, its soo cool.  Then when KISS was done the sound check, I got to go play Ericís drums while he had to go get his KISS suit on. This nice guy was there, his name is Paul and he is Ericís drum tech guy.  He was a nice guy.  Then we went to this other place where there was some drinks and some really good cakes and muffins.  We waited for Eric, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Gene Simmons to come for pictures. They are my friends and I got a nice picture with them.  We had to go to our seats after that.  The concert was really cool.  I liked it a lot. There was lots of snow when KISS sang Party Everyday (Rock n Roll All Night) and that was the coolest, and some good explosions and the fire was really HOT. It was soo awesome!  I had a really good time and I hope I get to go visit Eric again soon and go to the sound check and concert cause it was so awesome.
From Jonah Rocks (typed by Mom) 

June 20th 2011

Legendary Rock Interviews catches up with Eric Singer of KISS!
von Legendary Rock Interviews, Montag, 20. Juni 2011 um 18:58

Eric Singer is an amazing drummer who has had a long career that has finally led to a plum job taking over the drum throne for my favorite band KISS. Eric has been playing with the band in one capacity or another since doing Paul Stanley's solo tour back in '89.  I have interviewed Paul and some of the other KISS guys before but had never gotten to Eric so this was a pleasure to talk to him and get the update on modern day KISStory as it happens. Read on....

(Thanks to Eric Singer, KISS Legends Alive and Amanda Baldwin for the photo help)

Q: Thanks for taking the time to talk Eric you have been a big part of some pretty important music memories for us dating back to seeing you up here touring even before KISS.
How are things shaping up for Kissology 4 and the follow up to Sonic Boom?

 A: Tommy is handling the KISSology IV and is should be great as he knows KISS as well as anyone. We are on our way with the "new" record & will resume working on music after our summer tour. It sounds very strong and I think will surprise a lot of people !

Q: Sonic Boom was the best recording the band has put out since Revenge. One of the knocks on you guys is that KISS is the Gene and Paul show but BOOM was more of a band effort than even some of the late 70s stuff which sometimes used outside performers or writers. How involved have you and Tommy been as far as writing and arranging?

A: We did Sonic Boom as a "Band" in writing and recording. No outside writers and only our co-producer Greg Collins was involved in the recording process as far as sounds, production etc... We are using the same template for this new record and we all are very excited about what we have done so far.
read more

June 2nd 2011

Here is a link to GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL watch site where I was mentioned for attending the Basel Watch Fair this past March.

June 1st 2011

John Meniatis sent in some cool pics taken at the Sacramento Show

May 31st 2011

By Marc McLaughlin (Sacramento Press)
Images by: Marc McLaughlin

Interview with Eric Singer (drums, vocals)

Marc McLaughlin: How does it feel to be doing a charity event for children (WalkėN Rock for Kids)?

Eric Singer: It's cool. I mean, everyone has to make a living, but when you can do what you love to do, make a living at it and also help people, it feels wonderful. I can do things that help people and I think that is really important. Then, when you add that it is for kids, it makes it even better. As you know, KISS does a lot of work with wounded  soldiers and it is amazing being able to help them whenever we can.

MM: How does it feel to be a part of such an iconic band?

ES: Although I am not an original member, it really is an amazing  feeling. This is a band that people recognize whether they know the music or not. The band is known world-wide; when we travel to Europe, it is just amazing how many people come out to see us. Being with people like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two original members, [makes you]  realize that this band transcends generations and really touches people. Well, ultimately, your audience is what helps put you in a positive  position. Without a fan base, you have nothing; however, you have to keep yourself there by delivering the music, the shows and the performances.
I always tell people, "You vote through participation in life."
If someone decides they don't like the product, service or the way they are treated, they will stop buying the product. Eventually, the company  would have to redesign it or come up with a new product to keep their audience. This is true of anything, so your actions and your work need to be on target to keep you in business.

MM: Speaking of that, how does it feel now that the band is experiencing another reemergence in the music industry?

ES: Every band goes through their up and downs and their support comes in waves, so it is normal for us. It is nice though, seeing people still want to be around us and coming out to see this iconic band. Whenever you have people who support what you do, it feels good and we are just so supportive of that. Without our fans we would not be here, and  knowing they support us is the ultimate compliment.

MM: KISS is known for their makeup most of all. How is it sitting there  and actually having it applied - does it become a role you slip into or is it just one more thing that must be done?

