December 12th 2013

Eric is in the November 2013 issue of  “Watchfile” magazine in Japan

 December 11th 2013

Eric Singer will appear on Rockline radio tonight as part of a Tribute to Ronnie Montrose.

 December 9th 2013


Here's our friend and KISS Kruise III Drum-Off champ Alexey Poblete  with the KISS drum set she won on the Kruise!
Eric Singer played this  kit during the Kruise, then signed it over to her when she won the  Drum-Off!

 December 8th 2013


Here's Eric Singer drumming at Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding in Phoenix.

 December 6th 2013


Here's Eric Singer pounding the skins last night at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.
Photo by Keith Leroux

 December 6th 2013


Here's Eric Singer with Artist Rock Demarco and his Catman painting at the Orleans Arena in Vegas. Demarco's four KISS paintings raised $30,000 for Brennan Rock & Roll Academy!
Photo by Keith Leroux

 December 6th 2013


 December 4th 2013

Drumming up a hit

THIS year, Ball watch introduced its patented SpringLOCK® System, the world’s first revolutionary anti-shock system that enhances watch accuracy by reducing the balance-spring shock impact by 66%.

Philippe Antille, Chief Technology Officer at Ball Watch, often used, as an example, the environmental effects a watch might endure while around the wrist of a drummer to illustrate the purpose of such a system.

He found the perfect tester for his anti-shock system: Eric Singer, the drummer of the band Kiss.

Singer already has two Ball watches and is a member of the “Friends of Ball”

Read the rest at

November 26th 2013

Eric and Bruce at the LA Car Show.

November 25th 2013

November 12th 2013

Here's Eric Singer at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary Friday night.
Photo by Keith Leroux

November 11th 2013

Gene & Eric on flight to Calgary KISS show

November 1st 2013

Eric Singer at The KISS Kruise indoor show #2.

Photo by Keith Leroux

October 28th 2013


October 28th 2013


October 27th 2013

2nd Night @ Budokan
Photos by Hiro Shiga

October 27th 2013


Photo by Keith Leroux

October 24th 2013


Here's Eric Singer's tech, Paul Bassett, checking out Eric's kit before the Budokan show.
Photo by Keith Leroux

October 23rd 2013

Here's a shot of Eric Singer's new drum kit at Osaka Castle Jo Hall.

Photo by Keith Leroux


October 18th 2013


Check out Eric Singer's new drum kit that he is using on the KISS Monster Japanese Tour.
Photo by Keith Leroux

October 18th 2013



Here's KISS performing "I Was Made For Lovin' You" at rehearsal for their appearance on TV Asahi's Music Station in Tokyo, Japan.
Filmed by Keith Leroux

October 18th 2013

Here's a photo of KISS performing live tonight on TV Asahi's Music Station.

Photo by Keith Leroux for KISSONLINE.

October 18th 2013

On a TV show in Tokyo called Music Station... Here's us with one of the other acts!!! WOW!

October 18th 2013

KISS AT TOWER RECORDS. Here's KISS during their fan Q&A at Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo today.

October 18th 2013

Here's KISS backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo, Japan.

October 12th 2013

KISS rehearsals are now complete! The band just wrapped up rehearsing for Japan, The KISS Kruise, and the make-up Calgary show!

Photo by Paul Bassett

October 10th 2013

Tommy Thayer twittered (@tommy_thayer) this photo from KISS rehearsals today.

September 4th 2013

Me and Mr "T" after he rocked the house w/Sabbath in L.A. @ The Sports Arena !!!
Thanx for the photo Ross Halfin. Always good to see you young man !

August 21st 2013

Here's Eric Singer with his drum tech, Paul Bassett, moments before the curtain drops at a recent show.

Photo by Keith Leroux

August 19th 2013


Here's KISS and their backline techs: Jason, Paul, Fran and Michael.

August 18th 2013

Mom Paid a visit to see KISS/Me the other day

August 17th 2013

Here's Eric Singer at Amway Arena in Orlando tonight.

