December 24th 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's to ALL.
Wishing great things for 2009 !
Happy New Year

December 22nd 2008

On behalf of McKinley Children's Center’s Board of Directors and most importantly the kids, I would like to express our appreciation to “Eric Singer” for his recent visit to our center.

The children that live in the residential program come to McKinley because they have been victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect. The kids in our Canyon View School have learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, behavior disorders, Autistic Spectrum disorder and other health impairments that have not been successful in a more traditional school setting. Eric Singer took the time to stop by for a few hours and visit with these children.

It was amazing how he interacted with the 160 kids that came to the dining hall during their lunch to find “Eric Singer” handing out t-shirts to them. In addition, his friend Rhonda Rudolph handed out her children’s books. The kids were so excited to receive the tee-shirts and 20 books that they distributed. It was amazing how he made each child feel special and he took time to personally talk to them. Afterwards, he took two boys that had received a recent award out to lunch.

What an opportunity for both Michael and Nick to spend a couple hours just chatting with Eric and his friend Rhonda Rudolph over lunch. This was a once a lifetime opportunity for these boys!

McKinley Children's Center was truly honored to have Eric Singer visit our campus and get to know the children better.

THANK YOU Eric for adding a bright spot to the kids lives.

Rhonda J. Beltran
Director of Development
McKinley Children’s Center

December 12th 2008

Last saturday I drove down to La Jolla , California to visit Paul at one of his Wentworth Gallery art shows. It was great to catch up with Paul & see the strong reaction he gets from his paintings. Some of the gang from "" were there to add to the festivities and it is always great to see them as well.

December 11th 2008

Here is a Alice Cooper review in this week's Aquarian by Nadine Joy.

December 10th 2008

Eric Singer - Playing drums was always a good way to express my energy

It’s the last show in Germany tonight. How was the tour?
Eric: ‘Oh very good. We are playing in Berlin tonight and tomorrow in Brno, Czech Republic and that’s the last show of the year and the whole tour. I am actually very glad, because it has been a long year. I worked a lot, I was working between Kiss and Alice Cooper and I did both tours. I am not complaining, because the world economy is going way down and for me I had a very good year personally. But I am also glad to have a break. The German crowd is very good, I have been to Europe three times this year already. Once with Kiss and the shows with Alice Cooper and Whitesnake have been very good as well.’

You grew up during the beat generation. In that time the drums were recorded with only two microphones and the sound was, let’s say, slight. Nowadays drummers have much more possibilities. Where do you see further capabilities?
‘I was influenced by a lot of 60s music, but probably more by the 70s stuff. I was born 1958 so by the time the early 70s were around I was a teenager. That’s the age when music has the most impact. Well, I think everybody should explore whatever different styles and technologies that they like.

For me I still like the idea of just playing real drums and live in a band. In some bands it works good with backing tracks or loops, you know, especially in bands like those of Madonna and Beyonce. read more


December 9th 2008

Here is new pic from Stuttgart AC show

(photo credit Ute Komrey)

December 8th 2008


Feb 6/09 Kaiserslautern, Germany - Fritz Walter Stadion, Halle Nordtribühne

Feb 7/09 Freiburg, Germany - Brauerei Ganther

Feb 8/09 Oberhausen, Germany - Chill Da Halle

Feb 9/09 Uden, Holland - The nieuwe pul

Feb 10/09 Prague, Tsech. Rep. - Retro Hall

Feb 13/09 Roncade, Italy - New Age Club

Feb 14/09 Pinarella di Cervia, Italy - Rock Planet Club

Feb 16/09 Verviers, Belgium - Spirit of 66

Feb 17/09 Memmingen, Germany - Kaminwerk

Feb 18/09 Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7

Feb 20/09 Bergen, Norway - Garage Club

Feb 21/09 Jevnaker, Norway - Glassheim

Feb 22/09 Helsinki, Finland - Nosturi Club

November 29th 2008

Here´s a link to pics from the Show in Essen

November 28th 2008

These were given to the band in Las Vegas by the Mallof family who own the Sacramento Kings Basketball team

November 19th 2008

Nadine Joy took some great photos at the House of Blues in Atlantic City
check em out!

November 4th 2008

I found this blast from the past clip from 1987 Gary Moore "Wild Frontier" tour where we did Saturday Live TV show

November 3rd 2008

Robin Hood’s (Gene Bartholomew) Rock Review
I am bloggin this review on WTNH and other sites, thanks for a great show

Alice Cooper – Psycho Drama Tour- MGM Grand Theatre 10-31-08

Before I start I need to say something……. ALICE BLEW MY FACE OFF!!!

What a show, I have never seen a person have complete control over an audience like Alice had us this past Halloween. Have you ever been to a show when everyone jumps to their feet when it starts? That is just what
happened……but it never stopped, no one ever sat down, the entire crowd was on its feet for the entire two
hours and loving every minute of it.

This was more than a rock concert, it was a once in a lifetime event, the band, the crowd and Alice were caught in a
positive energy vortex, which we all fed off of, like the Vampires in Blade.

Opening with a theatrical scene into No More Mr. Nice Guy the band did four hard rockers straight in a row
 including Under My Wheels, this is where most crowds sit, but we were spellbound. This is the legend, the one that
started it all, that everyone including KISS and Rob Zombie copies, the real McCoy is kickin’ our butt.

