December 31st 2006

Happy New Year and all the best to all of you for 2007

December 21st 2006


November 7th 2006
Eric Singer, drummer for KISS wears Anonimo

October 29th 2006
KISS drummer Eric Singer has released All Access To Drumming on DVD. A description of the DVD is as follows: "For the past two decades, Eric Singer has remained at the top of the list for "First Call” Rock drummers. In “All Access To Drumming,” Eric shares his experience, techniques and many other aspects that are essential to survive as a professional drummer in today’s world. From his dad’s society band to LITA FORD, GARY MOORE, BLACK SABBATH, BADLANDS, ALICE COOPER, BRIAN MAY and KISS, Eric has mastered the playing techniques and tricks to persevere in the real world of rock drumming. Originally recorded in 1996, now available with bonus footage and features, All Access to Drumming features easy-to-follow instructions helpful tips on warming up, utilizing triplets, gaining independence, playing double bass and enhancing your performance skills. In addition, Eric gives his own heartfelt advice on the “business” side of the music business."

Features include: Multiple Camera Angles; Rare KISS Footage; Additional Solos; Drum Lesson Chart; Photo Gallery

October 26th 2006

Combining their unique blend of talent and years of experience with some of rock's most well-known bands, the Eric Singer Project, better known as ESP, returns this fall with separate CD and DVD releases, giving fans around the world a
chance to experience their incredible live show.
The very busy band members, comprised of Eric Singer (KISS/Alice Cooper), Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad/Union/KISS), John Corabi (Ratt/Union/Motley Crue), and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper), found the time in early 2006 to travel to
Japan and Australia, playing for sold-out audiences and delighting fans with their energetic and exciting concerts.

The arrival of the new CD and DVD is welcome news to ESP fans, who have been wanting more from the group since the release of their 1998 debut, Lost And Spaced.

ESP - Live In Japan CD Track Listing
Watchin’ You
Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)
Do Your Own Thing
Black Diamond
Oh Darling
War Machine
School’s Out
I Love It Loud
Power To The Music

October 22nd 2006
There's is a short interview with Eric Singer added to the
STUK interview section courtesy, again, of Mitch Lafon. Eric comments on Kiss, working with Alice, the new album and the forthcoming ESP live album and video.

October 5th 2006
Here you can see Me & Damon Johnsons lil' boy Gabriel playing drums together at a rehearsal in Phoenix as we prepared for this last leg of the tour

Here is a pic from last nights show with some friends from the extended KISS family
Lou Antonelli & Dick Gagnon
Lou is a Jazz buff & brought me some very kool Buddy Rich framed pictures from some old drum adds of the 60's and some great cigars...
Thanx Lou"

Dick Gagnon on the left & Lou Antonelli on the right

September 22nd 2006
Eric is part of a feature story on Bill Ward/ Black Sabbath
in the debut issue of "TRAPS"
this is a sister publication of DRUM
The story is titled "BILL WARD / Black Sabbath and the birth of metal"
The story is on page #61 and it is a sidebar article titled "Decendants of Ward"
it mentiones Eric along with Bobby Rondinelli & Vinnie Appice...

September 21st 2006


New York, NY (August , 2006) On October 24, 2006
Restless Records will release Butchering The Beatles
 featuring the BIGGEST, the BADDEST, the HEAVIEST
all-star line-up ever assembled to honor what is
arguably the greatest band ever -- THE BEATLES.
All-in-all, over 50 internationally known recording
artists bring their unique bone-crushing slant to
these remarkable songs. Produced by Grammy
award-winning producer/guitarist Bob Kulick and ace
engineer Brett Chassen, Butchering The Beatles
features 12 new, ass-kicking versions of The
Beatles chart-topping hits including Hey
Jude, Feel Fine,and Day Tripper,
plus the more esoteric Hey Bulldog, barked out
by the legendary Alice Cooper and Tomorrow Never
Knows,uniquely interpreted by the iconic Billy
Idol, alongside classic concept songs like Lucy In
The Sky With Diamonds and Magical Mystery

When asked by Guitar Player magazine what possessed
him to go all metal on the Beatles, Bob Kulick stated
that, Beatles songs are the Holy Grail. They re
the best rock songs ever written. These new recordings
are totally faithful, yet completely different. Billy
Gibbons singing Revolution or (Motorhead
bassist) Lemmy singing Back In The USSR are not
exactly Paul McCartney or John Lennon. And of course,
the guitar solo sections were lengthened to
accommodate all the artists solo styles.

Butchering The Beatles track listing:

1. Hey Bulldog Alice Cooper, vox; Steve Vai,
guitars; Duff McKagen (Velvet Revolver / Guns N
Roses), bass; Mikkey Dee (Motorhead), drums

2. Back In The USSR  Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead),
vox/bass; John5 (Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie, guitars;
Eric Singer (Kiss / Alice Cooper), drums

3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Geoff Tate
(Queensryche), vox; Michael Wilton (Queensryche),
guitar; Craig Goldy (Dio), guitar; Rudy Sarzo (Dio),
bass; Simon Wright (Dio), drums; Scott Warren (Dio),

4. Tomorrow Never Knows  Billy Idol, vox; Steve
Stevens (Billy Idol), guitars; Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne),
bass; Brian Tichy (Billy Idol), drums

5. Magical Mystery Tour “ Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie
Malmsteen / Soul Sirkus), vox; Yngwie Malmsteen
(Rising Force / Alcatrazz), lead guitar; Bob Kulick,
(Meat Loaf / Paul Stanley Band), rhythm guitar; Jeff
Pilson (Dokken / Foreigner), bass; Frankie Banali
(Wasp / Quiet Riot), drums

6. Revolution  Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), vox /
guitar; Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard), guitar; Mike
Porcaro (Toto), bass; Gregg Bisonnette (David Lee Roth
/ Ringo Starr Band), drums; Joseph Fazzio (Superjoint
Ritual), drums

7. Day Tripper Jack Blades (Night Ranger / Damn
Yankees), vox; Tommy Shaw (Styx / Damn Yankees), vox;
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake / Dio), guitars; Marco
Mendoza (Whitesnake / Thin Lizzy), bass; Virgil Donati
(Steve Vai / Soul Sirkus / Planet X), drums

8. I Feel Fine John Bush (Anthrax), vox; Stephen
Carpenter (Deftones), guitar; Mike Inez (Ozzy Osbourne
/ Alice In Chains), bass; John Tempesta (The Cult /
Testament), drums

9. Taxman  Doug Pinnick (Kings X), vox; Steve
Lukather (Toto), guitar; Tony Levin (John Lennon /
Peter Gabriel), bass; Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton /
Tom Petty), drums

10. I Saw Her Standing There John Corabi (Motley
Crue), vox; Phil Campbell (Motorhead), guitar; C.C.
Deville (Poison), guitar; Chris Chaney (Jane’s
Addiction), bass; Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins /
Jon Bon Jovi), drums

11. Hey Jude Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest
/ Iced Earth), vox; George Lynch (Dokken / Lynch Mob),
guitar; Bob Kulick (Meat Loaf / Paul Stanley Band),
rhythm guitar; Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge / Beck /
Bogert & Appice), bass; Chris Slade (AC/DC), drums

12. Drive My Car Kip Winger (Winger), vox; Bruce
Kulick (Kiss / Grand Funk), guitar; Tony Franklin (The
Firm / Whitesnake), bass; Aynsley Dunbar (Whitesnake /
Journey), drums

September 19th 2006
An new Interview with Eric can be found

 July 31st 2006
Here is Friday's KISS set list from the Chumash Casino.

Detroit Rock City
Makin' Love
Watchin' You
King Of The Night Time World
Christine Sixteen
Got To Choose
Take Me
Heaven's On Fire
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
God Of Thunder
Do You Love Me
100,000 Years
Shout It Out Loud
Black Diamond
Let Me Go, Rock & Roll


C'mon And Love Me
God Gave Rock & Roll To You
Rock And Roll All Nite
Joey Arias, Eric´s tech

July 23rd 2006
KISS just finished rockin' the Fuji Speedway! Tonight's crowd was easily the most intense of the tour and KISS responded to the crowd in a big way, delivering an energenic, powerful set that ended their short Japanese Tour on a high note! Sebastian Bach, the Foo Fighter's Taylor Hawkins as well as members of Alice In Chains and the Click Five were rocking away in the pit during the show. Paul had a slight mishap tonight when he flew during "I Was Made For Loving' You". First he almost over shot the platform and then was actually stuck on the platform while a crew member worked to get the flying rig to Paul. The band never misseed a beat though and extended the song a little until Paul was back on the main stage. The band also played "Lick It Up" tonight!

Set List:

Detroit Rock City
Makin' Love
Watchin' You
King of the Nighttime World
Christine Sixteen
Got To Choose
Lick It Up
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
God of Thunder
Do You Love Me
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Black Diamond
Let Me Go, Rock & Roll

God Gave Rock & Roll To You
Rock and Roll All Night

July 21st 2006

Tonight KISS rocked Fukuoka with a powerful attack that included three additional songs as well as a great medley of KISS classics! Feeding off another energetic crowd, KISS put it in high gear from the opening of "Detroit Rock City" to the end of "Rock 'n' Roll All Night". Set additions were "Deuce", "Heaven's On Fire" and a rare performance of "Kissin' Time". The band began the encore with a great medley of "Love Her All I Can", "Parasite", "She", "Shock Me" with Paul on vocals and "Hotter Than Hell"!