ES: Yes, the makeup is something we are known more for than anything else. Some know the ďmonsterĒ while others know the ďstarĒ It is all a part of who we are. Because of that, the process is something that can  not be explained. It takes a couple of hours to get ready and the makeup is a closely guarded secret. When I first started doing it, it felt strange to take on a role like that; becoming something so known, so  iconic. Even after all this time, it is still the same. You become part of the character and you use that to entertain the fans.

Even with these interviews it is part of what we do. For this we flew in early so we could spend some time with the press. You know, Gene and Paul have been doing this since the beginning and they still go the extra mile and speak to people when asked. It is a part of what makes the band who they are. The work ethic is very high and an important part of what we do. Everyone does their part to keep things moving forward.  Many bands of lesser levels do not put the time in and that is part of  the reason why our fan base is as deep and supportive as it is.

MM: If there was one thing you would like to say to your fan base today, what would that be?

ES: I guess just keep doing what you are doing. It is a give and take, a mutual participation thing. One thing I learned in life is that you can't make everyone happy. You appeal to the majority by trying to find the ground that works for most. We thank the fans who come out and support us and continue to believe in this iconic band. Whether they have followed us for a day or 35 years, they are the reason we do what  we do.

MM: Thank you for your time today and for supporting Walk īN Rock.

ES: Thank you and hopefully this will help the children of the community. We appreciate your time, and enjoy the concert.

Regretfully, the time came for Paul Stanley to attempt to say goodnight to the fans, who were simply not ready to let go. They chanted for an encore, and suddenly, KISS was back on stage to thrill the audience with ďBlack DiamondĒ,ĒShout It Out LoudĒand ďDetroit Rock CityĒ Finally,  an unbelievable night of charity for Hope Foundation finished with "Rock and Roll All Night."

May 30th 2011

Drum roll....

1: It's been a little over 18 months since the release of Sonic Boom, an album which had the band much sounding much closer to it's trademark  70s sound. How do you see that album now? From your perspective was  there anything you though "maybe I should have done that differently" or "I didn't quite nail that"?

SONIC BOOM was really good and was the first step in the right direction for KISS. The newest record we are now working on at this time will show a natural progression from SONIC BOOM to KISS 2011 as you will all hear soon enough.

2: From the outside looking in it seems as though the band is quite early in the stages of preparing the follow up album. In going about  the preparation of the album is there a focus on creating an album that  follows in the vein of Sonic Boom or is it more of a case of seeing where the band ends up once tracks are 'in the can'?

We are already knee deep into the new record as I write this... All's I  can say is you will all be very pleased. The material is stronger and more riff oriented and very hard/heavier style.
Everyone that has heard material so far is raving about the stuff and we are too :-)

3: Has your involvement on the new album been any different to Sonic Boom, or earlier KISS albums?

As a band we are more comfortable and have more time together under our  belts now that really shows in our writing, performances etc...
We work out all the material together in rehearsals as a band before we  go into the studio. It really makes for better vibes and performance  overall.

4: If you could pick any three people in the world to have dinner with, who would you choose?

Jesus, Jimi Hendrix and...Freddie Mercury
(I just said what came to mind off the cuff...)

5: The KISS Army seemed to really enjoy the early sneak peaks of the band in the studio that were posted on KISS Online, however they seem to have stopped. Will there be a return of these clips as the process  continues? Are there any intentions to release a BLU RAY / DVD around the creation of the album at this early stage?

We did post another clip from Tommy just the other day. There will be  more as we progress along. I have no idea what DVD or other stuff may  come of it all. There will be KISSOLGY IV sometime sooner than later  but not sure what all will be included in that.

But it will be good :-)

6: What was the favorite moment of your career as a drummer for KISS so far ?

The overall experience has been pretty damn good I must say. I am proud  to be in such a kool band that I always dreamed of being in. There  really is no other band like KISS. "Special" is not even a just enough  word to describe it... :-)

7: Since putting on the make-up it would seem that you have been quite conscious of taming down your drumming to be more in the style of the 70s material. Is that something you expect to see continue into the new album? Particularly amongst the Australian KISS Army it seems that there are a number of fans who loved your work on Revenge and the KISS My Ass Downunder tour and would like to see more of your flair on studio releases.

I have always played for the "song" or band first. KISS in some ways has come full circle more back to it's roots in style musically and that is reflected in the live playing and recordings. I never had a problem  adapting to whatever is required of me. That is the sign of a seasoned musician. Leave your personal stuff and ego at the door. Play for the  music!