The band is a supergroup, all top-notch players that are able to capture the energy of Alice’s original band. Kerri Kelli is the main lead guitarist and is a man to watch, he’s played with L.A. Guns and Slash, he did a phenomenal classical guitar solo mid show.

Jason Hook is the other lead guitarist giving the band hard-core edgy guitar, recorded on Mandy Moore and Hillary Duff cd’s and a session player who now has a home with Alice.

Chuck Garric slams his bass into submission, also played with LA Guns, Lynch Mob, and Dio, to list a few. He also trades of vocals with Alice on Billion Dollar Babies.

Rounding out the powerhouse is Eric Singer on drums, Kiss, Badlands, Black Sabbath are just a few of the bands he’s played with. He was screamin all night, sticking in double bass fills wherever they fit, he is truly one of the world’s best drummers.

Even the sound on this night was great, powerful, but clean. My earplugs never left my pocket.

The show is a family affair, with Alice’s daughter Calico Cooper providing the choreography and acts on stage. A professionally trained dancer and actor, Calico blows people away with her Ballet dance during Only Women
Bleed, yes there was ballet.

Alice slips in a few new songs from the new cd Along Came A Spider, and even though we haven’t heard them yet, they fit right in, and we continue to stand. ( I am buying this cd)

The night ends with a killer encore of School’s Out right into, …you guessed it, ELECTED. Calico is back with someone else and they are Obama and McCain, who vie for our attention while shoving each other, escalating to where they grab each other and …start kissing, Alice starts screaming
“NO! THIS IS NOT HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO GO, NO! NO!” and he pushes them off stage, the crowd is now rockin’ and laughing to which he screams “HOW ABOUT ME?” and with the crowds reaction there is no doubt who won this election.

Then as Alice wishes us a “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” I realized why Wayne and Garth got down on their knees to Alice crying, “ WE’RE NOT WORTHY, WE’RE NOT WORTHY”.

Check out the site, the video and more at :

October 28th 2008

Hi, here is a picture taken with Eric at Long & Mcquade in St.John's,NL. on his recent stop with Alice Cooper on Oct. 21/ 08. I really want to thank Eric for taking the time to meet with my daugther & myself.Eric signed everything that we had to sign and took the time to speak with both of us.It was really nice to meet Eric as I have been a fan for some time.It really made my daughter's day as well as she hasn't stopped talking about it.The concert that night was awesome, hope to see you with Alice or Kiss again soon.

Thanks so much! Dana & Selena

October 26th 2008

Hi, here are some pics that I had taken with Eric in St. John's NL, at Long & McQuade music store. This was a dream come through. To actually meet one of the members of my favorite band and to have my tattoo signed so I could get it tattooed was incredible. The Alice Cooper concert was fantastic! I won tickets from a local radio station and I had a blast! Can't wait to see Eric play again, next time hopefully KISS will be here in St. John's. Thanks a lot.

October 20th 2008

By James Foster

Eric Singer, drummer for legendary KISS, never takes fans for granted!
The KISS Army invaded the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Moncton, Canada) yesterday, and they were armed.
Hundreds of fans of the band KISS, loaded down with posters, records, CDs and other band memorabilia, lined up for a chance to meet Eric Singer, the genial drummer for legendary KISS.
Singer, who arrived fashionably late, proved a good host, spending as much time as he could with each fan and signing just about anything put in front of him, including T-shirts that were still being worn at the time.
"He's a good guy," Monteith said, clutching two ancient vinyl presses from the venerable rockers.
"Here's a guy who plays with two historic rock bands and it never went to his head. He could be out golfing today but no, he's here meeting the fans."
Singer's appearance was engineered by Marty LeBlanc, the brainchild behind yesterday's first-ever KISS Expo, held in conjunction with the twice-yearly record expo put on by LeBlanc's LiveWire Music Emporium, located on Mountain Road.
"I just e-mailed him on his private site," LeBlanc recalled yesterday.
"From there it's history."
That's pretty typical for Singer, LeBlanc said, explaining the drummer is noted for holding fans close to his heart.
Indeed, in an earlier interview, Singer told Canadaeast News Service he doesn't think of himself as anything special.
"I never look at myself as anything more than anybody else. I'm just a regular guy that plays drums," he said.
"But I know I'm in a unique position where I'm very fortunate and blessed that I've been able to have the career I've had, that I've gotten to play with the bands I've gotten to play with."
Casual drummers drool over Singer's career. He's twice been drafted by the KISS Army, joining the group first in 1991 and again a few years ago. Besides the equally legendary Alice Cooper, he's drummed for Black Sabbath, Lita Ford and other big-name acts.
It's a testament to the professionalism and the skill the 50-year-old Singer has exhibited in his lengthy career.
The Bracelets allowing fans to meet Singer were snapped up in advance. Yesterday, the fans were lined up clear around the Fundy Lounge in the basement of the hotel, just waiting for the chance to chat with him.
Since forming in 1972, KISS has sold over 80 million albums, were pioneers in the band merchandising business with everything from KISS toy cars and dolls to their own cartoon show and were the band who popularized the trend of musicians donning wild make-up and costumes during performances.
Thirty-five years later, they remain one of rockdom's most popular, and profitable, acts.