Photo by Keith Leroux

August 10th 2013

Eric's kit ready to go at Mohegan Sun.

August 9th 2013

Here's Eric Singer pounding the drums tonight in Verona, New York.

Photo by Hab Haddad

August 4th 2013

Here's Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer at the Mile One Centre this evening.

Photo by Dean Snowden

August 4th 2013

Here's Eric Singer at the Mile One Centre in St. John's tonight.
Photo by Hab Haddad

August 3rd 2013

Here's Eric Singer at the Mile One Centre in St. John's earlier this evening.

Photo by Hab Haddad

August 2nd 2013

Here's Eric Singer entertaining (throwing picks at everyone) before the show, while Tommy Thayer peeks out from behind the curtain.

Photo by Dean Snowden

August 1st 2013

Here's Eric Singer at Harbour Station in Saint John last night.

Photo by Hab Haddad

July 31st 2013

One of my dreams finally came true this past Saturday at the KISS  concert in London Ontario. I was able to go backstage right before KISS hit the stage! All four members walked out and the excitement came over me as they stood there right before my eyes ready to take the stage. Just when things couldn't get any better, it did. My idol Eric Singer  came over to me to sign the portrait tattoo I had got of him on my arm  which I had tattooed in the very next day! It was the greatest night of my life and they put on one hell of a show!! Thank you so much Keith Leroux for making that possible for me and thank you Eric for signing my arm!!

Derek Heighton

July 30th 2013


Here's drum tech Paul Bassett working away as Eric Singer pounds the skins behind him.

Photo by Keith Leroux

July 29th 2013

Here's Eric Singer's drum kit at the Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, ready for the show.

Photo by Keith Leroux

July 28th 2013

Here's Eric Singer at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto last night.

Photo by Keith Leroux

July 26th 2013



The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is miles away but its academy is in Sioux Falls. Rock legends are becoming regulars in Sioux Falls. Members of the band KISS visited again over the weekend to talk with children at the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy.

“It's all about giving back,” guitarist Paul Stanley said. “Sooner or later success means giving back. It's not an option. It's an obligation.”

And the young fans welcoming them over the weekend would agree that the famous faces provide inspiration and motivation.

“Here's a cool place. They can come, be together, share ideas, and have big dreams because all kids have dreams. Mostly it's a safe environment where they can soar. Anything is possible and that's great,” bass guitarist Gene Simmons said.

The academy gives kids a chance to meet the great ones; maybe even learn from them too. The band's short Sioux Falls stop over the weekend was sandwiched between big concerts in Canada and Wisconsin. Some had been here before, for others it was the first time.

“That's priceless and that's what it’s all about. It's about putting the smiles on their faces, and ultimately giving kids something to do, whether it's sports, any activity, music or sports, an activity rather than playing a Gameboy or punking around on the corner on the streets,” drummer Eric Singer said.

“We're clearly in the most important place, where the kids are. That's what it's about,” Simmons said.

To these kids just seeing the rockers means a lot. KISS isn't the first big name to walk into the academy. It opened to great fanfare this spring and just as many big names. Stars from bands like Motley Crue, even comedians and other big name celebrities chipped in on The Venue's opening weekend to raise more than $1 million for the kids.

For these legends, making a stop means making new fans, but more importantly, making a difference.

“A place for kids to come down in the afternoon, get that musical input, learn to play instruments and take them to the stage, so I think it's an important part of that evolution for kids definitely,” lead guitarist Tommy Thayer said.

“I always say, pave the road behind you smoother for the next person. That's what life is about,” Singer said.

KISS also said they're making their own special contribution to the Brennan Rock And Roll Academy. They're paying for the lessons of any student who signs up between now and the end of the year.

July 25th 2013

Here's Eric Singer pounding the drums at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Canada

Photo by Freestyle Photography.