8: Any plans of hooking up with your buddies for any ESP shows again in Australia when you have some time off ?

ESP is a fun band that we try to do schedules permitting. We did a few shows in march in Europe this year. maybe more later in the year  somewhere ? Would you have us again ?

9: What is your message to your fans in Australia ?

I really look forward to coming back down there again sooner than later. I have a special connection to Australia and feel like it is my second  home in some ways. Beautiful country full of beautiful people.
Really an amazing place.

10: Lastly, of course we have to ask this one, are you aware of any plans for a return trip to Australia?

I know KISS will come there again. and Me too !

I love and miss the place dearly

Thanks very much for your time Eric and we all hope to see you soon in Australia !

Kind regards & ‚ÄúPeace Out‚ÄĚ

May 12th 2011

Happy Birthday Eric...

May 7th 2011

Hereīs the poster that comes with the magazine !

May 6th 2011

Here is a link to the upcoming Cover story from Polish Drum Magazine Perkusista

April 29th 2011

Here are some promo pics from my upcoming Cover story for "PERKUSTISTA"
Polish Drum Magazine.
A very special thanx to Matt Nowak for the great support

April 13th 2011

Here is a link to Dale Flanigan's site.  Dale did all the great work to refurbish my PEARL GLX Super Pro drums up to their new look and condition. Please check out the great job he did !

April 12th 2011

Here I am at Reliant Stadium singing Beth during our KISS show at the Houston Rodeo while standing on my sweet looking PEARL GLX Super Pro drums !
To my knowledge this has never been done live with KISS in this format...

April 11th 2011

Here are some pictures from recent ESP show in Telfs,Austria Thanx to Manuel !

April 6th 2011

Rehearsals have begun for the new KISS record !

March 29th 2011

GARY MOORE - Wild Frontier Tour: Live At Isstadion DVD Due Out In May
GARY MOORE's Wild Frontier Tour - Live At Isstadion is a new DVD featuring the late THIN LIZZY/SKID ROW legend on April 25th 1987 playing in front of 8,000 ecstatic Swedes. This DVD has only been available on (long deleted) VHS, and is on DVD for the first time. Moore's all-star line-up featured drummer Eric Singer, bassist Bob Daisley, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Neil Carter.

Due out on May 10th, the tracklisting features:

''Over The Hills And Far Away'
'Thunder Rising'
'Wild Frontier'
'Military Man'
'Empty Rooms'
'All Messed Up'
'Out in the Fields'
'Rockiní Every Night '
'The Loner'

March 29th 2011

U.S. Embassy Press Officer David McGuire meets with the members of Eric Singer Project at Nosturi on March 27, 2011


March 28th 2011

I went to the Pacers vs Bulls game last friday while in town for the Indianapolis KISS Expo.
Keith Leroux was kind enough to arrange for me to attend the game with great seats and company !!!
And the game was an overtime WIN for the Pacers as well...

March 23rd 2011

KISS drummer Eric Singer with KISS fan Justin Snow-Moss at the 2011 Indianapolis KISS Expo on March 19th, 2011.

March 22nd 2011

Over 1,000 KISS fans celebrated KISS on Sunday at the annual Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo! Fan's spent the day catching up with old friends, shopping for KISS merchandise & collectibles, and meeting KISS drummer Eric Singer!

Eric Singer is a true professional! He spent over nine hours signing autographs and visiting with the fans at the KISSOnline booth! He did  not leave until he met the last person in line at 9:15 PM! Eric also  thrilled the crowd by performing "Beth" for a great cause, the Red Cross fund for Japan! The Expo fan's helped KISSOnline raise over $2200.00  for the Red Cross!

Here are some photos taken by Eric McKenna for KISSOnline.

We'll have another report with more photos on the INDY KISS EXPO soon.

March 21st 2011

Eric Singer performed a surprise,
impromptu version of "Beth" with John Corabi
at the Indianapolis KISS Expo on Sunday.
All afternoon, fans were asking Eric if he would sing at the expo. Eric finally said that if the fans wished to donate to the Red Cross's Japan  fund at the KISSonline table, he would sing "Beth." KISS fans at the  Expo contributed over $2200.00 for the Japan cause... and here's a  fan-filmed clip!