October 20th 2008

Here are some more cool pics taken by Mitch Lafon

October 18th 2008

Just wanted to send our thanks to both Eric and the great folks at Long & McQuade (in Halifax, NS) for a great afternoon yesterday - you made a great day even better for a lot of fans including my self and my son. As a birthday gift back in August, we got tickets for him to see Alice Cooper's show here last night (Oct 17th) - the signing yesterday afternoon was an added bonus for both of us as we are huge fans of both Eric and Coop!!! Even though we tried to get down to the stage front after the show, like you asked, so Matt could get one of your sticks (one too many fans got in the way) - we still had a blast! It was a day that he won't forget anytime soon!

Heather and Matt
Check us out!

October 17th 2008

Here are a few pictures from the new issue of L'UOMO VOGUE (Italian Men's Vogue magazine)
Enjoy KISS Dressed to Kill !

October 16th 2008

Here are some links to recent interviews that Eric did for his upcoming Moncton Record Expo


October 15th 2008

After more than 15 years, my dream came true yesterday at Long & McQuade store in Ottawa. I finally met the drummer that changed my life forever. Last week, I saw that Eric will be at Long & McQuade store in Ottawa. I jumped in my car with my son William and my best friend Seb (the Tattooer) to go there. My son and I would like to thank Eric for all the time he took with us to sign all my precious stuff including my arm (now tattooed) ! For all Kiss fans, you want the best and we have the best drummer catman and human guy in the world Eric Signer !
Danny and William

October 14th 2008

ERIC SINGER Signing - Oshawa Ontario
From: Darryl A.

did an in store meet in greet at Long & McQuade Oshawa today, to promote Pearl drums. His appearance was scheduled just hours before his concert with Alice Cooper at the Oshawa, General Motors Centre. I've had the good fortune to meet Eric a number at times at various KISS related events and he's always been excellent with me and the other fans.

Just this past week-end my baby girl, Lola Grace celebrated her first birthday. I took her to Oshawa today to try to meet Eric & Alice Cooper at the sound check, with the later meet and greet with Eric as my backup plan. It was a good thing as there ended up being no afternoon sound check for the show; but Eric still made the trip from Toronto to meet near 100 fans at the music store. Eric didn't disappoint and I witnessed him spending more time with each fan, then ever I have witnessed. Straight up, in my opinion, when it comes to a fan encounter with a KISS member; Eric is tops.

We showed up early and had a good chance to talk with the other fans. It was your normal KISS gathering: some good fans, some bad, some really over the moon! Eric treated each one well and was more then generous in signing memorabilia for the fans.

My favourite moment[next to the time Eric spent with Lola Grace] was when Eric called one fan back to the line. Eric thought this fan was nervous and left without getting all the memorabilia he had brought signed, sensed this and asked this fan, piece for piece if he wanted it signed. Of course Eric was right and ended up signing four more items for this very happy fan. What a class act. KISS is better for having Singer in it. I hope other fans share their pictures from the event. Certainly, if anyone has a picture of Lola Grace with Eric I'd appreciate it as my photos didn't turn out as well as expected. A great fan experience for all.

October 13th 2008

Fabio sent these 2 pics from the Italian Vogue/KISS photo shoot

October 13th 2008

Some cool live pics by Nadine Joy can be found here

October 13th 2008

Here are 2 more "live" pictures from Ottawa taken by Mitch LaFon.

October 13th 2008

Rock drummer Eric Singer has been a name in the business for 25 years now. Growing up a major rock fan in Cleveland, Ohio, Singer moved to Los Angeles and would go on to play with numerous rock legends, such as Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes [in Black Sabbath], Bob Daisley, Gary Moore, Kiss, Brian May [Queen] and at present [and off & on] since 1990 - with Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper is presently on a world tour, and you can catch Eric in action with Alice live. Eric also played on Cooper's excellent new concept album "Along Came A Spider". Thanks to Eric for taking his time out on a very busy tour to answer my questions! The man also spent his days on the Canadian tour making numerous in-store appearances Pearl Drums.

Q- Prior to moving to LA, did you have any local gigs in Cleveland of note?

ES: I played in my Father's band growing up and in a few local "original" bands such as TASKMASTER, which became Beau Coup. They ended up with a record deal and were a very good band.


October 12th 2008

Here is a "live" picture from Ottawa, Alice Cooper show taken by Mitch LaFon.

October 2nd 2008


check out the new Video

October 2nd 2008

Literacy First - Youth Poetry Competition
KISS Rock Drummer Eric Singer has been very generous to donate his time to help the
Children of Low Income in Los Angeles:
Check on how to win a lunch with Eric Singer

October 1st 2008

The german Drummagazine “DRUMHEADS” features a gearcheck with Eric in it´s current 6/2008 issue.