July 22nd 2013


Here's Eric pounding the drums during "Black Diamond" last night at Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin.

Photo by Keith Leroux

July 21st 2013


July 17th 2013

Here's an up-close shot of of Eric Singer drumming at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Canada tonight.

Photo by Hab Haddad

July 16th 2013

Here's Eric Singer rocking the Brandt Centre in Regina, Canada tonight. Eric certainly has a nice view!

Photo by Dean Snowden

July 13th 2013

Eric´s Kit minutes before going on stage in Edmonton.
Photo: Paul Bassett

July 11th 2013

Here's Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer during last night's show at the Enmax Centre in Lethbridge, Canada.
Photo by Dean Snowden

June 25th 2013

Eric Singer visits Glashütte Original

On Thursday, 13th June 2013, the watch manufactory Glashütte Original received a prominent visitor: Eric Singer, the drummer of the American hard rock band KISS. Singer was accompanied by Doc McGhee, the manager of the current KISS “Monster Tour”.

After being greeted by the Managing Director of Glashütte Original, Günter Wiegand, Eric Singer was shown the manufactory and was given detailed insights into the production process at Glashütte Original. In several departments, Eric Singer could observe live the accuracy and the craftsmanship of the employees at work. After being shown the current collection, both guests visited also the German Watch Museum and the Glashütte Original Boutique in Dresden.

Eric Singer is a watch aficionado and expert himself and owns a wide-ranging collection of fine mechanical watches.

Among them are several current models of Glashütte Original as well as earlier models from the 60s and 70s produced in Glashütte. As a watch enthusiast, it has been Eric Singer’s wish for a long time to visit Glashütte Original in person and to learn more about the elaborate production process.

The current tour of the band, which led KISS to Berlin and then to Prague, provided Eric Singer with the opportunity to stop on his way to the Czech Republic to visit the manufactory and to meet with staff of Glashütte Original. Singer was impressed by the passion displayed by the fine mechanics and watchmakers he met as well as by the current collection he was shown after his tour.

June 24th 2013

Eric in Italy sporting a Fedora

June 24th 2013

Here´s another cool Ross Halfin photo

June 24th 2013


Photo by Ross Halfin.

June 20th 2013


Legendary U.S. band KISS started its long awaited European leg of the Monster tour in Friends Arena, Stockholm on 1’st of June. The band introduced in front of 30 000 fans, its new spectacular stage set called the “Spider”. Two days later, KISS landed in Finland and played a sold out show in the Hartwall Arena. I met the band’s drummer, Eric Singer, the day after the gig at the hotel in Helsinki. Eric was really excited about the new tour and because of his very good mood we then had a long conversation about the Monster tour, the Spider, KISS fan-dom, the future of KISS, and various other topics. Read on !


Marko: First of all Eric, I have to say that the new Spider stage is amazing!

Eric Singer: It’s going to get better. We are still working it out and it will take more, like maybe about eight or nine shows, until it’s ready.

Marko: So you are going to add more elements and parts on it?

Eric Singer: You’ll see, yeah we are. We didn’t get to rehearse, we tried to rehearse with it and the stuff wasn’t working. So, on the first day we only played music. First show was first time we were doing this thing. We came in that day to practice the beginning. So, it will get better. Paul and Doc saw the stage when they had built it, because they designed it, Paul designed it, but I did not see it until we came to Stockholm, I only saw… I didn’t physically see it with my own eyes until we came. I saw the videos when Paul first came, he sent me video clips showing me how it looks, how some things moves and things like this. I saw just a video clip where he went to the place where they built it and the way they designed it. So, he went there and my drum tech, the tech, that production man, they all went there. I didn’t go. I only saw it when we got here. And then my drum tech, he told me, “Here is how it’s going to look, your drum riser is going to be this big.” Because the crew put this together with Paul, Paul designed and the crew built it and then they tell them what we need. Like my drum tech for example would say, “Eric’s drum set is going to be this many pieces. If it’s this big, we need this size of drum riser. Because originally they want to make it smaller, I said, “No, I need it big because I have more than like 3-4 toms.” I have a lot of drums, I’ve got seven tom tom’s, so.

read more

June 19th 2013

Here's a close-up view of Eric Singer pounding the skins in Milan, Italy last night.

