ASK ERIC January 22nd 2006
Hi Eric,
I'm Filip Thijs from Belgium.I'd like to ask you the following 2 questions :
1. Is it true that there are plans for an ESP concert DVD ?
2. When playing with Glamnation at the end of the nineties, you performed "Beth" live on stage.
How come you don't sing the ballad with Kiss or ESP ? (can't wait to have your "Beth"-version on CD or DVD)
Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond.
Take care,
Filip Thijs.

ES: 1. It has been talked & thought about, we have not had the right situation to do something like this yet.
2.Glamnation was strictly a fun band we did on downtime from Alice Cooper with some of the band guys. WE tried to do mostly early to mid 70's Glam era material & spoof it all. (kinda like Spinal Tap) All the guys like KISS so we decided to pick "Beth" since it gave me a song to sing and them a break.
Got tickets to your May 3rd concert in Halifax, NS, Canada and I'm really looking forward to the show. Although you've performed in Canada before, is this your first time performing on the east coast?
Heather Churchill
Nova Scotia

ES: Hi Heather ! I have played in Canada many times before. But, this time I think we will hit some cities I have never been to before. Should be kool since that is what I look forward to the most on tour is "new places" I hope it is not too cold ?
why the cat makeup and not something original

ES: KISS is what it is at this point. I think they already tried that route in the past. Most people identify with those 4 faces I'll agree.
Hi There,
Just wondering if there was any chance you would be heading back down under for a few shows, with Chuck Garric and Ryan Roxie

ES:We would all love to play in OZ again ! Great place for sure. let's hope Alice comes out again in the future...
Would you rather have KISS return to the old days? You know, back to the REVENGE feel. No makeup, hard chords and drum beats, and NEW MATERIAL! As you stated in a KISS Magazine interview, Gene and Paul only bring in demos, wouldn't you rather start recording now, and get back into the swing of things?
Rock ON!
Until next time- Joe Pennacchia

ES:I would love for KISS to record new material. However, it is not my decision on the             direction of the band. There is always something cooking in the KISS Kitchen and I'm              sure we will all see more from the band before too long.
Hello Eric,
I've been a huge fan since Badlands. I've followed you ever since. You've been a huge inspiration in my drumming. Thanks! I have many questions but will only give you two if I may.
First, what equipment did you record the Badlands cd with. I really love the sound of the drums and your ride. High Wire is one of my favorite songs period that you have recorded.. Please any info if you could.
Second, do you collect vintage drums, if so what are some of your favorites that you have.
Thanks for your time and I love the new Rock the Nation dvd!!!
James Ryan

ES: 1) Hey James, 1st off thanx for the compliments. I used I think 3 differant kits on that BADLANDS record. ALL PEARL maple drums. My black GLX kit I know was on the ballad "Seasons" If you ever noticed there is an East Side & West Side to the record. Half the tunes were recorded in L.A. the other half in New York. I used a red MLX Pearl kit in L.A.(My first KISS kit from 92) and a white MLX kit in New York (Same kit I used on Paul's solo tour in 89) The ride cymbal was a Heavy 22" Z ride if I remember..
2)I do have some vintage stuff. Old ROGERS kits from 65 & 71 (the 65's are on the cover of COS KISS record) I also have my old SONOR Phonics from late 70's wich I still love. I also have an old Ludwig kit and 2 very super kool PEARL kits from the 60's in super wild colors.
Hi Eric:
Just finish watching Kiss rock the nation live dvd. You were a absolute monster on the drums!!!!
Any word when Kiss will be touring again? Please come to Canada next time, especially Ontario.
Hope to see you soon. Keep on rockin'!!! Paul Couture

ES:Thanx Paul, glad ya like the DVD. Tommy did a really nice job with it ! I have no idea at this time about KISS tour plans...
Hi Eric
Have you ever thought about putting pictures of yourself from your younger years on the site? I know all your female fans you love to see pics of you when you were a kid!!!!

ES: have never done that since I have tried to just focus on drums & my career on the site. Maybe someday I will dig up some old photo's for a laugh.
Hi Eric,
My name is Martin, I'm from Dresden, Germany...First of all, I would like to say that you are the greatest drummer in the whole wide world for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your stile and I will drive to Berlin on february 6th to see YOU !!!
Here is my question : Have you ever had a drumteacher and how often do you practise ?
Hope to get an answer, I know you're very buisy...Thanks a lot...