September 30th 2008

Drumming up fans
Written by Richard Amery
Monday, 29 September 2008

Eric Singer, a drummer for Alice Cooper and Kiss, took time out of his hectic schedule to meet fans and their parents, waiting in line for a meet and greet outside Note-Able music, Sunday afternoon. Eric Singer, a drummer for Alice Cooper and Kiss, took time out of his hectic schedule to meet fans and their parents, waiting in line for a meet and greet outside Note-Able music, Sunday afternoon.
He has been on the road since February with Kiss’s 35th anniversary tour, Alice Cooper and his side project ESP. He was in Lethbridge for Alice Cooper’s concert Sunday at the Enmax Centre.
By the time Singer gets home on Dec. 6, he will have been to Europe three times, and all over Canada and the U.S. So how does he survive the grind?
“Those old adages your parents and teachers told you are true. You have live life well, eat well and always get a good night’s sleep,” said Singer.
He takes life one day at a time as far as juggling three huge projects. He also said to not to believe all of the rumours on the Internet, especially when it comes to Kiss tours.
“Always check That’s the official site. A lot of times I’ll read something and ask myself, ‘Where did they come up with that?’” he said.
“The Internet can be a great learning tool, but anybody can put anything up there.”
Mike O’Leary, who brought his sons, who are musicians, to the downtown music store to meet Singer said he’s a “great, great guy” to do the meet and greet.
After meeting Singer, Trevor O’Leary, 18, said he thought the drummer was very laid back.
“He’s a very cool guy,” added brother Brendan, who bought a DVD with Singer endorsing Pearl drums.
Fans of all ages including a lot of parents bringing kids baring an array of guitars, drum sticks, skins, CDs and albums for Singer to sign, lined up around the block and threaded throughout the store to meet him.
“I wasn’t expecting this,” said Note-Able employee Scott Kanashiro. “We gave out 300 tickets and you maybe expect maybe two-thirds or half of that to show up.”
Todd Daniel was first in line to meet Singer, who arrived at 11 a.m.
“I got here early to make sure I was first in line,” he said.
He added he wanted to ask Singer how he got to play on an episode of the American animated television series “SpongeBob SquarePants.”
“I like Alice Cooper,” said Matt Magee,11, who sported Alice Cooper-inspired makeup on his face and clutched a pair of drum sticks as his mother watched him.
“I play drums — in Rock Band,” he said.
A lot of parents were present, taking their kids to their first meeting with a rock star.
“I like Alice Cooper because my dad likes to him,” said Brittany Ervin, 14, who was looking forward to attending Cooper’s concert Sunday evening in the second row of the second tier, looking right down on the stage in the Enmax Centre. It’ll be her first concert.
“He’s a real nice guy,” added dad Trent. “I was trying to rush him because I know he had a hundred people in the store waiting, but he just kept talking and signing things. He loves the fans.”
Even slightly older fans were a bit nervous about meeting Singer.
“I’ve always wanted to meet him,” noted fellow drummer Dean Wilson while he waited in line.
“But I don’t know what I’m going to ask him. I’ll have to play it by ear.”

September 27th 2008

Kamloops This Week - Cooper wakes the dead - By Dale Bass

Published: September 23, 2008 5:00 PM

What is there to say about Alice Cooper?

He’s 60, an avowed Christian, a golf fanatic, he never did rip a head off a chicken — and he blew away a sold-out audience at Interior Savings Centre on Sunday.

Touring to promote his 25th studio album, Along Came A Spider, Cooper eschewed the usual “Hi Kamloops, how are you, great to be here,” and simply launched into the drama that is his current show.

The plot is simple — the spider is a serial killer — but there’s nothing simple about the performance Cooper gives.

With his daughter, Calico, taking centre stage as one of his dancing victims, Cooper interspersed tracks from the new album with classic Alice — I’m Eighteen (originally released in 1970), No More Mr. Nice Guy, Poison and, of course School’s Out.

It all worked, probably because when you see Alice Cooper, you already know you’re going to be drawn into a psycho-drama performance that will tell one nasty tale.

Vegeance is Mine — yes, we believe it.

Hungry — aren’t all serial killers?

Wake the Dead — no one was sleeping through this show.

While the man who has been performing for decades was the star, his band delivered their own amazing moments, particularly drummer Eric Singer, whose mid-concert, light-driven solo was simply stunning.

Equally great was opening act Econoline Crush, a band that’s played Kamloops several times recently, but still draws an enthusiastic crowd.

Unlike many shows where the openers don’t grab the audience’s attention, Trevor Hurst and his crew owned Interior Savings Centre during their set.

Afterward, the group posed for pictures, signed autographs, endured endless fan hugs and stayed until everyone who wanted a moment with them was satisfied.

A classy act.

September 26th 2008

Here is the current Pearl drum advert featuring Eric, that is running in all the major drum magazines

September 25th 2008


KISS Drummer Eric Singer will hold the following Canadian in-store autograph sessions for Pearl Drums:

Sept 27 Edmonton, AB - Mother's Music Store
Sept 28 Lethbridge, AB - Note-Able Music
Oct 1 Regina, SK - Long & McQuade
Oct 6 Hamilton, ON - Pongetti's Musical Instruments
Oct 7 Newmarket, ON - The Arts Music Store
Oct 8 Oshawa, ON - Long & McQuade
Oct 11 Ottawa, ON - Long & McQuade
Oct 17 Halifax, NS - Long & McQuade
Oct 18 St. John, NB - Long & McQuade
Oct 19 Mocton, NB - Live Wire Record Expo
Oct 21 St. John's, NF - Long & McQuade

For more details on these events, please contact the stores directly.
For info on the Live Wire Expo call (506) 383-9473.

September 11th 2008

Here is a pic from Al Soluri he took at the past KISS shows

August 29th 2008


In the photo KISS drummer Eric Singer is with Alice Cooper’s bassist and South Lake Tahoe native Chuck Garric.

Eric Singer describes Kiss as “rock meets Barnum and Bailey’s Circus,” making it his ideal band.

