ERIC SINGER INTERVIEW AUGUST 2002 YouŽll be touring with Alice Cooper later this year what about that?

Eric: We start rehearsals on august the 20th. You can get tour dates in the tourdate section of! We will do 4 shows first of september, then start tour on september 23rd in ventura ,california . The tour will go to Europe through december 14th it looks like... The Band will include Eric Dover, Pete Freezin', Teddy Zig Zag, Chuck Wright & me!!! You know yet which kit youŽll use on the Dragontown Tour ??

Eric: I had one of my kits painted, you will like it !!It is black with 50's style "hot rod" flames.
I am thinking of having dragons painted on the front bass drum heads to go along with the "dragontown" theme. The Kit is a Pearl GLX kit with super gripper lugs in piano black. I have used this kit many times since 1986. IŽve also used it on last years Dragontown tour! Last Time i used 2 x 24 kix 13 16 18 toms , but now I think I will use 13' & 14' rack toms as well as 16 & 18 floors and the 2 x 24 kick drums. I used this kit before with big toms, in fact i had them cut down a few years ago as it would be a bit too high & I am not used to such big toms up front..but I will adjust... and of course iŽll use my New Pearl Signature Snare drum ....I may ask them to paint one of my snares with flames too!! Who did the paintings ?

Eric: GMP Guitar company. They make Ryans & Eric Dovers guitars the guys name is Glenn Tell us a litte bit about your new Signature snare ... you told me you got the prototype in October 2001....what do you think about the snare ??

Eric: I really like it ! It has alot of great features AND it is really loud !!! Which is something I really like & appreciate in a live setting . I used it on the Ramones tribute I recently did with KISS (I think it comes out in the fall maybe october or november) . I always bring at least 2 or 3 snares into the studio. I tried mine & a Ludwig black beauty and my signature snare worked better for the track! It really is a versatile drum depending on how you tune it or what heads you use. I use "ATTACK" 2 ply med or 2 ply heavy depends on the situation. Sometimes I will use a 2 ply medium thin if I want more overtones.
The prototype originaly came with steel hoops, I added die cast hoops, only on the top thats what I am using now on the original prtotype. I may go back to using stainless steel hoops I like the shell sound better at this time. I only have the "prototype"!
I am waiting for some backups I will keep the prototype at home! I want to save it maybe use it for recording etc... Any other plans for the near future ?

Eric: I recently did some shows with Gilby Clarke & MONTROSE!
The MONTROSE shows were very cool since he does the whole first album !!
I love that record !!MONTROSE was Sammy Hagars first band Ronnie Montrose was guitarist with Edgar Winter Group!! You are also attending a kiss expo this weekend?!

Eric: Yes, in Omaha Nebraska . Should be fun!! I am also doing the Chicago KISSfest in September, so it looks like I am busy the rest of the year ! Hopefully KISS will do something in the future as well!! Anything else you wanna tell your fans ?.....

Eric: I will be in Europe soon w/Alice so please come to a show & check it out