Fukuoka Set List:

Detroit Rock City
Makin' Love
Watchin' You
King of the Night Time World
Christine Sixteen
Got to Choose
Kissin' Time
Heaven's on Fire
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
God of Thunder
Do You Love Me
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Black Diamond
Let Me Go, Rock & Roll


Medley: Love Her All I Can / Parasite / She / Shock Me (Paul on vocals) / Hotter Than Hell

God Gave Rock & Roll To You II
Rock & Roll All Night

July 19th 2006
KISS just rocked Nagoya's Rainbow Hall, tearing through a set list which included the first ever Japanese performance of "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" and several other classics not played on their 2004 visit to Japan, including "Black Diamond with Eric on lead vocals. Tommy played a new Silver Gibson Les Paul guitar and Paul played Washburn guitars throughout the show. Gene breathed fire during "Firehouse" and spit blood and flew during "God of Thunder" while Paul flew out to the soundboard area of the arena and sang "I Was Made For Lovin' You" surrounded by a sea of arms in air! The audience was extremely responsive and energetic tonight, singing and clapping throughout the show. KISS fans from all over Japan as well as fans from the US, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany and Italy attended the show. Paul sang the Japanese song "Sukiyaki" and told the crowd on several occasions that he loved to see KISS' Japanese friends, fans and family! Judging from the crowd's response tonight, they love seeing KISS just as much!

The Nagoya set list included:

Detroit Rock City
Makin' Love
Watchin' You
King Of the Night Time World
Christine 16
Got to Choose
Love 'Em, Leave 'Em
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
God Of Thunder
Do You Love Me
Black Diamond
Let Me Go Rock and Roll
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Shout It Out Loud


God Gave Rock and Roll To You
Rock and Roll All Nite

July 14th 2006
KISS has been rehearsing in Los Angeles since Monday for the upcoming Japan and California Shows. Eric Singer told us the rehearsals have been a lot of fun and we can expect some set list changes from what KISS performed on the Rock The Nation Tour. He also mentioned there will be a few surprise songs played in both Japan and California! The band continues with daily rehearsals through Friday before leaving for Japan on Saturday.

Thanks to Dean Snowden from McGhee Entertainment for taking these rehearsal photos for KISSONLINE.”

June 3rd 2006
An excerpt of the interview which is in the current issue of the german Drum-magzine “DrumHeads” can be found
here ( in German )

June 2nd 2006
Pix from the Sheffield Alice Cooper show can be found at

May 31st 2006
"I was of course a bit frazzled the past few days after a crazy week of highs and more highs !!
That Rock Honors event was so surreal in many ways for sure.
So many great bands & musicians under one roof !
Getting to share the stage with people/bands that have influenced me so greatly was a personal honor.
And how about the drummers ?
Tommy Lee, Roger Taylor, Dave Grohl, Scott Travis, Taylor Hawkins, Shannon Larkin, Rick Allen !!
That was an honor in itself to share the stage with all of them.
I want to thank all the bands for being so kool to each other for this event. Ego's seemed to be checked at the door.
Great to have some time to hang a bit with Brian May and catch up as well.
Lastly thank you to all the KISS fans who showed us yet again why you are the best fans ever !
This was an honor for you as well."

May 23rd 2006
KISS Rehearsal
These new photos are from KISS' Monday rehearsal in LA. This was the band's final rehearsal in LA before heading to Las Vegas for Thursday's VH1 ROCK HONORS.

KISS rehearsed in Los Angeles on Friday for the VH1 Rock Honors Show. Hab from Doc McGhee's office stopped by and snapped a few photos of the guys rehearsing. This was the first time KISS has played together since their one off corporate gig, Hondafest, last September in Ohio. ERIC SINGER told KISSonline "that while rehearsals started off just for Rock Honors, we ended up rehearsing half the set for the Japan shows. That's what's so great with this band. We haven't played in over eight months and we just picked up where we left off, like we've been playing every night on tour!"

In other Rock Honor news, the all-star band playing as a tribute to KISS will be Slash, Rob Zombie, Scott Ian and Tommy Lee. Godsmack will be playing as tribute to Judas Priest, All American Rejects will be playing as tribute to Def Leppard and the Foo Fighters will be playing in a tribute to QUEEN.

May 21st 2006

Live In Montreux 2005 (Eagle Eye Media/Eagle Rock)

The world famous Montreux Jazz Festival has been hosting musicians from all backgrounds since 1967, but Alice Cooper’s 2005 set (as part of his ‘Dirty Diamonds’ tour) could go down as one of the greatest shows the festival has ever seen. This twenty-seven song masterpiece pulls together Cooper’s best from the last 30 years. ‘Billion Dollar Babies’, ‘Is It My Body’, ‘Go To Hell’ and ‘School’s Out’ are classic ‘70s shock rock done today with more angst, meaning and freshness than ever. ‘Lost In America’, ‘Poison’ and ‘Feed My Frankenstein’ are pure ‘80s and early ‘90s hard rock, but without the Aquanet and with Cooper still leading rather than following the pack. ‘Dirty Diamonds’, ‘Between High School & Old School’, and ‘Woman Of Mass Distraction’ are mean, lean and biting post-Millennium classic Cooper. Visually, the DVD is stunning - colours are crisp and one has a sense they are actually standing on stage with Cooper (of course watching it on a large screen HDTV helps). Musically, Cooper has assembled his best band since the early days. Kiss’ Eric Singer is the best rock drummer still playing bar none. He’s solid, matter-of-fact and a great showman. Ryan Roxie (Electric Angels) and Damon Johnson (Brother Cane) are a twin attack guitar team. Both approach Cooper’s songs with energy, taste and tact and neither try to steal the spotlight. Bassist Chuck Garric (Dio) lays down the perfect groove all while looking like James Dean. Should the DVD not put a permanent big grin on your face; a nineteen track bonus CD from the show is tossed in. Simply put - this release is spectacular and there is no reason a true rock fan should not have it in his or her collection.

Mitch Lafon 10

May 17th 2006

"Here are some pics from a last minute in-store appearance that I did last saturday May 13th in Thunder Bay, Canada at Music Academy.
Enzo & Cosmos Riccio were the super gracious hosts & treated me so well with a nice dinner before the show where they attended with their families.
Thank you to all the people who showed up that day on such short notice !!"

May 14th 2006

in Aid of the NSPCC Dream Auction Appeal!

Dear QUEEN, SAS Band and Rock & Roll Fans!
I was asked by the NSPCC Dream Auction committee to help put together a list of fabulous prizes from the world of Rock & Roll to help in their mission to raise the £10 million needed for the NSPCC's (National Society for the Prevention of Child Cruelty) dream auction FULL STOP campaign. Dream Auction FULL STOP will fund a groundbreaking new on-line service called - an interactive website designed to help thousands of abused children who are suffering in silence.

At 7pm on 9th of May, dream auction FULL STOP launched a huge 25 day online auction, in aid of this project and powered by, offering amazing items for sale featuring everything from celebrity cars and signed memorabilia, to fabulous holidays, designer clothes, internships with leading companies and much more.

Items for sale in the world of Rock & Roll include:

1) PAUL RODGERS – "AUTOGRAPHED CD SERIES", which consists of 5 cds from Paul's musical legacy, including:
Free -The Chronicles, Bad Company -10 from 6 , The Firm -The Firm , Grammy Nominated Muddy Water Blues -Solo CD featuring Guitar greats Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Brian May, Slash and others, plus Queen + Paul Rodgers Return of the Champions.

2) QUEEN & PAUL RODGERS - "MINI ELECTRIC GUITAR SIGNED BY QUEEN, PAUL RODGERS AND THEIR BAND DURING THEIR 2005 JAPAN TOUR"; signed specifically for the "NSPCC Dream Auction". The guitar was designed by Japanese designer Yoshi Takada and all members of the band received one as a thank you for coming to Japan. The signatures include: Paul Rodgers, Roger Taylor, Brian May, Spike Edney, Jamie Moses & Danny Miranda.

3) BRIAN MAY – "WE WILL ROCK YOU PACKAGE", to include: 4 tickets to "We Will Rock You" for Sat evening 23rd Sept; a "We Will Rock You" Official Book (including script and lyrics to all songs with the foreword written by Brian and Roger), WWRY Cast CD, WWRY Souvenir Programme and photo of Brian on Buckingham Palace roof taken at the Queen’s Jubilee concert – all items (except the tickets) have been signed by Brian May.

4) MADELINE BELL – "SING A DUET WITH & HAVE LUNCH WITH MADELINE BELL". The successful bidder will have the chance to sing a duet with Madeline Bell, during a live performance with the SAS Band at their 2006 Christmas Show at Bisley Pavillion.

5) GRAHAM GOULDMAN (10CC) "WRITE A SONG WITH GRAHAM GOULDMAN". It's not often an opportunity like this comes up, so any budding song writers should start bidding!



8) SPIKE EDNEY - "SPIKE'S OFFICIAL QUEEN TOUR JACKET FROM THE QUEEN & PAUL RODGERS 2006 U.S. TOUR", signed by Brian May, Roger Taylor & Paul Rodgers

9) ERIC SINGER - "SIGNED ALICE COOPER MEMORABILIA". Items include: 1 Drum-skin, signed by Alice Cooper/ a Drum-skin, signed by Eric Singer/a signed Photo of Eric on drums during a KISS concert and an Alice Cooper shirt.






15) TONY HADLEY - "Prize to be Confirmed"

They are offering the lots in 3 different phases. Each phase will last for 10 days. The lots offered during each period will go to the highest bidder at the end of the 10 days and they are releasing new lots each day, so it's good to keep checking the site. The first phase has ONLY 7 more days to go and includes the prizes donated by: Graham Gouldman, Madeline Bell, Sir Elton John, Sir Cliff Richard, Bryan Adams, David Coverdale, Paul Young and Paul Rodgers, so if you are interested in bidding on any of those items, you need to register and enter your bid now! The prizes from Spike, Queen & Paul Rodgers, Brian May, Take That, Tony Hadley, Gerry Stickells and Eric Singer will be added to the list any day, so keep a look-out for them.

Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in bidding on any of the items above. A lot of these items are real collector's pieces, or one-off opportunities! The easiest way to view the items for sale and to register your bid is by logging on to Click the 'On-line Auction' button on the menu bar at the top of the page, which will bring up all items for sale, or you can find the items listed above by either selecting the categories 'Entertainment', 'Experiences', or 'Collectables' on the menu on the lefthand side of the home page. Please feel free to email me, or whoever sent you this email, if you are having trouble finding anything.

Good luck with your bid and please spread the word!

Thank you so much for your help and for supporting this very worthwhile project. It will make a real difference to the lives of thousands of abused children.

With love and best wishes, Kyle Verwers (Edney) x

May 12th 2006


April 26th 2006
Just got back from our ESP trip to Australia. Both shows went great with a really strong turnout. The Oz fans are super nice to us & really seem to be so sincere with their words & apreciation.
The weather could not have been better for us to enjoy the few days off we had as well.
I have not eaten that much seafood in a weeks time ever !
We hope to go back as soon as possible and try to make this an annual trip.
A huge thanx to our Promoters Michael & John for taking such good care of us ! You guys are the biz!
And special thanx to Paul Drennan for his unending support & help with just about everything.
Lastly, we thank ALL the fans who came out to support us. You made us feel special in your home.

Here´s a

March 14th 2006
Find a recent Eric Singer interview

March 1st 2006
More Pix from Tokyo and a video can be found
Thanks to Keith Tarrier

February 21st 2006
"Just returned from the German Tour with Alice Cooper/Deep Purple !
We did 10 shows together and the turnout was fantastic !! Thank you to all the fans new & old who came out. Was great to see some familiar faces as usual at the shows.
I was surprised at the turnout in the middle of winter too ! Wow what great fans and I think we made some new ones as well.
I can't go without mentioning Ian Paice. It was an honor to share the stage with such a drum legend. I have listened to his drumming & recordings for most of my life. He really is one of the pioneers of "hard rock drumming" and he has a unique style with his Buddy Rich big band approach to Rock.
And, he is a really gracious humble guy on top of it all. Purple sounded great as a band & they were kool enough to ask Damon & Ryan to sit in with them for the classic "Smoke On The Water" at our last show in Munich.
Rumour has it that we may do more shows together this summer as well...

I'm off to Japan on thursday for a couple ESP shows & drum clinic in Tokyo this weekend, until then be good to yourself"

February 15th 2006
There´s a poster of Eric in the february issue of the “DRUMMER” Magazine (UK)

January 31st 2006
Modern Drummer Magazine has an Artist update on Eric which can be found

January 24th 2006
Check for some NAMM Pix

January 23rd 2006
"I attended the annual NAMM Convention this past weekend in Anaheim. As usual there were many familiar faces hanging out or working the booths. PEARL drums had some great looking finishes on the kits this year. Loved em' !! Stopped by to say hey to Jim Bickley @ ATTACK drum heads too.
I did a signing session @ Zildjian friday & saturday & got to see many kool fans come by to say hey. Even Gene came by with his camera crew in tow to "make a scene" as he is famous for doing. I was a bit under the weather & decided to leave saturday night after I went to see MONTROSE play at one of the show events. Ronnie sounded great as always & my good friend Jimmy DeGrasso was on drums.

January 17th 2006
Click here to read a KISS Rock the Nation DVD review

January 16th 2006
NAMM 2006
 Eric will be appearing at the 2006 NAMM show in Anaheim, California this upcoming week.
He will be signing autographs @ the Zildjian booth on friday & saturday at 3PM
as well as hanging around the PEARL Drum booth both days. Feel free to stop by & say hey...

January 15th 2006
A recent interview can be found here

January 13th 2006
"A recent release "Secondhand Smoke" A Tribute to Frank Marino is now available.
I was a huge Mahogany Rush & Frank Marino fan growing up. In fact I saw them 4 times in the 70's.
Frank was a very Jimi Hendrix influenced type player but, he also has alot of jazz stylings in his playing as well. I played drums on 2 tracks on this CD. "Dragonfly" with Karl Cochran on guitar,bass & vocals and "Try For Freedom" with Ronnie Montrose on guitar & Ricky Phillips on bass & vocals.
There are some other great tracks & players on this CD. Check it out !"

January 12th 2006
Press Release
The Action for Brazil’s Children Trust has teamed up with online art gallery Oak Apple Art and its artists to produce a stunning composite portrait of ABC Trust Patron & rock legend, Queen guitarist Brian May.

Brian kindly provided a photo which Oak Apple Art then cropped and digitally divided into 12 sections. These were then passed to 12 of their artists who each painted their section of the portrait in their own individual style.  These paintings were scanned and digitally stitched together. The result is a wonderfully eclectic mix of visions of Brian May which Oak Apple Art is selling in aid of the ABC Trust.  See the link from .

The prints are produced on top quality canvas and beautifully framed in natural wood.  They retail at £500, all profits from which are being donated to the ABC Trust to help some of Brazil’s poorest and most underprivileged children. The ABC Trust would like to thank Oak Apple Art and its artists for their considerable artistic skills, time, commitment and enthusiasm.

The ABC Trust was founded by Jimena Page in 1995, initially as a small soup kitchen in a Brazilian favela. It is now a UK Registered charity working with Brazilian project partners to improve the lives of approx. 3,000 children and young people every week.

Action for Brazil’s Children Trust
88-89 St John’s Street
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1SQ
Tel: 01284 747476
Fax: 01284 747478

Eric Singer Q&A
By: Ville Kuitunen

A new KISS Army branch has been established in Kotka, Finland, and recently did a Q&A with KISS drummer Eric Singer:
Question: Rock The Nation DVD is now out. It clearly shows the great chemistry between you four guys live. Do you think that there still might be a chance to capture that chemistry in studio? Do you have any plans to release yet another studio album? Do you feel it might be possible?
Answer: We do have a great chemistry playing wise & off stage as well. I think this is because we all are very professional as people & take what we do seriously & with alot of pride. I would love to see a recording of some kind in the future if it is meant to be...?

Question: There's been a debate on our Forum about whether you play the drums on God Gave Rock n' Roll To You II, or Eric Carr? I know he's on the video, but I remember Paul revealing in an interview that it's actually you on the track. How did it feel to step into Eric Carr's shoes?
Answer: Yes, I did indeed play drums in the studio on "God gave Rock n Roll to you II". This was of course produced by Bob Ezrin ! This was his return to KISS and it was such a good chemistry that he did REVENGE as well. At the time Paul called me to record the track for the movie soundtrack since Eric was ill & I lived in L.A. I was very honored to be asked & had no idea at that time how sick Eric really was. He was a really great drummer & sadly left us way too early...

Question: Paul Stanley is planning to release a solo album next year. Have you heard it? What is your opinion about it?
Answer: I have heard 4 tracks only. Very good stuff & modern sounding in a very classic Paul Stanley way :-) I know ALL the fans are gonna dig this record. I hope Paul does some shows this year, I know I will be there!!

Question: You have been in KISS for some time now. What is your dearest memory from that time?
Answer: I have many ups & downs from KISS (and life in general ) don't we all? I would have to say I really look back on MTV Unplugged with alot of pride. It was very kool to show the world that KISS is much more than smoke & mirrors ! Also the 1st time in make-up with Paul,Ace & Gene was surreal to say the least !!! Happy New Year to all ! Thank you for being the very best fans in the entire world!


January 1st 2006

Me on Jan 1st 2006 at 3 AM in the morning !!
My attempt at being artsy ala Warhol

December 22nd 2005
The KISS ROCK THE NATION LIVE! DVD is out now. Click here to preview the Tears Are Falling video clip and select audio tracks.

Here´s a review from:

DVD Fan Review by: Quadrama "Louis A."

I'm a KISS Fan since the VERY begining - and honestly I feel the folks who are writing negative reviews here really just don't get this band at all! I remember WAY back when I was a teen in '74, KISS played in High School Gyms, small theaters, and ballrooms - and we early fans felt REALLY LUCKY to be there! This was no ordinary band, and no run of the mill concert experience - KISS killed you when they took the stage - left you utterly speeehless. Fans felt sorry for most of the bands KISS opened for in those days! I feel that same sorrow for you negative reviewers.

Alas, you likely were not around in the days when having a concert video of a band was not a possibility - and later in the early Beta/VHS days fans had to search hard, and paid top dollar for REALLY bad bootlegs of concerts to watch on small, mediocre TV's - but guess what, we were happy to be able to have them! Of course now everything is HiDef, DTS, multi-angle, DLP, & super slick DVD's and packages we would have killed for in the 70's. KISS just put out this stunning DVD set - it's so good it hurts! I'm here to thank KISS, not only for this DVD set of a great tour - but also for still playing as hard as ever 32 years later. I don't mind that they make money off of their music, and products - that's why its called the music 'BUSINESS'.

I'm also happy to give them my hard earned money for such a superior product - THEY DESERVE IT! To close I would just like to say I will always love: Paul, Ace, Eric S., Vinnie, Peter ,Bruce, Eric C., Tommy, Mark, and Gene - ALL of whom are KISS. They all gave me a lot of great music, amazing concerts, and a whole lot of joy & fun over all of these years! I took the time to write this because I love the band and this new DVD set - if you don't (or do not have something at least interesting or constructive to say in terms of a critical review that could inform comsumers) WHY DO YOU BOTHER? Lastlty - to the comsumer who is more of a casual fan of KISS: this DVD set is a smart buy if you enjoy high energy rock concerts, produced with state of the art audio/video technology by top professional media artists behind the scenes, - this DVD will make your home theater sizzle with pure power!(and is a bargain at its price point!) THANKS KISS!