“I always liked the entertainer-type drummers,” said Singer, who first joined Kiss in 1991. “For me, I feel Kiss is the perfect band as a musician, a performer and an entertainer.”

Singer wears the cat-face makeup, which began with original drummer Peter Criss, who came up with idea because he said he has nine lives. The long-tongued bassist Gene Simmons is the Demon with bat wings, guitarist Paul Stanley the Starchild, and former guitarist Ace Frehley was the Spaceman.

Singer enjoys wearing the makeup: “It allows you to let loose and be whoever you want to be,” he said. “It’s almost like when Superman would put on the cape or Batman would put on the mask. In some ways, it gives you the ability to take on a character or a persona of whatever you have inside of you or how you want to perform.”

Risks from sitting on a drum riser include breathing pyrotechnic smoke and being peppered with flames when Simmons spits fire. But that’s the price you pay to be part of the biggest spectacle in the history of rock music.

Simmons explained the philosophy behind Kiss, which has marketed itself skillfully. The singular rock band featuring pop harmonies has sold 100 million albums. Kiss has probably sold more merchandise than any other band, and the Kiss Army fans are the most fanatical in rock ‘n’ roll, Singer said.

“We had our show, we had our levitating platform, we had our bombs, we had our costumes and we had our Kiss logo,” Simmons said in “Kiss, the Early Years” (Three Rivers Press). “Kiss would always perform on time, period, and would always deliver the goods.”

“Gene and Paul are not just musicians — they’re entertainers,” Singer said. “It’s always supposed to be the greatest show on earth and an over-the-top presentation. I get it because I was a fan. Once you saw them, you were hooked because they really gave you a visual presentation, not just the music.”

Singer met Stanley when Stanley was working on his first solo project in 1989. Two years later Kiss asked him to fill in for the ailing Eric Carr, who had replaced Criss. Singer, a watch collector who has marked time for Queen guitarist Brian May and Black Sabbath, first worked with Kiss on a movie soundtrack and later on the album “Revenge.” After Carr died of cancer, Singer joined Kiss full time.

“And the rest is ‘Kisstory,’ ” Singer said. “It was a really awkward time for me. It was mixed emotions. I was really excited, but I also felt really bad.”

Singer left the band in the mid-90s, when Criss and Frehley rejoined the group. They both left again later. Tommy Thayer now plays guitar. Other guitarists have been Bruce Kulick, Vinnie Vincent and Mark St. John.

Singer also plays in Alice Cooper’s band with bassist Chuck Garric, a 1985 South Tahoe High School graduate.

“Kiss, in my opinion, took it to the next level,” Garric said. “When I was a kid, I would run home from school put on ‘Kiss Alive’ and think to myself, ‘One day, one day I’ll rock the world with one of the best drummers in rock ‘n’ roll from one on the hottest bands in the land — Kiss!”

Simmons and Stanley are the constants over band’s 35 years. Replacing either of those two, who do most of the singing and songwriting, might be impossible, Singer said.

“Like in all things in life, never say never, and anything’s possible,” he said. “But I think it would be really hard to replace Gene or Paul. Nobody can forget, nor will we forget the original four guys. It’s because of them that I am talking about Kiss to you today. But bands change and bands evolve.

“I don’t say this to kiss anyone’s ass but to me there’s only one Paul Stanley. You could never find somebody who can do what Paul does. Not only is he the voice of Kiss and as a frontman, Paul’s going to go down in history as one of the best frontmen of all time of rock. He’s one of the few guys whose done it with a guitar strapped around his neck the whole time.”

Stanley’s wife is expecting her third child, which means Kiss’ four shows this month will be the last chance to see them for a while. But don’t worry — Kiss will return.
“I’m sure there will be more Kiss touring in the future,” Singer said. “After the success we had this year, it makes perfect sense to keep going out and do this again.”
Singer also plays with Garric in ESP, an acronym for the Eric Singer Project.

“ESP just a fun side project for me,” Singer said. “It’s a chance for me to play some cool songs with my friends. I played in my father’s band, which was American songbook, like Cole Porter and Gershwin and all those standards, as well as big band and swing. I’d never played in a cover band. We play songs by Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Kiss and Queen. I like having Chuck, because he can sing. He likes to do the Mötorhead. And I don’t have to tell you what a great guy he is. He’s a bandmate and a real friend.”

By playing in three bands together, Singer and Garric have developed into a solid rhythm section, Garric said.

“When we play live, we listen to each other — nobody’s pushing or pulling,” Garric said. “We’ve been playing together for so long and in different bands, I know what he’s thinking. It’s a powerhouse when we get down to business.

August 16th 2008

Matt Coddington took these great shots of Eric

August 15th 2008

DefSTAR Records/Sony Music Japan is releasing KISS JIGOKU-RETSUDEN, a new KISS Greatest Hits CD featuring all new recording of 15 KISS Classics! The tracks were recently recorded and feature Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy. The CD is scheduled to be released in Japan on August 27. A Limited Edition version of the CD is also being released, and includes a bonus KISSOLOGY Special DVD with live footage from KISS' legendary 1977 performance at BUDOKAN.



KISSOLOGY SPECIAL DVD *Only for limited edition:



August 11th 2008

Here is a picture from Sturgis KISS show with the Governor of South Dakota who presented us with a Proclamation that August 4th was "KISS Day"

August 2nd 2008

Here´s a picture from Alice Coopers´ video shoot last week.