Photo by Keith Leroux.

June 17th 2013

Eric Singer, drummer of the band KISS - friend of Raymond Weil Watches -
 Eric is wearing a Nabucco Rivoluziuone full black Version. Given to him by Näher & Jensen

June 16th 2013

Click here to check out some cool photos of Eric taken at the show in Berlin!
Thanks to Harald Streibl

June 15th 2013

Here's a photo of Eric Singer's kit taken by drum tech Paul Bassett just
before tonight's show at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria.

June 14th 2013


Drum tech Paul Bassett is always ready to help Eric Singer during a KISS show!

Photos by Keith Leroux for KISSONLINE.

June 12th 2013

Kiss Drummer Eric Singer Is Tired of People Asking for the Original Lineup
Ultimate Classic Rock

It’s hard out there for a replacement drummer. Just ask Eric Singer, who’s got a job most musicians would envy — pounding the skins for Kiss — but one that comes with a few occupational hazards, like having to hear the constant complaining of fans who wish the band’s original lineup would get back together.

“The people that want to complain about ‘I don’t like this,’ or ‘I don’t like that,’ ‘They should play this song,’ or ‘I only want the original band…’ The bottom line is: this is how Kiss exists right now, in 2013,” he pointed out during a recent interview with Radio Nova.

Continued Singer, who’s been in and out of the lineup since 1992, “Be glad there’s some version of Kiss and that we’re out there touring. We have just as much passion and case just as much as the band ever did or ever could. That’s what counts. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. I mean, Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] don’t need the money; they don’t need to do this. They do it because they love doing it.”

And not only is Singer not putting any stock in fans’ carping, he also sounds like he isn’t worried about Simmons’ recent pronouncement that the band might call it quits in 5-10 years. “Everybody wants to ask what’s going on tomorrow,” he shrugged. “Well, what about today? You don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen in the future. But one thing’s for sure: we’re here today and we’re going to put on a great show. I’m not saying don’t have to think about tomorrow –
but you can’t worry about tomorrow. Just live one day at a time, try to learn to live in the moment.”

June 9th 2013

Here's an up close view of Eric Singer singing "Black Diamond" at Viking Stadium in Stavanger,
Norway on June 8, 2013. Filmed by Keith Leroux.


June 3rd 2013

Here's Eric Singer pounding the drums in Stockholm last night.

Stairway to Eric Singer's drum kit.

June 1st 2013


Check out Eric Singer's drum kit on the Friends Arena Stadium stage.
Photos by Keith Leroux for KOL.

May 31st 2013

Check out 6 year old drummer Avery playing Unholy


May 24th 2013

 The KISS Army Norway fan community will host a KISS pre-concert fan party with special guests Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer on Friday, June 7th at Gaffel Karaffel, located at the city centre of Stavanger. Starting time is 6 PM.

Eric and Tommy will be available for photos (bring your own camera), and will autograph ONE item. They will also hold a Q&A with the fans.

A KISS Tribute band will also perform. KISSONLINE will attend the event!

This event is run by the fans for the fans!

May 21st 2013

Yesterday was the first day of rehearsals for KISS' upcoming European MONSTER Tour. The band will continue to rehearse through mid-next week, before heading to Stockholm, Sweden for the Tour opener on June 1st.