December 19th 2005
"I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas ! It has been a long year touring wise for me & I want to say thanx for all for the support I recieved out there on the road.
On this past Saturday the 17th I was in Phoenix for Alice Cooper's yearly "Christmas Pudding" show.
It was a great line-up this year !
STYX, The TUBES, Don Felder, Jeff Keith & Troy Lucketta from TESLA,
CTA featuring Danny Seraphine the original drummer from the band CHICAGO and of course ALICE with a special guest guitarist Dick Wagner !! Dick was in Alice's original solo band for the Welcome to my Nightmare tour.
Damon Johnson, Chuck Garric & myself had the honour of playing with EAGLES guitarist Don Felder as his backing band.
Believe me this guy is a Legend on guitar. Damon was like a kid in a candy store playing along side Don during Hotel California.
We also did Eagles song "Take it Easy" & "Pride & Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughn

I also got to play percussion on "I'm a Man" with CTA drummer/Danny Seraphine
Troy Lucketta & Todd Sucherman of Styx also joined in as well to form "White Boyz From Hell"
A poor mans version of the Santana percussion section !!! LOL
All in all it was such a fun night with so many great players & people.
Thank you to Alice for doing another great event."

December 1st 2005
"I went to see paul McCartney last night. WOW !!
I was really impressed for a change at a concert. The band was so good & tight.
Abe Laboriel Jr. kicked my ass !!
The guy swings, grooves & makes it look so easy at the same time.
Paul sings like a bird (as well as the whole band with backing vocals)
That's what it's ALL about.
And PM does deliver the goods in a way like no other.
Now I know why they call him "Sir"

November 23rd 2005
Here are some Pix from the UK Expo

November 22nd 2005
Eric Singer was mentioned along with other past members of Black Sabbath at the U.K. Hall of fame Awards by Brian May during his induction speech


Around 1964 if you had been around Aston, near Birmingham of an evening you
might have ambled into a pub or a club and seen the Rockin’ Chevrolets, The
Rest, or Rare Breed,

These groups contained various combinations of players, including William
Ward, John Osborne, Anthony Iommi, and Terence Butler, all young kids
playing on a semi-pro basis, picking up maybe a fiver a night for their

Somewhere along the line they all decided to give up their day jobs and
pitch in to the Great Rock world full time. Tony’s accident on the last day
of his work in his factory job, losing the ends of two of his fingers could
have stalled a weaker man, but for Tony and the band, it hardened the
determination. . …

The group went through many incarnations after this, with different names,
up to 1968. Not names which most of us remember, but you would if you had
been there ! You would have seen a willowy singer wailing in a way that made
the kids parents despair. A dark moustachioed guitarist thrashing out huge
original riffs and blinding metal solos. A drummer who hit the kit hard
enough to make people scared, a thunderous bass player who growled from
beneath furled brows. And a group abandoning the standards of the day and
creating their own unique style. Somewhere in 1969 this group of young lads
had a vision of what their band would one day symbolise to millions of kids
around the world. They named themselves a symbol of unorthodoxy, anger,
mystery, and raw power. They called themselves Black Sabbath !!

Sabbath History is peppered with drama and constant change … Ozzy left the
group for periods in which he created brilliant solo work with his Blizzard
of Oz, alongside Randy Rhodes and others….

Bill Ward ‘retired’ at times to pursue his private life,

Geezer Butler at times resigned to write and produce independently …

And all the while Tony Iommi kept the Black Sabbath ethos intact, enlisting
many a now legendary player to keep the flame burning … Ronnie James Dio,
Tony Martin, Glenn Hughes, Cozy Powell, Eric Singer, Neil Murray, Ian Gillan
… all these great artists have lent something to the monolith which is Black

But whenever the planets are suitably aligned the Original Sabbath line up
storms back together, and the earth truly moves, as it’s about to do

These men invented Heavy Metal. Together or apart, for more than 40 years,
they have pursued it without compromise. Black Sabbath have struck more
unforgettable riffs into the hearts of men than any group on the planet;
They are the model, the living primal seed …. and a whole genre of young
Rock groups today acknowledge their debt, and pay their respects. This
monumental Rock Group of the People are more than worthy of induction into
ANY Hall of Fame. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a great pleasure and a great
honour for me to recognise this day ….. Black Sabbath.


…. Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osborne… Black Sabbath !!!

November 20th 2005
"I would like to congratulate Paul Stanley & Erin Sutton on their recent marriage Nov 19th,
I wish them all the best things in life"

November 5th 2005
"Only TWO weeks to go now until KISS expo III ! The date, November 19th 2005, the venue, Nottingham Rock City, UK. Very special guest is current member of KISS - ERIC SINGER !
Hot from the Alice Cooper UK tour, Eric Singer will be there for a 'Q & A' session, everyone who attends is guaranteed an autograph and photo session, and ya never know, he may just play a little ! There are live performances from the U.K.'s Number 1 KISS tribute band Dressed to Kill, Adam Bomb and Sack Trick and along for the ride again, will be Channel 4's Mr. Iain Lee. Jazan Wild will be coming over from the U.S. to promote his new comic book "Carnival of Souls" KISS Dealers from around the UK - Europe - USA, mainstream rock dealers are also welcome. All the usual competitions, signed memorabilia raffle, face painting etc. price includes entry to "Rock in the Rig" thru til 3.00 am. Children over 14 are welcome until 9pm Doors open at 2.00 pm, VIP early entry 1.00pm

October 28th 2005
DRUMMER Mag has an exclusive Story about Eric in this months issue
check it out

October 22nd 2005
From: Keith Leroux / KISS

Finally have a few minutes to stop and thank everyone involved in last week's Hurricane benefits here in INDY. The shows were great and we ended up raising $4000.00 for the Red Cross and $1000.00 for the Humane Society!!

Thanks to the following for making these donations possible: Southwest Airlines, Enterprise Car Rental, Holiday Inn of Fishers, Holiday Inn 465/Emerson, Jonas Productions, Don & Simon Barr Sinister, Ace Cosby & Q95, Birdy's Bar & Grill, Marriott Hotels, KISS Museum, KISS Asylum, KISS online, KISS4sale, KISSarmywarehouse, Clear Channel, Mailboxes Etc, Smith Sound, Jim Breeding, Mike & Charlotte, Michelle Leroux, Joshua Leroux, Alyssa Leroux, Michelle & Steve Stierwalt, Mike Dillion, Missi Kadison, Peter Arquette, Joan & Bob Brenner/Brenner Luggage, Gene Hall and all the fans who attended or donated to these events.

A special thank you to Bruce Kulick, who really wanted to be part of the events even though he could not attend. He allowed the band to use his personal guitars for the shows and he also got ESP Guitars to donate a guitar. The guitar and other items were raffled off for a dollar a chance. My kids decided they wanted to help the displaced animals in New Orleans and being an animal lover Bruce agreed. With the raffle and sales of some donated $1 items - we raised the $1000 for the Humane Society!!

Lastly a huge thank you to Eric Singer, Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson and Chuck Garric!! From the moment I asked them to do these events, they were 100% supportive. The guys told me they wanted to do more than just write a check, they wanted to donate their time. What most of you don't know is the guys had a chance to spend three days off in Las Vegas with family and friends and instead played these shows! They even donated money from the sales of their 8 x 10's to the Red Cross and Ryan donated a suit case full of baby clothes.

The events were a lot of work but very rewarding for all involved. It was great how so many people came together and just donated their services, merchandise, time or money with no questions asked! I am proud to know everyone of you involved in the events and you should be proud to have been willing to be involved!

October 12 th 2005
"While on a recent trip to Australia, I stopped into Jeweltime, a watch & jewelry store & purchased a watch. It was an "Anonimo Militare" model. Igor & Chrissi from Jeweltime took a photo & told the People from ANONIMO that I was a fan of their watches. They have posted me on the German version of their site under the
"who's wearing" section."
the site address is:
check it out

October 11th 2005
From: Keith Leroux /

Don’t forget this weeks two Eric Singer Hurricane Relief Benefits for the Red Cross in Indianapolis. If you can’t make the shows, you can still help out a great cause!! We have been receiving numerous emails like the two below from KISS fans from all over the world who are asking how to support our benefits even though they cannot attend the shows.

I won't be able to attend but I still wanted to make a donation. Thanks for all the hard work!

Mike Brandvold

Dear Keith,

I read your article about ERIC'S HURRICANE KATRINA BENEFIT. Miki & I sincerely want to do something to help somehow but we don't know what. We can't go to Indy in October, so we would like to donate the cost of our tickets. Please let me know your convenient way of making remittance.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Chiaki Imazu
Tokyo, Japan

After sharing these heartwarming emails with Eric, he came up with a great idea! Anyone who wants to donate but cannot attend the shows, can now buy a ticket at and we will send you a personalized autographed group 8 x 10 of Eric Singer , Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson & Chuck Garric. Your donation will go to the Red Cross!!

Here is the info on the benefits:

Singer, currently on tour with Alice Cooper, will be joined by fellow Cooper band mates Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson, and Chuck Garric at both shows. The band will perform a set of 70’s classics including covers of KISS, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, T-Rex, Cheap Trick and others. We are excited to announce that local favorites Simon Barr Sinister will be opening both shows.