August 2nd 2008


The classic rock band KISS will appear at Glencoe Campground/Rock’n the Rally on August 4 to accept a proclamation from Governor Mike Rounds, presented by Sturgis Mayor Maury LaRue, prior to their concert.

WHAT: A proclamation to make August 4 KISS Rock and Roll Day in South Dakota.

WHERE: Backstage at Glencoe Campground/Rock’n the Rally – Sturgis, S.D.

WHEN: August 4, 2008

WHY: KISS has tirelessly supported the United States military, and has visited numerous American military bases around the world to meet the troops, sign autographs and show their support for the military.

This is the band’s 35 year anniversary, and this will be their first time playing the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

July 30th 2008

LISTENING STATION: Cooper campy as ever

'Spider' spins a metal web of murder and redemption

There's something quaint about Alice Cooper's endurance. Check out the video trailers for "Along Came a Spider," floating around online. The 60-year-old rocker is tarted up with narrow rivulets of fake blood spilling from the corners of his thin mouth and trademark mascara splotches filigreed to make his eyes resemble spiders.

Mr. Cooper, of course, is not an example of a fearsome rocker succumbing hilariously to the ravages of age. He's been playing his act for laughs since the beginning, combining haunted-house imagery, gender-bending sexuality and a spirit of anarchic glee into a screeching panoply of adolescent wish fulfillment.


Alice Cooper performs at the Motor Show in London on Thursday. His latest album, "Along Came a Spider," is a concept work. (Associated Press)

If this is your cup of tea, "Along Came a Spider," Mr. Cooper's 25th full-length studio album, will not disappoint. It's a concept album, telling the first-person story of a serial killer dubbed "the Spider" who has decided to murder eight female victims - and, through an ambitious dismemberment plan, compile the detached limbs to assemble his own spider. It sounds more horrible in the retelling than it does on the album because of Mr. Cooper's high-camp crooning style, as on the track "Catch Me if You Can." He sings, "Which limb will I choose/ Which one gets sawed in half/ Which leg would you lose/ To an arachnophobic psychopath."

The sound of the album makes for a nice microcosm of Mr. Cooper's oeuvre. There is the driving metal anthem, thrumming with leaden guitars and hollow tom-tom beats. There is the softer ballad with the deceptively sweet acoustic opening. There is cowbell, perhaps not quite enough, on the track "Your Feminine Side."


Despite the thematic extravagance, the music is fairly stripped down, without a lot of cheesy guitar effects. Drummer Eric Singer is the soul of the album. Whether frenetically bashing or coolly tapping a triangle under a guitar solo, Mr. Singer provides a striking and compelling backbone to what otherwise might be a fairly ordinary metal album........READ MORE


July 29th 2008

A new Interview with Eric can be found here .....
“More than 80 million album sales, 34 gold albums, famous for their makeup and outfits, live shows and "I Was Made For Lovin' You": KISS! Fire-breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, and pyrotechnics: not just in their shows, but also in the interview! wow! “

July 14th 2008

Alex Fedotov sent these pictures from the Kiss Show in St.Petersburg.

July 10th 2008

Here are 2 pics taken in Pratteln last nite

July 6th 2008

Hiro Shiga sent in these pics taken at the Graspop Festival in Belgium

July 4th 2008

Alessandra sent these 2 pics taken during the kiss show in Milano

June 19th 2008

Some cool pics from the Arrow Festival Show can be found here

June 11th 2008

Here´s a picture from the show in Mannheim

June 11th 2008

For all you drummers out there, some driver seat shots of Eric´s kit are online.

June 4th 2008

Barbara Caserta sent in these cool pix

May 30th 2008

Here are 3 cool pictures sent in by Alexandra from Hungary, taken on Eric´s B-day in Vienna

May 30th 2008


Over 1000 members of the Swedish KISS Army came out for Tommy & Eric's Stockholm In-store appearance yesterday. The guys signed autographs and posed for photos for over 2 hours at the 4 Sound Music Store.

CLICK HERE to view a TV clip on Tommy & Eric's Stockholm in-store appearance .

May 30th 2008

Here is a pic of Russell, Keith,Lou and myself from a recent KISS show.
Always great to see familiar faces and friends at the show


May 24th 2008

To celebrate Kiss’s 35th anniversary tour, Classic Rock’s July edition
has been printed with a series of completely different limited edition

Four separate covers have been produced exclusively for the US market.
Readers can take their pick from individual cover photos of Gene
Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer or Eric Singer!

In the rest of the world Classic Rock’s cover features all the members
of Kiss in a group shot.

‘To buy alternative Kiss covers, go to and
search for Classic Rock.’


May 23rd 2008


The legendary KISS are back on the road and this time Concert Live are going with them!

KISS live performances are renowned across the globe so it’s with great pleasure and excitement that we're announcing the KISS Alive 35 limited edition series of live CDs.

With 10 dates being recorded throughout their European tour this is sure to be an exhilarating few weeks with many a memorable performance captured forever.

With hits such as ‘I Was Made For Lovin' You', ‘Detroit Rock City’ and ‘Rock & Roll All Night’ echoing above the streets of Europe you will know that KISS are in town so be sure to get your live tour CD to relive the KISS experience over and over again!