ES:Hi Martin, I will be there on the 6th ! Hope you enjoy the show. I have had a few teachers in the past & was actually thinking about taking some lessons again to work on some differant techniques and re-aprouching the drums from another place.
Do you think ESP will tour or play any concerts in the U.S. anytime soon? My husband and I are huge fans and would love to see you guys in concert!
Jennifer Durham

ES: Thank you for the support, I am usually too busy with Alice or KISS which leaves very little time for ESP or other stuff. Whenever we get time or a chance we try to play.
Hi, Eric!!
I know you busy with the DIRT DIAMONDs tour until may/june...and do you pretend do some shows with ESP before july, and come to south america, specially to So Paulo/Brazil?? (sorry my inglish!!)... Thank you so much, and I wish much success to you!!...
Ktia Alderez
So Paulo/Brazil

ES: No ESP plans other than Japan at the end of Feb at this time. Maybe Alice will come to South America ?
Hi Eric!
My name is Stefan Im 17years old and I come from Austria and Ive been a
huge fan of you for 5 years now. My question:
im also playing the drums and I would like to know which drumset you
would suggest a medium player to buy? (currently i have a Pearl Forum Set)
Thanx in advance
Your fan

ES: PEARL MAKES SOME GREAT DRUMS FOR ANY STYLE OR BUDGET. The FORUM series are great or EXPORT maybe even better . Check em' out !
Yo E whats up. Hey just want to say thanks for taking the time to
take a pic with me at the 05 kiss convention in jersey. Anyway im a drummer
in a hard rock cover band and im having a cymbal dilemma. I started out with zildjian zxt,s
then went to a customs and they musically sound better but they are not as loud and driving than my zxt's.My next step is to go to Z customs which is what i see you are using. I listened to them on the zildjian website and then went down to my drum shop and checked out the Z;s. There are so many choices now im totally confused.I see you use all 19" Z medium crashes. If so why? Why not use different Z types of crashes? Do the cymbals make different sounds even though they are all of the same size and make? Please give me some advice on what i should possibly try thanks dude. Dom

ES: Hey Dom, thanx for the words ! I know about the cymbal dilemma too, I use whatever works for the situation. I really love the "A" Custom crashes but they are not durable for hard hitting situations. I use them or something smaller & thinner in the studio for better control or dynamics. Live I like the "Z" crashes for volume & longer life. The great thing about Zildjian cymbals is that each one is unique sounding. The downside is when you break your favorite ride or hats !
My girls 9, and 7 are huge KISS fans, and my 7 year old espcially loves you and your drumming.
They got a Pearl EX export series drumset for Christmas and my question to you is are they too young
to start in on some drum lessons? I don't want them to get burnt out too early, but they are the ones
hounding me about it not vice versa. Thanks a lot, any info would be awesome!
Chrissi Owen

ES: Hi Chrissi, your girls are never too young for drumming. I only suggest you let them take to the drums on their own & never force anything on them. Please do encourage them if they seem to like it ! it is really important to keep kids interested in whatever they have passion for. I was lucky to have parents that were very musical & supportive.
Hey Eric-
I was just wondering what is your Favorite Alice Cooper & Kiss song to play live (and if it's different-
you don't play live) and why?
You Rock!!
Lance Lumley Columbiana, Ohio

ES: Hey Lance, your from the home of ATTACK drum heads wich I use !! Kool
My fav KISS song to play is "Do You Love Me" Alice tune is "Billion Dollar Baby"
Hey Eric could ask a thousand questions will settle for 2 did you get to
keep the costume you wore in kiss on Farewell and rock the nation tour if
yes what have you done with it.
Which is the most memorable gig or fav gig you participated in.
All The best
Perth, Australia

ES: Yes, I have my costumes... souvenirs from my life is all they are :-) Most memorable gig/show? Maybe Tokyo in 2001 with KISS/MTV Unplugged in 95 / My first time playing back in my hometown of Cleveland w/Black Sabbath in 1986 after I had moved to L.A.
Two questions please.....
Would you ever consider coming "home" to attend the demonstration this
year at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame regarding Kiss' potential
nomination? I think this would be a great way to spend a little time with
your fans and friends if your schedule permits, and I am sure it would be
very much appreciated among the people who plan on attending.
Also, looking back, what was your favorite Badlands song to play live?
Euclid, OH

ES: Hey Mike, I make it back a couple times a year & catch up with people. I'll leave it up to the powers that be regarding the Hall of Fame. Fav Badlands song ? Devil's Stomp or High Wire
I'am just wondering.. What kind off movies do you like, what you think about
the band Skid Row and who are your drum idols?
You are the best drummer in the whole world, Eric..
Sondre Stromsheim
Norway, Horten

ES: Thank you !! I like any movie that makes you think or feel some type of emotion. Laughing is always good too ! Skid Row have some really good songs and Snake & Rachel are super nice guys. My drum idols are too many to name but here are a few.... Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Denny Carmassi, Cozy Powell, Max Roach, Bill Buford, Simon Phillips, Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, Ian Paice and on and on