The first show is for all ages and will take place Friday Oct. 14th from 7 PM – Midnight (or later) at the Holiday Inn 5120 Victory Dr. on the southeast side of INDY at 465 & Emerson. If you need a room call the hotel at 317-783-7751. Singer & friends will perform at 9PM. All band members will be available for autographs and photos.Tickets for this show are $20.00. Children 6-11 are $10.00 and under 6 are free.

The second show you must be 21 years or older to attend and will take place Saturday Oct. 15th from 5PM – 8PM at Birdy’s Bar & Grill 2131 E. 71st St. on the north side of INDY at 71st and Keystone. Tickets for this show will be $15.00. Birdy’s number is 317-254-8971.

Tickets for both shows can be purchased online with a major credit card at or by calling 317-595-1108. Tickets will also be available at the door!

October 2nd 2005

KISS - ROCK THE NATION LIVE! The new live KISS two-disc DVD set will be available in stores on December 6th through Image Entertainment. Shot in High Def, the DVD will feature the hottest songs from the Washington, DC and Virginia Beach, VA concerts, filmed during last year's 2004 Rock The Nation tour. The song list is vast and features a collection of KISS gems, many performed and recorded live for the first time in many years. The DVD will also include KISS Powervision interactive bonus features that include Select-A-KISS, allowing the viewer access to separate channels for each of the four band members. At any time the viewer can watch the main concert program or switch to different cameras focusing just on Paul, Gene, Tommy or Eric. The DVD will be loaded with additional behind-the-scenes, life on the road footage and interviews, giving the viewer a virtual all access pass to sound checks, the famed KISS dressing room and other rare glimpses into the world of KISS.

September 29th 2005
Sometimes Dreams Come True
Angelo Coppola of Macomb, MI was 3 years old when he went to his first KISS concert. From that day forward he adopted a special love for the band & their music. Around that time, he also began banging on a drum set that his dad (a musician) had bought. He played a variety of music but he really enjoyed playing along to KISS songs. When Angelo was eight, one of his favorite TV shows was America's Most Talented Kids. He wondered " Wouldn't it be great if I could perform on that show?" (Dream #1) His parents, having supreme confidence in their son decided to make a video tape and send it in to the show. But a big question would be " what song would show off the drums, have tons of energy and really get the crowd (and judges) moving?". Easy, KISS' "Rock and Roll All Nite." So they sent the tape in and Angelo was soon invited to compete on the show. He and his family flew out to Los Angeles and taped the show in December 2004. Angelo rocked the house with his rendition and became one of the youngest winners ever! The show aired all over the country in March and again in August 2005. (Dream #1 fulfilled)

Angelo often asked his parents "Do you think I'll ever meet one of the guys from KISS?" (Dream #2) His parents told him although anything is possible it would be unlikely given the kind of busy schedules rock stars have (especially a mega-band like KISS). Then one day while browsing Angelo discovered an ad for the Chicago KISS Expo where Eric Singer would appear and meet with fans. Angelo diligently persuaded his parents to travel to Chicago and attend the Expo. By this time, Angelo had been performing in public regularly so Angelo's dad contacted the Chicago Expo's organizer/promoter, Jim Frangella. Jim had seen Angelo's performance on America's Most Talented Kid's show and welcomed the idea of Angelo kicking off the evening's entertainment. In preparing for this performance, Angelo adopted a practice regiment that any professional would be proud of. Never at a loss for questions, Angelo wondered, "Would Eric Singer be able to watch me perform?" (Dream #3) His parents again warned him that Eric is one of the hardest working drummers in the world. He would be appearing at the Chicago KISS Expo in between tour dates with Alice Cooper and KISS. Still, Angelo prepared harder than ever even with the slightest chance of his idol seeing him play.

September 3, 2005 the day of the Expo, Angelo showed up early to check out all of the choice memorabilia. Everyone was so friendly and generous. Angelo noted how KISS fans were the nicest people in the world! Then it was time to meet Eric Singer. (Dream #2 fulfilled) Angelo brought a black Pearl bass drum head for Eric to sign (it is now his prize possession) Eric was so patient and down to earth. He made everyone feel like they already knew him. Eric told Angelo he was looking forward to hearing him play that evening. No Way! Things were really panning out for Angelo.

Angelo's performance was scheduled for 6:00pm and Eric showed up before hand to talk before the show. Eric even gave Angelo some solid advice on how to warm up before a big show. (A private lesson with Eric Singer! Unbelievable!) Angelo performed his set with maturity well beyond his years. He performed 12 songs for about 45 minutes. The crowd was really into it and Angelo fed off their energy. He impressed everyone with his skill and power. Eric approached Angelo again after the show and complimented him on his performance. The two of them actually had a lot in common. Eric called Angelo a munchkin, he told Angelo that is what Gene Simmons called him because of his small stature. He also commented at how hard Angelo hit the skins, a trait that Eric is also known for. Angelo was so thrilled that his hero took the time to watch his entire performance. (Dream #3 fulfilled) Afterwards, it was Angelo's turn to sign autographs and take pictures with fans as he was approached and complimented by everyone.

The moral of the story is sometimes dreams do come true. Reach for the stars because you never know what you are capable of with a little luck and a lot of hard work. Angelo's next question (sorry Eric), "Dad do you think I will ever get to play with KISS?" I'm not betting against him!

There is a whole page dedicated to the Chicago KISS Expo with many more pictures and a video from Angelo's performance on

September 23rd 2005

ABC Trust & Victims of New Orleans
Charity Event & Auction
Hard Rock Café - Beverly Hills, California
Oct 21, 2005 - 7:00 PM

Hosted by Cynthia Fox at KLOS
tems to be auctioned off included:
Signed items by:
KISS, Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, Queen, Jimmy Page, John Lennon, Remo Belli, Jackson Brown, Gibson Les Paul Guitar and many more.
For more information: (under events & news /events & fundraisers)

A very special thank you to both Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick who have always supported the plight of the children and for being so generous to them!

Rhonda Lynn

September 20th 2005
A short interview with Eric can be found

September 19th 2005

A great pic from Los Angeles,
It is from the last night of the Cheap Trick/ Alice Cooper double bill tour
Bun E. Carlos, Hiro & Me
It was such an honour to watch Bun E. everynite (he IS the King of Swing)
I really learned alot from him and will be stealing it to add to my arsenal. :-P

September17th 2005
Keith Leroux / &

I am proud to announce that we will be having 2 benefit shows in Indianapolis, Indiana featuring KISS drummer Eric Singer. Singer, currently on tour with Alice Cooper, will be joined by fellow Cooper band mates Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson, and Chuck Garric at both shows. I had spoken with Eric right after the hurricane and Eric, Ryan, Damon and Chuck immediately agreed to play the benefit shows for free! 100% of all ticket sales will go directly to the Red Cross’ Hurricane Katrina relief fund.

The band will be performing 70’s classics including covers of KISS, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, T-Rex, Cheap Trick and others at both shows!!

The first show is for all ages and will take place Friday Oct. 14th from 7 PM – Midnight (or later) at the Holiday Inn 5120 Victory Dr. on the southeast side of INDY at 465 & Emerson. If you need a room call the hotel at 317-783-7751. Singer & friends will perform at 9PM. All band members will be available for autographs and photos. Tickets for this show are $20.00.

The second show will be for ages 21+ and will take place Saturday Oct. 15th from 5PM – 8PM at Birdy’s Bar & Grill 2131 E. 71st St. on the north side of INDY at 71st and Keystone. Tickets for this show are $15.00.

Tickets for both shows will go on sale next week at or by calling


Come have a great time and help a great cause!!

A huge thank you to everyone involved so far!! Eric, Ryan, Damon and Chuck are playing both shows for free! Ace Cosby from Q95 WFBQ is donating his time and promoting the event. The Holiday Inn is donating the ballroom. Birdy’s is donating their club. The Holiday Inn in Fishers is donating hotel rooms. Smith Sound is donating the sound system for Friday’s event. is donating the cost of the postcards and postage. is donating money for backline & instrument rentals. is donating the money to cover the van rental & gas for the 3 days!! is donating the cost of printing the tickets.

Everyone we’ve asked has come through!!

September 14th 2005
Alice Cooper will be on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson tomorrow night (thursday Sept 15th)

September 10th 2005
I´m Fernando, KISS Lounge’s webmaster. I just wanted to inform you that today officially the sale of the tickets for the KISS EXPO MEXICO II started in ticketmaster:, and also in, people can buy GOLD and PLATINUM Tickets, which include autographs & pictures with ESP.
check these web sites for more info: and

Thanks and we hope to see you there.

September 5th 2005
KISS Fans Come Through
By: Keith Leroux

After watching the news for that last few days I was not really in the mood to even go to the KISS Expo this weekend and to be honest if it wasn't for the commitments I had made, I was not going. Just doesn't seem right to be celebrating and having fun when hundreds of thousands of people are suffering and have lost everything. This disaster has affected me and I'm sure many of you, much like 9/11 and in some ways even more. My breaking point was Thursday evening when I watched Fox news until around 4 am. I came up with the idea that I wanted to do something to try and help. I called my friend Steve Stierwalt and we agreed to donate KISS t-shirts and Farewell posters to be sold at the Expo with 100% of the money, not profit, going to the Red Cross (Posters sold for a $1 and $1 will be donated). I spoke to Eric Singer and he loved the idea and agreed to sign the items free for anyone who donated. Eric and I also discussed a benefit concert we are going to do Oct. 15th in Indianapolis and I will release info later this week!