This series is strictly limited edition so be sure to bag yours before they go! Don't miss out! The following dates are being recorded so even if you haven't managed to bag a ticket be sure not to miss out on these truly collectable CDs:

27/05/2008 Hartwall Arena, Finland
30/05/2008 Stockholm Stadium, Sweden
01/06/2008 Koengen, Norway
04/06/2008 Color Line Arena, Germany
09/06/2008 Velodrom, Germany
13/06/2008 Download Festival, UK
15/06/2008 Arrow Rock Festival, Netherlands
17/06/2008 Bercy, France
24/06/2008 Datch Forum, Italy
28/06/2008 Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium


May 23rd 2008

Magni sent in these pix from Athens.

May 23rd 2008

GróF Istvan sent in 2 cool pics from the Sofia show

May 22nd 2008

Here's the cover of the new Italian issue of Rolling Stone Magazine featuring KISS!

May 22nd 2008

Eric and Tommy will make two rare in-store appearances in Helsinki and Stockholm!

In-store info:

Helsinki, Finland
May 28th Wednesday
Dlx Deluxe Music
12:00 noon to 1:30 pm

Stockholm, Sweden
May 29th Thursday
4 Sound
5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Thanks to Niklas Olsson / KISS ARMY Sweden for the photo

May 20th 2008

Here are some photos from Bulgaria.

May 18th 2008

Some very cool pictures from the Sofia show can be found here.

May 18th 2008

Here are some pics from the Verona Show, enjoy!

May 13th 2008

Infos on Eric´s KISS Alive 35 Tour Kit are online

May 13th 2008

Here's a pic from New Zealand show KISS/Alice Cooper

May 13th 2008


KISS put their hands and autographs in cement last night before the Munich show to be included on the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars!

Famous national and international personalities from sports, music and entertainment have been immortalized or will immortalize themselves with their hand or footprint in concrete and then find their place in the MOWOS in the Olympic Park.

A precondition for being immortalized in the Walk of Stars is that the personalities have been successful in the Olympic stadium, hall, swimming centre or ice sports centre or have done something special for the Olympic Park.


May 12th 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!

May 2nd 2008

Here are a few backstage pictures from the Sydney show taken from my Russian friend Alex

April 29th 2008

Here is a picture of the "KISSTERIA" crew from Australia. The guys were super in their patience with us !

April 26th 2008

Here are two Pictures from the F1 GP Ball
More pics and infos can be found

Here is a link to pics from TAG Heuer Party during F1 week in Melbourne

April 21st 2008

Nick O´Sullivan has updated the collection with a heap of extra photos he took in Brisbane that weren't originally up.

April 17th 2008

Cool pics from the Kiss show in Brisbane were sent in by Sam O´Sullivan and his brother Nick.

April 14th 2008

The first time in Berlin he had threw “In Rock” to our unsuspected chief editor, the second time in Athens he checked with us some luxurous wrist watches and now he called us from Los Angeles imposing (almost) equal number of questions wit us. On the other side of the telephone line we find Eric Singer and of course you didn’t think that we would do a typical interview. It was more of a friendly chat and let’s see what Eric said to us…

Interview: Sakis Nikas

Eric Singer: This is your cell phone number. Right? Yeah. Why don’t you call at home?

Eric Singer: Wait a minute…let me try again…(ed. note: after a few seconds) Now, it’s better, I have to do 20 interviews in a row and I really hope to get over with them really quickly. Everyone has 10 minutes, but I know that you are a crazy KISS fan so I will give you an extra minute! Do we have a deal? more ...


April 3rd 2008

"My good friend Kuni has started a new line of clothes in Japan with his partner "Jumbo". Here is a pic of Jumbo and myself hanging out in Osaka at his store "Elenoa" They made me some kool stage vests and a great leather jacket and shirt ! "


March 27th 2008

“Here are some photos I took from the crowd at the Tokyo Alice Cooper
show. Finally I got to see AC live, it was a great show!!”
Keith Tarrier


March 27th 2008

More pics from Wellington. Mike Bordin (Ozzy 0.) and myself. Zakk Wylde and me !


March 27th 2008

Here are a couple pics sent in by Joey my drumtech.
From his perspective...

March 26th 2008

Here is a pic of the Alice Cooper band with Kiss and one of me with Zakk Wylde

March 21st 2008

Keith Tarrier and Kaori Hashimoto sent in some more pics from australia.

March 19th 2008

Here are some photos of Eric at Brisbane. Loved the show.
Keep on Rockin, Keith Tarrier


March 17th 2008

Keith Tarrier sent in these pix from the Grand Prix Show.