March 20th 2011

Christine sent some great  photoīs taken at the Hollywood show.
click on the image

February 22nd 2011

26.03.2011 Honefoss - Oslo - Norway Venue: Alfred 

27.03.2011 Helsinki - Finland Venue: Nosturi

30.03.2011 Pratteln - Switzerland Venue : Z7

31.03.2011 Prague - Czech Republic Venue: Exit Chmelnice

01.04.2011 Zlin - Czech Republic Venue: Master of Rock Cafť

02.04.2011 Telfs - Austria Venue: Rathaussaal Telfs

February 22nd 2011

The 2011 Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo will take place on Saturday, March  19 from 11 am - 8 pm (11am for Platinum and VIP ticket holders) at the Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.

KISS drummer Eric Singer will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans throughout the day at the KISSOnline booth.

Former Motley Crue / Union lead singer John Corabi will perform an acoustic set. John will also be available for autographs and photos.

7 year-old drumming sensation Logan Robot Gladden (seen on KISSOnline) will make his first Expo appearance.

Boogie Street Guitars will be showing some of their custom Paul Stanley Washburn guitars.

KISS Pick World will be unveiling some new products for 2011.

KISSOnline will have specially priced merchandise.

KISS merchandise & collectibles dealers will be selling everything KISS.

Come celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Destroyer! Trivia contest will be based on Destroyer! There will also be a grand prize raffle.

Children 12 and under get in free!

Indianapolis Marriott East
7202 East 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219

For rooms reservactions call 1-800-627-7468 and ask for the KISS Expo Rate of $74 a night.

Click here for more info on the Fan Expo.

February 14th 2011

Bob Daisley, Eric Singer Featured on "Glory Is Noise" Gary Moore Tribute

On a very special episode of the "Glory Is Noise" online radio show, host Joel Gausten pays tribute to late Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore (1952 - 2011) by playing some of his favorite music by the recently-departed legend, including Thin Lizzy's classic 1979 album "Black Rose" in its entirety. This episode also includes a new interview with returning "Glory Is Noise" guest Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne/ Rainbow/ Black Sabbath/ Gary Moore), who shares some personal memories of working with Gary. Additionally, Joel reads a statement written specifically for this broadcast by Eric Singer (KISS/ Black Sabbath/ Gary Moore) and plays a special recorded tribute message by former Bolt Thrower/Benediction frontman David Ingram. The 96-minute episode can be heard at this location:

"Glory Is Noise" is a bi-weekly show on Radio Free Satan ( Each episode, host Joel Gausten offers an eclectic mix of music and exclusive interviews with mainstream and underground recording artists. Episode descriptions and playlists are available at The showís Official Facebook Page is at

February 9th 2011

KISS drummer Eric Singer has released the following statement to Classic Rock Revisited regarding the passing of legendary guitarist Gary Moore:

"I had the pleasure to play drums with Gary on his 1987 'Wild Frontier' tour.

"I joined Gary's band via Bob Daisley. We had recorded together with BLACK SABBATH on the 'Eternal Idol' album. Bob arranged the audition in London in January of 1987. We soon began rehearsals for what would become one of Gary's most successful tours ever.

"I remember we would practice everyday at John Henry Studios in London. Bob and Neil Carter lived in Brighton and would have to leave in time to make their train home. Gary and I would sometimes stay on and jam. Just drums and guitar. We would play THIN LIZZY tunes or just jam endlessly as Gary never ran out of ideas when it came to soloing! He would also play  those legendary guitars back then. The 'Peter Green' 1958 Les Paul and his 'Pink Salmon' 1962 Fender Stratocaster. He, of course, did not take those on tour anymore as they had become much too rare and valuable.

"I have to say the one thing that always stood out to me about Gary was his absolute passion and intensity as a guitarist. This man played every song and note like it was the last time he would ever play it. And therefore demanded and expected the same from his band.

"I have to admit he could be a bit tough on drummers. But he only asked for  and expected what he himself gave to music. And that was complete  commitment every time you played with him. He inspired me to want to  play up to his level every night.

"I will always thank him for the opportunity he gave me to play with him. He really was a brilliant musician. And I always felt like he helped take me to another level as a drummer and musician. It was an experience and an education I will never forget and take with me everywhere I go.

"God bless you, Gary Moore."

According to, Moore died of a suspected heart attack, a postmortem revealed on Monday (February 7).

Moore died in his sleep Sunday morning, hours after checking into the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Estepona on the Costa del Sol, Spain with  an unnamed female friend. He was 58 years old.

While forensic experts are satisfied Moore died from natural causes, they requested further tests on tissue samples taken from his body ahead of a final report.

January 1st 2011

Happy New Year 2011 to Everyone.
Love to All

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