Jim Frangella and his friend Jeff did a wonderful job putting on the event and while the crowd was not huge for an Expo, it was actually more than I had expected in light of the recent disaster. I had spoken to many of my friends who were planning to go, that told me with the gas price and what was going on in the South; they were just not going this time around. Right before the doors opened Steve and I walked the line of fans and told them what we were doing for the Red Cross. Eric also told just about everyone who came to get his autograph about the posters.

Every one wanted to help out! One lady thanked us for what we were doing and donated $20 just because Eric was so nice to her kids. Our friends Missi and Lisa gave their days pay! Thanks to everyone who attended, today I donated $750.00 in the name of the Chicago KISS Expo Fans to the Red Cross. The KISS Army came through as usual.

Attending the expo was also great therapy for me. Got me away from the news for little and gave me the opportunity to hang out and laugh with some of my best friends in the world - Eric Singer, Steve, Missi, Lisa, Jim, Barry & family, Karen and Allen, Don, Bill and Warren. Same goes to all the fans who attend, many of you I don't even know your name but I know your face.

During Bill Starkey's Q&A, a question was asked about why KISS was not in the Hall of Fame and people mentioned that they wanted to do something to get KISS in the Hall. We all know why KISS is not in there - mostly boils down to jealousy. The people who nominate and vote don't respect KISS. They can't deal with the fact that KISS has been one of the most successful and influential bands of all time. They can't fathom that these guys who they feel are beneath them and untalented, have become living American Icons!

But after this weekend, I realize that none of that matters. Don't waste an ounce of energy with a petition - screw the Hall of Fame - because KISS' legacy is much more important than awards and ironically more important than even their music. They have brought together people from many places and many cultures, to form friendships that last years and in some cases decades. Sometimes we don't speak with or see each other for months at a time but every time we do, we pick up right where we left off. We chat about this stupid rock band that we all love with a passion that many of us can't even understand. We are a fanatical family of misfits but we are a strong family and obviously a caring family! We are KISS' legacy!!

September 4th 2005
"The tour is going really well...
Cheap Trick is Great to watch/hear everynite.
I got the privledge of seeing Bun E's private drum collection at his home in Rockford the other day.
Wow, what a great collection of vintage drums in some of the coolest colors every seen!!
Mostly Ludwig (of course...) He really has a passion for this, wich I can relate to since I feel the same way about watches :-)
The same night after the Rockford show I went to Rick's house and got to see some of his vintage guitar collection !! Some really rare collectable stuff. And he has such great artifacts from his career as well that he was kool enough to share."

September 2nd 2005
Here is a recent photo of the Cooper band from Monte Carlo while we got to kick back at the beach ES

August 9th 2005
please check out and you can see pictures & a story.
Alice Cooper & myself each recieved a very special "gift" from TAG Heuer watch company while we were in Montreux Switzerland recently before our show at the Montruex Jazz Festival

July 12th 2005
KISS expo III is here !

It's back, bigger than before, the original, accept no imitations, now in it's 3rd year.

The date, November 19th 2005, the venue, Nottingham Rock City.

Very special guest is current member of KISS - ERIC SINGER !
Hot from the Alice Cooper UK tour, Eric Singer will be there for a 'Q & A' session, everyone who attends is guaranteed an autograph and photo session, and ya never know, he may just play a little !

There is a Live performance from the U.K.'s Number 1 KISS tribute band
Dressed to Kill, and along for the ride again, will be Channel 4's Mr. Iain Lee.

KISS Dealers from around the UK - Europe - USA, mainstream rock dealers are also welcome.

All the usual competitions, signed memorabilia raffle, face painting etc...and more special guests to be confirmed...price includes entry to "Rock in the Rig" thru til 3.00 am.

Children over 14 are welcome until 9pm

Doors open at 2.00 pm, VIP early entry 1.00pm
Go to the tickets page for more details.

Well, that's all for now, see you at KISS expo III 2005 !

Nige (webmaster)

Event organiser - Dave Herron

E-mail -

 July 6th 2005
[ Eric Singer and Friends ]
The Corner Hotel 29 June, 2005

Alice Cooper’s band currently touring, Eric Singer and Friends, consist of Eric Singer (drummer with KISS since ’91), Ryan Roxie (Slash’s Snakepit), Damon Johnson (Sammy Hagar) and Chuck Garric (Dio).
Patrons entering filed past a dazzling array of KISS merchandise and memorabilia. The Kiss Army lapped it up, their ranks spanning from teens through to those well into their 50s. And as with all fanatics many were keen to talk about their obsession and make others understand it.
A much delayed flight left the American tourists in the unenviable position of being rushed straight from the airport to a fully sold out venue without any of their instruments. Taking the stage at midnight, they borrowed the support band’s equipment, leaving Singer to make do with a vastly scaled down kit. He had no time to familiarise himself with it before a packed house. Not for the faint hearted. The delay obviously caused Singer some angst. Diplomatically poking his head through the curtains he placated the crowd with promises of a great performance to come, a chance to chat later and signings. The promises were kept.
Support band, a somewhat “Matchbox 20ish” sounding Stand assured us of a “volume assault” to follow them and that’s exactly what was delivered. Despite all the problems, Alice Cooper’s band took the stage looking enthusiastic about the opportunity to play at a smaller venue for an “up close and personal” with the people. During the performance members of the support band became impromptu stage hands: continually assisting the band with adapting and adjusting their gear while the players never missed a beat.
Singer quickly established why he is revered as a messiah of the drums. Getting the most out of Stand’s kit he led a team of top class musicians and vocalists to grind out a string of familiar hits. Except this was no ordinary cover band. The Led Zeppelin and Genesis T-shirts seen on the stage augured the very 70s theme of the night. Covers followed of T-Rex, Thin Lizzie, Cheap Trick (a well received revival of Surrender), Sweet (Fox On The Run) of course Alice Cooper (School’s Out) and Kiss (Nothing to Loose, Strutter, I Love It Loud, Black Diamond).
Homage to AC/DC was given with a rendition of Highway to Hell complete with choreographed guitar moves at the front. Clenched fists abounded in the crowd during this song as they appreciated the Aussie link. Introduced by Roxie as “straight from the loins of Alice Cooper!” daughter Calico made a cameo, establishing her rock pedigree as she led the band for Cherry Bomb. The show’s conclusion brought the much anticipated meet-and-greet. A couple of hundred fans quietly queued with their Kiss memorabilia and various bits of drum kits to be signed. Eric Singer was the reason The Corner was filled to the gunnels and he patiently sat and ensured none left disappointed.

Paul Cuthbert and Angie Valcanis
Beat Magazine

July 4th 2005
In Perth today July 4th
we just did 10 shows in 10 days including the Eric Singer & Friends shows.
2 more shows left in Australia before we head over to Europe. The band sounds really strong now that we have gotten up to speed. The fans in OZ have been super ! The shows are full & fans are getting what they came for with a great set-list of old & new Coop music.
Check out some of the reviews...

Some Photos

June 26th 2005
Report from the Eric Singer and friends gig

From: George Xirocostas/ KISS Asylum Australian Reporter

What a great night we had last night. I am still deaf from the noise. Standing in the front of the stage next to the speakers didn't help but it was worth it. Melbourne band "The Stand" started the night off at around 9:30pm with 10 songs with the second last song being "Is that you”. They are an awesome band having seen them with Bruce Kulick in the past.

Then at around 10:15pm what we were all waiting for "Eric Singer & Friends "got on stage.

They brought the house down with their awesome display of rock'n'roll.Ryan Roxie on guitar and vocals, Damon Johnson on guitar and vocals, Chuck Garric on bass and vocals and of course ERIC SINGER!!!

They played:














I scored 2 drum sticks when Eric came over and handed to me after they finished last song, (he saw me begging .... lol )

Then waited around to get autographs and photos. Which I will post on the site......

I have been going to KISS gigs for many many years and I have never witnessed a fight or any trouble until last night. By the way "HE WASN'T A KISS FAN ".

There was bit of push and shove like there always is when events like this take place, this guy pushed another guy in the line and then a punch up broke out. I was talking to Eric Singer as this took place and I could see the disappointment in his face as Alice Cooper bodyguards took care of the guy.

I was very embarrassed by this as the KISS ARMY AUSTRALIA FANS never ever ACT LIKE THIS......Then someone in the crowd yelled out that he's definitely not a KISS FAN. He was a local trouble maker who has been in trouble before.

Anyway, Eric and his mates stayed right till the very end and made sure that everyone got to say hello and get autographs. I also asked Eric if KISS will be touring again soon & his reply was he wasn't sure.

But I can tell you that Bruce Kulick will be in Sydney & Melbourne in November or December this year as one of the guys in the band "The Stand” told me so.

Overall great night.

Rock'n'Roll all night & Party Eveyday !

Take care everyone!

June 5th 2005
I have already spoken to Eric via email about putting some information on about June being American Cancer Society month. American Cancer Society has something called Relay for Life. Relay for Life is events designed to celebrate survivor ship and to raise money for research and programs of American Cancer Society. During the Relay for Life events, teams will take turns walking or running laps. Each team has at least one member on the track at all times. Each team raises money for American Cancer Society to participate in Relay for Life. There are Relays for Life being planned or operated in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zea land, the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela. For more information about Relay for Life international Programs, emails can be sent to Darnelle Bernier at For other information about global support again est cancer, emails may be sent to Everyone can go to the American Cancer Society Website

I would appreciate it if something could be posted on

Thank You, Tonya Smith

June 3rd 2005
Eric did an interview with Tommy Amato for a internet radio show.
Which will air on June 24th

May 30th 2005
Media Release

Kiss, Alice Cooper, John Waite, Slash’s Snakepit, Brian May, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Sammy Hagar ….

What would appear to be a list of some of rock’s most influential bands or guitarists is actually a small sample of the resume of ERIC SINGER & FRIENDS.