March 13th 2008

Here are a few pics from the March 12th Press Conference. Thanks to Keith Tarrier

March 8th 2008

3/16/08 Melbourne ING F1 Grand Prix
3/18/08 Brisbane Brisbane Entertainment Centre
3/20/08 Sydney Acer Arena
3/22/08 Wellington Rock2wtgn
5/9/08 Oberhausen Arena Oberhausen
5/11/08 Munich Olympiahalle
5/12/08 Vienna Stadthalle
5/13/08 Verona Verona Arena
5/15/08 Belgrade Stadium Tashmaidan
5/18/08 Athens TERRA VIBE
5/24/08 Moscow Olympissky
5/26/08 St Petersburg Newarena
5/27/08 Helsinki Hartwall Arena
5/28/08 Helsinki Hartwell Arena
5/30/08 Stockholm Stockholm Stadium
5/31/08 Oslo Valhall
6/1/08 Bergen Koengen
6/3/08 Copenhagen Forum
6/4/08 Hamburg Color Line Arena
6/6/08 Prague O2 Arena
6/9/08 Berlin Velodrom
6/10/08 Mannheim SAP Arena
6/11/08 Oberhausen Arena Oberhausen
6/15/08 Nijmegen Arrow Rock Festival
6/17/08 Paris Bercy
6/18/08 Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
6/21/08 Bilbao Kobetamendi

February 17th 2008

Here is my new Zildjian ad for ZTIME 2008


February 16th 2008


The 2008 Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo will be held on Sunday, March 2nd from 1:00PM to 8:00PM at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis East 6990 East 21st St. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Special Guest is KISS drummer Eric Singer! Eric will take part in a Q/A session and be available for photos as well as autographs! KISS ARMY co-founder Bill Starkey and KISS Tribute band Mr. Speed will also appear.

KISSONLINE will be attending the Indianapolis Fan Expo!

For more information -


February 13th 2008

Me at home on practise kit...

February 11th 2008

Here is a pic of Bruce, Hiro & myself eating chinese food and celebrating Hiro's birthday !

February 10th 2008

The sales of Avantasia´s The Scarecrow seem to be quite well, we entered the charts in the following countries so far:

#6 Czech Republic
#8 Germany
#10 Sweden
#10 Hungary
#16 Austria
#17 Switzerland
#26 Finland
#29 England (Independent)
#49 Japan
#50 Belgium
#58 France
#65 Netherlands

February 5th 2008

Eric donated drumheads and sticks to a children's event that supported the LA based kids to enhance reading, art and music.
One of his youngest fans won a free raffle of his sticks. He was very excited.

Here pictured with his Grandma


 February 2nd 2008

Here is a picture of my car about to be towed at the japanese Consulate in downtown Los Angeles !!
Luckily I caught the driver in time and after $152.00 later I was able to drive home...."
Wew !
p.s. I also got a $70 parking ticket on top of it all...
The things we go thru sometimes just to play :-)

January 31st 2008

Here is a promo clip for the upcoming ESP /KISS Expo in Tokyo, Japan

January 27th 2008

Here´s a link to some more NAMM Pics

January 26th 2008

Some more NAMM Pics. Thanks to Opera Ghost

January 25th 2008


The new AVANTASIA album “The Scarecrow” is out now. Besides Eric who plays all drums this project of Tobias Sammet features guests like ex-Helloween singer Michael Kiske, Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions), Alice Cooper, Bob Catley (Magnum), Jorn Lande and many more. The music ranges from bombastic Hard Rock to classic Heavy and even Speed Metal. The first single "Lost In Space" went into the official sales charts all over Europe, peaking at #3 in Sweden and Norway and #9 in Germany.

More information at

“Although I think you have to be bananas if you beat animal skins with pieces of wood Eric is funny as hell and a killer drummer, a true professional who is able to play all kinds of styles of heavy Rock music, which can doubtlessly be heard on the album. I happy that our ways have crossed!”


January 24th 2008

Pitcher / David Wells stopped by the PEARL booth @ NAMM to say hi and I got this picture with him

Garryn Rollins (Pearl Drums) and Eric

my banner that was posted along with other endorsee's at the PEARL booth


January 23rd 2008

Here is a review from Russian KISS fan site from my recent trip there in Nov.

January 22nd 2008

Here are more NAMM show pix: Thanks to Al Soluri

January 21st 2008

Here´s a picture of Bruce and Eric at NAMM

January 12th 2008

I will be appearing at NAMM
Friday Jan.18th
Zildjian @ 3PM
Saturday Jan.19th
Musicstar Prod. @12:30pm
PEARL drums @ 2pm
Zildjian @3pm

January 11th 2008

Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol - A Look Back by Joe Siegler
When the Seventh Star tour got started, it was by all accounts a mess. Glenn Hughes was fired after just five dates for reasons that are an article on their own.. In at the last second came (at that time) New Jersey bar band singer Ray Gillen to take over the rest of the Seventh Star tour. After that tour finished, the subject came to the next record, and probably the most forgotten and arguably the most confusing period in the band's history. Out of the dark year of 1987 came several recording studios, a few record producers, a few vocalists, bassists..
read the full article


January 10th 2008

I stopped by TRACK studios in North Hollywood the other day to pop in on Bruce Kulick who is there producing this really kool & talented kid from Austin, Texas. Yayo !!! rocks and my brother Kurt has been raving about him for a longtime since he goes to all his Rubber Monster shows..

January 7th 2008

A new interview with Eric can be found here

January 3rd 2008

The 2008 Japan KISS Expos have been confirmed for Feb. 9th & 10th at Club One Two (ESP Musical Academy Bldg. No.12) in Tokyo!! This year's special guests are Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. John Corabi (Motley Crue), Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper) and Richie Scarlet (Ace Frehley band) will also perfom.

FEB 9, 2008 (Sat) & 10 (Sun)
Club One Two (ESP Musical Academy Bldg. No.12)
Takadanobaba, Tokyo
Doors Open 13:00 Start 13:30

For info and to purchase tickets visit:

January 1st 2008

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