June 1 - Stockholm, Sweden
June 3 - Helsinki, Finland
June 6 - Solvesborg, Sweden
June 8 - Stavanger, Norway
June 11 - Copenhagen, Denmark
June 12 - Berlin, Germany
June 14 - Prague, Czech Republic
June 15 - Vienna, Austria
June 17 - Udine, Italy
June 18 - Milan, Italy
June 20 - Zurich, Switzerland
June 22 - Clisson, France

Photo by Paul Bassett

May 14th 2013

Check out even more great photos from this weekend's 15th annual Indianapolis KISS Expo! On Sunday, KISS drummer Eric Singer signed autographs and took photos with fans throughout the day. He also did a Q&A with Kevin Valentine, and the two of them shared many KISS stories! Bruce and Bob Kulick also appeared on Sunday as well as director Louis Antonelli, who set up a beautiful Paul Stanley "One Live KISS" display. Fans enjoyed a fantastic weekend of fun, camaraderie and KISS memories together.
Photos by Steve Christensen and Keith Leroux for KISSONLINE.

May 12th 2013

Happy Birthday Eric !
Enjoy your Day at the
Indy KISS Expo

May 11th 2013

Here's Eric and Gene on Indianapolis' Fox 59 News this morning discussing the 15th annual Indianapolis KISS Expo! Watch the clip below:


May 9th 2013



Check out this clip of Eric Singer attending the Hublot party during his recent visit to Switzerland. Eric appears beginning at the :48 mar

May 7th 2013

Eric attended the Baselworld watch Fair last week here are some links & photos.

April 29th 2013


Eric Singer is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the Australian magazine 'DRUMscene.' The issue also features an interview with Eric titled "Eric Singer..The Monster of all drummers!"

Visit to read the first part of the Eric story.

April 2nd 2013

Did a charity event last week in Sioux Falls, S.D. to raise money and awareness for the Chuck Brennan Rock & Roll Academy.
Many great people lent their talents and time all week for this great cause
Here I am arriving with Tommy Thayer, Louie Anderson and George Lopez...

March 23rd 2013

Alive! And Kickin' Ass

Drummer Eric Singer first became aware of KISS when he saw their picture in Rock Scene magazine. He’s now 22 years in the band and explains their mass appeal “from little kids up to people a lot older than us even at this point”, to Bryget Chrisfield.

"The Tour” – KISS and Mötley Crüe’s double-headed touring stint – was always gonna make many rock’n’roll dreams come true when Australian dates were added and KISS drummer Eric Singer promises, “We’ll all come down there together to keep the party going.” Cue excitement for potential debaucherous after-parties. “The great thing is that everybody is a little older, a little wiser and knows how to be smart and to make the whole thing work. And, you know, everybody keeps their ego checked at the door and we realise, ‘Hey, Mötley does what they do, KISS do what we do and together it’s a win-win, because everybody gets a better show – you get two great bands instead of just one.’ And it’s a bigger party and more fun for everybody and I always kind of try to adhere to that philosophy in general, in my own personal life: I like to see everybody benefit from things, not just one person.”

It’s the OG line-up of Mötley Crüe that’s heading Down Under, but only one half of this current KISS line-up are constant members: vocalist/rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley and vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons. Singer, who officially became KISS’s drummer after Eric Carr passed away in 1991, and lead guitarist Thomas Thayer – whose debut outing in The Spacesuit (replacing Ace Frehley) occurred in 2003 when the band recorded KISS Symphony: Alive IV with the Melbourne Symphony – round out the line-up.

Given that Singer hasn’t always lorded over us from the KISS drum riser, when was it that he first became aware of KISS? “Um, I saw KISS in a magazine back in the ‘70s called Rock Scene,” he explains. “It was a rock magazine, but the print was almost like a newspaper; the cover was in colour, but all the content was black and white. I always thought that was the coolest magazine – that’s the one that I found I was influenced by the most and there was a section in it that had new bands. And it showed a picture of this band with makeup on.
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March 23rd 2013



Celebrate the one year anniversary of KISS by Monster Mini Golf with a special VIP Party on today, March 23rd from 6pm - 8pm in Las Vegas!  Special guest KISS drummer Eric Singer will be available for photos and autographs, and will also be doing an intimate Q&A!