Eric Singer, the drummer of Kiss will be touring Australia with Alice Cooper in June/July this year. Eric first toured with Alice in Australia in 1990 on the back of the enormously successful TRASH album and has played with him on and off ever since. Eric has been a regular visitor to Australia between Alice Cooper and Kiss tours he has also been back for drum clinics and master-classes as well as other performances including drumming for Queen guitarist, Brian May. 

Renown as one of the best rock drummers around, Eric and his Cooper bandmates will be performing 2 exclusive shows in Australia on their days off in Sydney and Melbourne. The band will let loose with a set of their favourite songs by bands like Kiss, David Bowie, Sweet, T-Rex, Cheap Trick and many others – the music that influenced them.

The band consists of Ryan Roxie (Slash’s Snakepit, Alice Cooper, Roxie ’77) on guitar and vocals who has acted as Alice Cooper’s music director for all of his tours since 1995. Chuck Garric who has played with Dio among others on bass and Damon Johnson on guitar and vocals. Damon has done session work with the likes of Sammy Hagar, Faith Hill, John Waite and many others.

After the show the band will be hanging around for a signing session to meet and greet the fans and will be making available some exclusive merchandise.

Support for both shows will be Melbourne act, STAND who have just recently completed a series of shows opening for the likes of Peter Frampton, Suzi Quatro and Three Doors Down.

Tour Dates:

Sydney – The Annandale Hotel, Saturday 25 June, 2005 .

Tickets are available from the venue or by calling Ph (02) 9550 1078.

Melbourne – The Corner Hotel, Wednesday 29 June, 2005.

Tickets on sale June 6 are available from the venue or by phone charge 03 9427 9198.

May 18th 2005
Eric Singer will join Ronnie Montrose on drums at the Saturday May 28th MONTROSE show at Rib Fest America St. Louis.

NY Expo review
From: Keith Leroux /

Back in INDY and as promised here is a more detailed report of last weekend's NY KISS Expo. Expo attendance was really great, well over 1000 fans. There were a lot of dealers including Peter Arquette/KISS Museum, Warren from the KISS Magazine, Frank's Collectibles, Allen from Cincy and KISSshop. Over 100 tables I would guess. People selling just about everything, old and new, and some dealers selling things they should not have been selling. They learned the hard way. Police entered the event in the early afternoon and raided several dealers. From what I heard they took a few people away in police cars and confiscated all bootleg DVDs and CDs.

Our KISSAsylum/KISSshop tables were in the back corner of the room next to Eric Singer's table. Eric signed autographs throughout the day. He was really accessible, staying for over 6 hours. Joe Lynn Turner and our buddy Karl Cochran had tables next to Eric. Lydia Criss was also there promoting her upcoming book. KISSNation, ZO2, Richie Ranno's All-Star Band and Jaded were also on hand and all performed live later in the day. KISSAsylum's own Russ Dannacker and Jim Rosensteel were on hand too. Chris Kiska and Mac from the Ace camp also stopped by to catch up. Thanks to all of our Asylum friends who came by to say hello!! It was really great seeing our old friends and meeting new ones.

Leaving the expo I had an awkward moment with Wendy Moore though! She stopped me in the hall way and introduced herself and then asked why I wouldn't have her as a guest at my INDY KISS expo. I simply told her the truth. I'm friends with Ace and Ace has always been good to me. It's nothing personal with Wendy. She seems very nice but I just don't want to have any guest who is there promoting something negative. I promote KISS Expos to celebrate KISS, not to knock KISS. I'm not questioning what she has written; I just choose not to read it and certainly not help promote it at my expense. Well back to the weekend...

After dinner Eric, Russ, Rich, Philly, Rich Gagnon, Hiro and I went to the Joe Lynn Turner show at Double D's to see Karl Cochran on lead guitar!! Traveling with Mr. Singer has its perks and we were led up to a private area right above the stage to watch the show (I'm not sure the perks are worth the aggravation - wait that's Bruce - just kidding guys!). We got there just as ZO2 finished their set (Joey -you guys rock- SORRY!). About 15 minutes later, people on the floor were looking up at our area and applauding. Coming up the stairs was ACE FREHLEY! It was great to see Ace. I got a hug and hand shake from Mr. Frehley. I'm happy to report Ace looked and sounded great. What ever he's been doing while out of circulation for the last few years is working! Ace kept asking for Eric who was with Karl in the dressing room. When Eric finally came up stairs, Ace gave him a big hug and I heard that famous Ace laugh.

A few minutes later the band came on and slammed through Rainbow hits like "Stone Cold" and "Street of Dreams" as well as Joe's solo material. The band was really tight. Karl is a ferocious guitar player and Joe has one of the best rock voices ever. On the encore Joe announced that KISS drummer Eric Singer would be sitting in on drums and the crowd went crazy. The band played Grand Funk's "American Band" and Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". Eric pounded the drums as usual!! It was funny seeing Ace watch Eric play live. You can tell Ace really loves Eric, it's pretty obvious.

After the show we said good-bye to Ace, Mac and Karl and drove Eric back to the hotel. Yet another great KISS weekend (we really need to a get a life, don't we?). Big thanks to Rich Ranno for another great NY KISS Expo!

May 12th 2005
Today is Eric´s Birthday...


Also make sure to go to and check out the interview they did with the guys

April 13th 2005

Here is a photo of me with karl malone
he is a former Los Angeles Laker/Utah Jazz basketball legend !
I took the picture at the recent Rock The Corps KISS show at Camp Pendelton on April 1st
Karl was there to present a donation of $100,000 to the troops.
Since I am such a huge Lakers & basketball fan, it was an honour for me get this pic !!!

April 5th 2005
Tickets in advance
23€, At the door 26€. For more information contact Heike at

March 14th 2005
You can find some more pictures from the Indy Expo

March 8th 2005
Date             City                Country        Venue
April 27th   Stockholm      Sweden       Mondo
April 28th   Copenhagen   Denmark      The Rock
April 29th   Helmond        Holland        Plato
April 30th   Babenhausen  Germany      Stadthalle
Einlass 19 Uhr Beginn 20 Uhr
Tickets: VVK 23€ AK: 26E
May 1st        Pamplona        Spain           Artsaia
May 2nd      Barcelona       Spain            Bikini

Indy Expo Recap
by Keith Leroux
Huge thanks to all of the KISS fans that made the 2005 INDY KISS Expo a huge success!! Final numbers are in and over 1000 fans attended the Expo last weekend. The only sour note of the entire event was that we actually sold out Saturday and we had to turn fans away. Not wanting to disappoint any of his fans, Eric Singer agreed to change his plans (he was suppose to attend the Lakers/Pacers game in LA Sunday night) and stay for the Sunday Expo to accommodate any fan that was unable to get in Saturday. Thanks Eric!

I also want to thank my friends John Corabi (for loading the van!), Stefan Adika (Master of Ceremonies), Eric Dover, (what can I possibly say?), Bruce Kulick (for making your flights), all the members and wives/girlfriends of MR. SPEED, Russ, Philly, Rich, Mike Brandvold, Mike & Charlotte $, Phil ($'s pal), Jim Breeding, Rich Gagnon, Kristin, Kim, Jill & Doug Cataldo, Rick & Tina, Missy, Lisa, Justin Leroux, Bill Starkey, Tom Shannon, Peter Arquette, Brian & Shelly Streeter, Ken Rodenas, Barry & Family, Allen & Karen, Warren Lapine, Dale McKenzie, Ted, Tako, Tama, Kumiko, Keith, Michael Edwards, Ace Cosby, The Goddess of Thunder, Dan Foley, Smith Sound, all the dealers, the entire Staff of the Holiday Inn East, my buddy Steve Stierwalt & his wife Michelle and of course my beautiful wife, Michelle, who not only puts up with all of this, but actually does quite a bit of the work too!! - I hope all of you guys know how much help you are and without your support there would be no INDY KISS Expo!!

We will have photos and a full report later in the week after we get caught up!!

March 3rd 2005

This is a pic of KISS from Ellen show appearance Tuesady March 1st for a young cancer survivor who we surprised on his 10th Birthday.

February 3rd 2005
Union in Tokyo

Union set Tokyo on fire as the powered through their two nights at Club Phase in Takadanobaba. Bruce Kulick was electric on lead guitar. John Corabi kept the crowd amused with antics and had them singing with his powerful vocals. Jamie Hunting was tight on his 4 strong ESP bass and Eric Singer played the drums as only Eric Singer can. They played KISS, Union & Bruce Kulick tunes as well as other classic rock songs. The crowd was there to be pleased and Union did not disappoint. Free Ride, Smoke on the Water and American Band were in the encore on the second night.
On both days the fans were treated to a Q&A session and about 30 minutes of rehearsals in the afternoon. There were some interesting questions asked, for example, one to Bruce. "What brand of soap do use?". Through the Q&A there were many funny liners referring to Jamie wearing gloves. Things such as Jamie "the Glove" Hunting and "The one Glove Wonder". Also a few references to Michael Jackson were thrown in as well. Jamie had burnt his hands previous to coming to Japan. This stopped him from playing his 12 string bass, but it did not stop him from grooving away on the 4 string ESP.
Merchandise was on sale form the band members as well as from the USA and Black Diamond from Japan. The fans had many items autographed and took photos with the band. There were quite a few familiar faces.
Everyone had a great time over the weekend and many people were asking, "when is the next one?"
Bruce stayed in Tokyo a few extra days and did two guitar clinics. On Monday he was at the ESP academy in Takadanobaba where he met students who had built there own guitars. He played a few live songs for them and then inspected and played some student built guitars. All the students were very happy to have Bruce there and I am sure there are now a few more Bruce/Union/KISS fans amongst the young Japanese.
On Tuesday Bruce a went to the MI academy in Shibuya. There he played live with groups of students . They performed Domino and Forever with the students taking it in turns and the teachers assessing their skills. One of the singers of bore strong resemblance to Jack Osborne and did an excellent "Hard Rock Vocal/screaming" version of Forever. He did this song twice during the day, and the second time he really pulled it off.
All the kids there were good musicians, will one being a die hard KISS fan. It was great to see them jamming along to classic KISS songs. One drummer even bore a strong resemblance to Vinnie Vincent!
Overall the 5 days or so that the members of Union where in Japan were a great success.
We can't wait to see them again!
Keith Tarrier

Check out the Pictures

January 22nd 2005
INDY KISS EXPO - tickets on sale Saturday
Get ready for a huge KISS Weekend!!!!!

