ASK ERIC January 27th 2006
Hi Eric!
I'm a huge KISS fans and of yourself and last year I had the honour
of meeting you at kiss expo in nottingham uk. I had my photo taken with you
and it is framed and proudly placed on my wall above my drums! The one
question I was too star-stricken to ask you is "what is the chance of KISS
doing a one off concert in the u.k?" I've never had the oppurtunity to see
KISS live I it is the only dream I have!!!
I look forward to your reply, YOU ROCK,Daniel.

ES :Thanx Daniel, I had a really great time @ that Expo. There was a super turnout & all the fans were very kool & patient waiting in that long line. I have no idea about future KISS tour plans. But, I am sure that they are not finished just yet...
hello eric,
i was to a concert from alice cooper in holland in 2005,
and it was amazing, after the you gave me your drumstick, i very proud of it
and i have the new kiss dvd: 'rock the nation live'
what a show! the fireworks the drums, the guitars, in one word: amazing
well a got a 2 question:
1. come ar a second tour from kiss?
2. come ar a second tour from alice cooper?
well i am 13 years old and i came from the Netherlands, maybe there are worng words in this email?
but can you send me a email back pleas?

ES: Joep, thanx for your mail. In answer to your questions I can only say that I know Alice & KISS are both not finished touring yet in their careers. Alice will be in Germany w/Deep Purple in Feb. for a short tour. More European dates are possible in the summer. Check out for tour info/updates. KISS is on hiatus for the time being while Gene & Paul persue other interests.
Hey Eric-I have had the pleasure of meeting you several times and thanks for being so cool to your fans!! I saw you in Atlanta last year playing with Alice and Cheap Trick opening and LOVED IT!!! Your picture is in the Dirty Diamonds CD booklet, but I didn't think you actually played on the CD-did you?
Also, the Rock The Nation DVD is great and so was that show I saw in Nashville!! Thanks again for the great music!!
John Rutherford in Knoxville, TN
Thanx John

ES: I did not play on "Dirty Diamonds" that was Tommy Clufetos who did the 2004 Alice tour. My picture ened up inside the booklet since I was there when the band picture was taken during rehearsals for the 05 tour. Glad ya like the RTN dvd ! It was put together in a super format with those special features. Kudos to T. Thayer
As a drummer, who would you have considered to be your biggest influence...
A.G.- Texas

ES:I would have to mention my parents first & foremost since they were very supportive with music in general & both musicians themselves. As for drummers, Buddy Rich is my alltime Fav. John Bonham, Denny Carmassi, Cozy Powell, Carmine Appice, Simon Phillips, Tommy Aldridge, etc... TOO many to mention here !
My name is Chris Britt from North Carolina,My question for Eric is how different is it playing with all the different quitarist
that you have played with over the years and if Bruce Kulick & John Corabi were to approach you about recording a new Union album would you consider it because I think it would really kick ass you are an
awesome drummer I saw you with KISS on the Revenge Tour and again on the Rock The Nation Tour and both times you rocked.

ES: 1)Hey Chris, I have been really fortunate to be able to play with some great guitarists. Many of whom I was really a fan of or influenced musically by them. As with ALL muscians. each one has their own style or feel & approach. The most important thing I look for is the rythmn playing. Considering that in most songs they have to play rythmn 90% of the time too ! Gary Moore & Jake E. Lee were probably the most rythmic that I remember. Brian May has the most unique style of all. Bruce Kulick is super solid in all areas. Ronnie Montrose is also another great all around player with his own tone.
2) I did fill-in on a few shows a year ago w/Union to help them out when their drummer Brent Fitz could not make the shows. I know Bruce & John want to keep Union a separate entity from other projects we do together like ESP.
Hey Eric, it's Kevin from Richmond, Va. I was wondering what your early years of drumming consisted of. Were you in drum corps or anything during high school or college. If so, how has it affected your playing the drum kit?
I must say that you are one of my favorite drummers. I try to pattern my playing after you and Mike Portnoy. Speaking of Portnoy, do you know him and what do you think of his playing?
Hope to see you soon on tour with Coop!!!!

ES: 1) Kevin, I started by taking formal lessons with rudimentary books (Charlie Wilcoxon) I also took lessons later on from teachers who used Ted Reed "Syncopatin" book as a template with Berkely school methods. I started playing in my dad's band at 14 yrs old. I was in school bands until high school and never fit into that mold or style. (ie:rebel)
I must say all the lessons & teachers influenced me in many ways since that helps shape your ideas & approach to the kit.
2) Thanx for the compliments ! Yes, I know Mike Portnoy, in fact I remember hearing Dream Theaters 1st demos in the KISS offices back in 1989. DT's first manager used to work with KISS & played me the stuff. I remember the drumming really stuck out and I knew that guy (mike) was going to be heard from alot in the future. He is really a super accomplished drummer and has built a vehicle/band that features his playing in a very upfront manner.
We saw you here in brazil in 99 for kiss conventions, will you be back again
with Kiss ? In south america would Brazil be interesting to play like in
Argentina too?
Cheers. Leonardo Siqueira-Brazil
Leonardo S.

ES: I love South America since the fans are so passionate about music ! They really make you feel special. I hope to come back someday soon. I heard rumours that Alice Cooper may come there this year...??
Hey Eric,
My name is Ryan and im a 15 year old die hard fan of yours. I got
the Rock The Nation Live DVD a few weeks ago and your drumming in War
Machine is absoulutely leathal i always die when i watch that clip anyway my
3 questions for you are: 1)Do like playing in Australia more than most other
countries? 2)Did you ever get to meet he great Eric Carr before he passed
away? 3)When is Kiss coming back to Aussieland (Melbourne)? i would love
to see you guys play again!!!!!
You rock every nation Eric and keep up the brilliant work.
From a HUGE fan Of Yours(and KISS) RYAN:-)

ES: Hey Ryan, thanx for the kool words.
1)I love Australia since it reminds me alot of California but with more charm and super nice people. Perth is my fav city.
2)Yes, I met Eric C. 2 times before he passed away. Once at a KISS show on the H.I.T.S. tour & another time on Pauls' solo tour in New York. He was a really nice guy from what little I knew about him & I know he was really loved by his fans to this day. I must also mention what a great drummer he was too !
3) I don't think KISS is done yet ! Hopefully another trip to OZ will happen again.