Platinum and MONSTER ticket packages are available for the VIP Party.  Sales are limited as we would like everyone in attendance to enjoy the party!

The day will kick off with a free KISS Expo outside in the parking lot of KISS by Monster Mini Golf from 10am - 6pm.

Special Expo Guests include Bob Kulick and Ken Kelly.

- Shop for KISS collectibles at a KISS venue!

- Get your Face "KISS" Painted!

- Get your Photo taken in the KISS boots!

March 20th 2013

KISS Monster Tour Reviews
Australia 2013


Mckay Daily Mercury – Fallon Hudson 
THEY descended like gods from above.
Surrounded by a cloudy orange hue, KISS landed in Mackay at Virgin Australia Stadium. Their nostalgic supernova outfits glistened in the lights as they stood on a metal platform with guitars and drumsticks in hand.
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March 17th 2013

Here's a fan-filmed clip of KISS performing "Cold Gin" at the Meet & Greet in Mackay, Australia yesterday.


February 22nd 2013

A History Of Black Sabbath’s Drummers

(Eric Singer now plays drums in a different band. photo credit: Alejandro Pagni/Getty Images)

WHO: Eric Singer, who today is most well-known as the man who wears Peter Criss’s makeup in KISS.
ERA: Mid-’80s, on 1986′s Seventh Star and 1987′s The Eternal Idol.
B.S.: Played in Lita Ford’s touring band
A.S.: He left Sabbath with singer Ray Gillen to join Badlands. In 1989, he was hired to play on a solo tour by Paul Stanley of KISS, which led to joining KISS after the untimely passing of drummer Eric Carr. After KISS reunited with their original lineup, Singer went on to play with Alice Cooper and Queen’s Brian May. He has since rejoined KISS.
WHERE IS HE NOW: Still with KISS, he’s played on their last two albums, Sonic Boom and Monster.
TONY SAYS: “Eric had this eighties hairstyle which made him look a little bit like a woman, and so we started calling him Shirley. He is a good drummer and he has done well for himself, playing with Alice Cooper and KISS and the like. When we had Eric and (bass player) Dave (Spitz) in the band, they were a great little team. They loved to play, and would try stuff all through the night. They were always energetic and that was good for me as well.”

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February 20th 2013

Eric Singer Praises Alex Van Halen

KISS’s Eric Singer contributed to the hardcover photo book, Van Halen: A Visual History, by Neil Zlozower. The Van Halen News Desk has the exclusive on what he had to say about the first time he saw Van Halen in concert:

“Alex the Animal. The first time I heard Van Halen was “Runnin’ with the Devil” on the radio on WMMS in Cleveland.
I remember thinking (along with everyone else), “Who the hell is this, and who is this guitarist?” Well, we all know they went on to open for Black Sabbath and really give them a run for their money.

“By the time the second Van Halen record hit, I finally got to see the new kids on the block live. And ALIVE they were! I had never seen a band come on stage with such energy and fire. Not to mention the sheer power that they each presented on their instruments. Eddie had opened the door for the band with his groundbreaking style, but the rest of the band were no sideshow either. Especially Alex.

“This guy was all over the kit from the opening to the end of the night and, if I remember correctly, did three different drum solos throughout the show. Even the first song ended with a solo flurry, just to set the tone for the evening.

“Alex has always had his own voice on the drums, which is the hardest instrument to achieve that on. From his trademark popping snare sound and high-pitched tom tom tuning to his electronic Simmons phase, on up to the Bonham-esque thunder of “Poundcake,” he has retained something unique and special on the instrument that has inspired many a drummer for the past thirty years.”

— Eric Singer

Read more:

February 5th 2013

Check out these KISS clips from 1994, 1995 and 1996!
"Black Diamond" - Sao Paulo, Brazil - 1994



Parasite", "Unholy" and "Creatures of the Night" - Osaka, Japan - 1995



January 1st 2013

Happy New Year to Everyone.

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