The INDY KISS Expo has been confirmed and this year's Expo will be a 2 day event taking place Saturday March 5th and Sunday March 6th.

Saturday's Expo will feature special guest KISS drummer Eric Singer who will perform live in concert with Eric Dover (Alive Cooper) and Stefan Adika (Dee Dee Ramone). Eric will also do a Q&A as well as sign autographs and pose for photos. KISS Tribute band MR. SPEED will perform a set of classic KISS not usually performed live by KISS!!

Sunday's Expo will feature special guest Bruce Kulick. Mr. Speed will play a different set and Bruce will join them on lead guitar for 6 Kulick era KISS songs. Bruce will also do a Q&A as well as sign autographs and pose for photos.

Both days will feature a KISS Costume contest and KISS trivia for prizes!! KISS merchandise and collectibles will be on sale both day.

Expo will take place at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis - East, 6990 East 21st St. For hotel rooms - call 317-359-5341 and ask for the special KISS Expo rate.

More info including ticket packages will be posted Friday. Tickets will go on sale Saturday at

January 7th 2005
Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer will begin rehearsing together this week and UNION with Eric on drums will do 1 US warm up show. That show is Friday Jan. 14th at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA.

Some of the songs the band will be performing both here in the US and in Japan include the Union songs - "Old Man Wise", "Around Again", "Pain Behind Your Eyes", "Everything Is Alright" and "Do Your Own Thing", KISS tracks - "Jungle", "I Walk Alone" and "Black Diamond" (with Eric on vocals) as well as classic covers by the Beatles, Cheap Trick and others.

KISS Japan Expo info: 2 great shows will take place at the TAKADANOBABA CLUB PHASE in Tokyo with doors opening at 1PM. Bruce Kulick/Eric Singer/John Corabi/Jamie Hunting will perform at both shows. The first show is Saturday January 29th and also features KISS Tribute band KISS DOLLS. The second day is January 30th and in addition to Bruce Kulick/Eric Singer/John Corabi/Jamie Hunting features KISS tribute bands KISSin' Time and KISS JAPAN.

Bruce, Eric, John & Jamie will be available to sign autographs and take photos in the afternoons during the expos and KISS merchandise will be on sale throughout the day. Live performances from Bruce Kulick/Eric Singer/John Corabi/Jamie Hunting and the tribute bands begin at 6PM each night. These live shows will be UNION's first ever performances in Japan!

For more info contact BLACK DIAMOND in Japan at 03-3232-3235 or visit the event website -

January 3rd 2005
"I want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2005 !
I apreciate all the support I have gotten thru the years from such great fans everywhere.
Please everyone take some time to remember those around you who bring love & joy into your world."
"Also, please reach into your hearts to help the victims of the recent tragedy in the Indian Ocean.Remember, we only have each other..."

December 24th 2004
"Merry X-Mas to Everyone ! I wish the best for us all. May the new year bring out the best !"

December 15th 2004
Mexico City Expo was a great success ! I want to say a huge thank you to Quico, Conrado & their families for making me feel so special & welcome. They did a Super Great job & possibly have the best place anyone could ever do an Expo at. The KISS Lounge is the most unique place I have ever seen dedicated to KISS or any band for that matter. The fans were all so super gracious to me as well ! They really have passion for all things KISS !

Also recently I did a couple of recording sessions for Bob Kulick. He is producing some projects for Michael Schenker & a RUSH tribute record.
I did one song for the Schenker record with Michael on Guitar, Tony Franklin on Bass, Sebastian Bach on Vocals & myself on drums.
The same line-up is also on the RUSH track as well.
I have always been a huge Schenker fan ! So, this is very kool for me.

October 26th 2004
"Went to see Alice Cooper last friday @ The Greek Amphitheater
The band looked & sounded good. Alice really sang great I thought !
Pretty much the same show I did with the Coop last year with a few songs changed.
Tommy Clufetos really slams !! on the kit too
It was great catching up with old friends & faces at the aftershow. "

btw here´s a pic of Gilby Clarke´s daughter “Frankie” dressed up as “GINA SIMMONS” for a Halloween Party

October 11th 2004
I played last weekend with Paul & Tommy at a surprise birthday party in Hollywood for some friends of paul & myself.
There was a House band that supplied the gear and other people played as well like Michael DesBarres/from Silverhead&Detective, Fred Coury from Cinderella & Shifty Shellshock from Crazytown
It was at a vibey place called Club AD on Highland ave. We played 5 songs "All right Now" by FREE / "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin /"You Shook Me" (Zep version) "Lick it Up" by of course KISS and "Comunication Breakdown" also by Zeppelin.
Paul & Tommy sounded really good & it was a blast playing with them !”

October 4th 2004
Went to L.A. Vintage drum show on saturday. Oct 2nd
Some really great looking older kits !!
One guy had some of the cleanest stuff ( I was eyeing a Ludwig Stainless Steel kit with a 26" kick)
I almost bought an old Luwig & Ludwig snare from the 30's but, decided I allready have way too many drums as it is... :-)
maybe another time perhaps...
There were also drum clinics going on both days as well. I saw Gary Novak perform and he was really smoking.
I'm not sure who else played over the 2 day event ?
There were definately some nice deals to be had if it's older drums you wanted.
Later that eveing I saw Grand Funk w/Bruce Kulick on guitar
They were really really good !!
Bruce fits in just super with this style music.
And Don Brewer still plays with that great swing & feel he has always been known for.
He really has a great voice too !!
Great tunes, great musicians = great show

October 1st 2004
Went to see Cheap Trick last nite @ The Canyon Club
They are one of my favorite bands. WOW ! what great songs is all's I can say.
Robin Zander has some voice !
Bun E. Carlos was "swinging" as he always does. What Great feel he has !
Rick Neilsen plays just the "right" stuff.
And Tom Peterson rounds out their sound with that 12 string of his.
Tonite I will see Styx with my good friend Ricky Phillips on bass (we have done Montrose shows together)
Saturday Oct 2nd is the L.A. vintage drum show at 3rd Encore rehearsal studios in North Hollywood (my backyard) There are alot of kool drums & drummers to see !!
Tomorrow nite (Oct. 2nd) I will see my ol' KISS mate Bruce Kulick w/Grand Funk Railroad.
I haven't seen them in a few years & looking forward to this.
getting the bug to wanna play some more after seeing all these great bands !!!

September 30th 2004
KISS is busy working on the "live" DVD we recorded at 2 shows this past Rock the Nation Tour. A release date has not been set.
Eric attended Ronnie Montrose's wedding a couple weeks ago in Sacramento. Congrats to Ronnie & Annette !!

He recently attended the premier of the QUEEN musical in Las Vegas, "We Will Rock You"
It was a differant version than the original London show. Much more condensed.
There was a great after show party @ the paris Hotel where the show is running.
Eric got to play with Brian May,Roger Taylor, Nuno Bettencourt,Glenn Hughes & Spike Edney.
Also, Chad Smith,Simon Phillips,Steve Vai,Steve Lukather,Meatloaf and members of the show cast also performed as well. A great night overall !

July 7th 2004
Eric has recently been getting involved with a charity called ABC Trust whose founder is Jimena Page and Patrons are Jimmy Page & Brian May.

ABC Trust will be hosting an event in LA on July 18, 2004 at the Beverly Center Hard Rock Café. Eric has donated some signed KISS photos, drum sticks and drum heads to be auction off, along with items from Jimmy Page, Jonathan Moffett, and Bruce Kulick. Please help this charity by attending.

The event is sponsored by Gibson Guitar, who will be bringing in there top Rock Celebrity to attend this event.
ABC Trust US Regional Coordinator

June 20th 2004
We did an update on all the photo sections and cleaned all the sites up a little bit. If u miss anything let us know .. Enjoy the new site

June 8th 2004
Eric is back home would like to let u know that ..
"We start the US tour on thursday the 10th. Look forward to some kool shows and the band sounds really strong. We are playing some very special older tunes that I know everyone will dig."
May 12th 04

May 8th 2004
Setlist from Perth, Australia...
Creatures of the Night
Dr. Love
Pledge Allegiance to R N R
I Love it Loud
Christine Sixteen
Tears are Falling
War Machine (Gene breathes fire)
Lick it Up
I Want You
100,000 Years
Unholy (blood, bass solo)
Shandi (just Paul)
Detroit Rock City
Shout it Out Loud
Love Gun
I Was Made For Lovin' You (Paul flies)

God Gave Rock and Roll To You II
Rock and Roll all Night

APRIL 1st 2004

The Nelson Mandela Aids Awareness Concert
will be released as you know on DVD & CD
The launch takes place April 1st in Johannesburg South Africa
the "microsite" address is:
the 3 cd's are to be released by Warner Music Int. on April 5th