Eric, how´s the tour going ?? You having fun out there ?

The shows have beed real good so far. The set list is more broad than the past few tours as well. The new stage also looks great with alot of video screens everywhere & alot of LOUD pyros too !
And YES, I am having fun ! What about your new set up?.I thought u were actually going with 2 kicks?!

I use what I need for the gig. I seem to have gotten used to using a single kick set-up since I was using that w/Alice Cooper & MONTROSE the past 2 years. I did add more tom toms for the KISS gig since some of the older tunes have those multi-tom long fills :-) You guys often change the setlist ?

We did rehearse alot of material for this tour. So, we do change a song or two every show. Some shows we did complete differant sets (Australia) Is this KISS tour diff for u from the last time u were touring with them ?

Yes, because Tommy Thayer is playing guitar. He is really really good & does a super job. Otherwise its like going back to your old neighborhood for me. Do ppl come up to u and ask why u put on Peters make up?

No, I have recieved emails regarding this. It is not a big deal to me and certainly not an emotional issue either. KISS is a show, and I just part of it. Any plans for KISS to record an new album with you on drums?

I have NO idea if that is in the future or not. I hope so. I think there still is some good music left in KISS. Paul is working on a solo record & Gene just released his. So, we'll see... Any chance that the european fans will get to see KISS in this line up soon ?

I know there has been talk. I sure hope so !! I love Europe & I know there are alot of KISS fans there as well. What do u think bout those instant live recordings u can buy after each show?

I think they are a great idea !! I am surprised KISS didn't do this earlier.
It makes for a great souvenir and everlasting memory for fans. Any news besides KISS .. Maybe some records u played on etc.?

Nothing new, I did some shows w/MONTROSE earlier in the year as well as some Eric Singer & Friends shows in Japan wich were alot of fun !!
We also did KISS Fan Expos at those shows which made for a better time for the fans. It´s amazing how well the Singer signature snare sells, are u suprised ?

Yes, I am really surprised !! although PEARL makes a great drum which really helps !
It really is a high end drum with alot of "crack" & serious volume too.
I use the same drum live with a chrome wrap finish for this tour. Are u going to see Cooper with the new drummer Tommy Clufetos when u have a chance ?

I hope I get a chance to see them. I saw Tommy C play with Ted Nugent last year when we toured together. He is really great & kicks serious ass !
I'm sure he is driving the Coop Band
Hard !!!! Anything u wanna say to your fans?

Come on out to a show when the circus is in town !!!
That being KISS.
It's a great show & a great time !!!
peace/love to ALL