ASK ERIC May 22nd 2006
Hi Eric,
Friends of mine ask me to name my favorite drummer, I always have two names for them ... TOMMY LEE and ERIC SINGER ...
you make drumming look so simple ! OK, Two questions here: First question: I never got to see KISS with you and Bruce
Kulick, after the KISS "makeup" wears off again, IS THERE A POSSIBLITY THAT KISS WILL REGROUP WITH THE 1992-1996 LINEUP AGAIN ?
(also Carnival of Souls is a bad-ass album; great writing, great music) Second question:
DO YOU HAVE DRUM LESSON DVD OUT ? I'd like to buy it if there is one out there !
Thanks for your time, BILLY from LOUISIANA

ES: Thanx Billy for the major props !
Although the "Revenge" era KISS was a great one I think like all things it is part of KISSTORY now. You never know what the future holds when it comes to KISS but I think it is safe to say that the band is on course for a future in make-up.
I did an instructional video called "All Access to Drumming" in 1996 that is available on DVD and I also did a beginners video for PEARL drums that comes with all there entry level kits to help you get started from the minute you open the box ! It is called an introduction to Drumming w/Eric Singer
Dear Mr. Singer,
Thank you for always being a professional and for always being kind to all of us crazy KISS fans. I loved the ESP album or I guess I should say CD to avoid showing my age! The way you guys put those songs down made them seem so fresh and the sound was just incredible. So many of your fans have loved the same artists you were influenced by and it was great to hear your take on those tracks. Do you foresee another ESP album anytime in the near future? Thank you for letting me take up your time and please keep us rocking, there aren't too many "new" artists out there that can!!!
I was also wondering who your favorite Brown's player is?
Thanks again,
Dayton, Ohio

ES: Hey Howard,
Thanx for the ESP props.
I really dig that CD too ! WE had a great time recording tunes by bands that really influenced all of us so much. We are working on
putting together a "Live" ESP as I write this

Fav Browns Player ?? Jim Brown or Leroy Kelly
HI Eric,
Great web site!
When you look twenty years back on the 7th star tour, do you still cringe at the thought of the shows with Glenn? I absolutely love the 7th star record and thought you and Spitz sounded kick ass together. Do you ever wish you could again play with anyone from that record?
Thanks, Mark

ES:Mark, That 7th star record was my very first record I ever played on. So, I look back on those memories with good vibes. Tony Iommi is the king of heavy riffs & it was an honor to play with him and the fact that he asked me to record & join Sabbath at that time still seems like some weird dream since I was/am such a huge BS fan to this day !
It was too bad about Glenn Hughes at that time in his life. He really is a great singer & I wish him the best. I would love to play with Tony again someday since I didn't get the chance to play with him in a solid situation. At the time we worked together there was alot of turmoil in Sabbath.
hey there eric singer im your biggest fan im from boston mass my name is kimberly you are my insperation and my idol i love watching you play drums and hearing you sing i have been your biggest fan since i was little my question is im a singer can you give me advice on how to reach my dreams?
my other question is im a singer how do you perform songs when your nervous?
love kimberly

ES: Kimberly,
I always say, Go for your dreams ! Better to have tried and falied rather to never know right ?
Just stay focused and plan small goals on your way to big goals.
I don't get nervous too much anymore, but when I do I just try to channel that energy by warmming up & stretching and building up to the moment when it's Lights out. Then it is show mode for me & I channell all the energy I have been saving for the past 22 hours before this show. Everyday is all about those 2 hours on stage for me !
The only playing I get to do is either completely by myself, or along with music on my stereo. The problem I find with that is that when playing along, even though I can really be in my own groove, I get distracted by hearing the drums on the disc and it
constantly throws me off. You know, because to me I might be just doing it my own way but that it would fit just the same. I'm wondering if you know of ANY site or resource that sells songs, popular or not, with the drum track erased, like a Drummer Kareoke? That would let me play along in my own style, without feeling like I'm screwing up because
I don't match the original 100%.

ES:Hey Phil
I also sometimes play along to CD's or the radio too !
It is a great way to learn drum parts or just jam & have fun.
I am not sure about Music minus drums ? They did make records like that when I was a kid which my mom did buy for me. I suggest looking at a music store or try searching online ?? Google rules !
Hi Eric,
Just checked out your site and thought I’d drop you a mail,
Me and my “pop star” wife met you at the Expo in Nottingham
And you were a gracious and cool guy, not like quite a few stars’ I’ve met! (Thanks for the stick!!)
I hope if you are playing again in the UK either in concert or in an exhibition I get to find out!
Do you have any plans for another visit to the UK in the near future with any of your projects??
How about ESP?
Chris Smart

ES: Chris,
thanx for the kind words....
I will be playing with The Coop in June in England at Monsters of Rock and some other cities as well. ESP hopes to make it over there sometime in the future for sure.
I was just wondering where i can get your signiture drumsticks, i'm having a hard time finding them. Maybe you can give me a website or a store?
I really like your visuals or stick tricks. When you hit the cym. from the underside, do you have your palms up or down? Thanks for your time. Troy

ES: My signature sticks should be available at most music stores or drum shops.You may have to special order them or try contacting Zildjian thru their site for available locations.
Regarding hitting / playing cymbals upside down or backwards ? My palms are sometimes up or down depending on which cymbals I hit or what way I decide to strike them. It is not something that is easily explained. Better to show or see in person.
hi eric am robin from sweden i wanna sak you something i want to know what
drummicrophones and drumheads you used on the revange tour whit kiss? it´s
the best livesound i ever heard!!
sorry about my bad english ;)

ES: WOW Thanx Robin !!
I use ATTACK drum heads. The Terry Bozzio model heads. I am sorry but I do not know what type microphones we used on that tour or recording. Every soundman has his own tricks & mics they like to use.
How are you?
You are my big motivation to play drums!!! You´re the best!!!
I have some questions.
What do you prepare into the future? (music projects, tribute albums, solo albums, etc)
What´s your favourite song from KISS Revenge album ? (your drumming on this album is amazing!!!)
Do you remember your first music group? (your first group ever)
Thank you
yours sincerely, Roman

ES: Hey Roman, I'm doing real good these days
I am currently working with Alice Cooper & still doing the odd KISS event here and there. ESP played some shows ealier this year in Japan & Australia and we hope to release a live CD sometime this year.
My favorite KISS song from Revenge to play is Unholy.
My first group was in the 6th grade and we were called The Axe ! We had 2 drummer since my friend Skip wanted to take turns palying drums with me. I remember playing "Hey Jude" for our classroom & I was terrified playing in front of people LOL !!
Hi Eric, I met you at an Alice Cooper show in Clear Lake, Iowa a few years ago(you know where buddy holly last played!?). I am a huge Kiss fan and only came to that show to watch you. as usual you didnt disappoint! I am 34 years old and have been a major kiss fan since my mom bought me Alive, Love Gun, and Gene's solo album for christmas when i was 6 years old. You are BY FAR, the best drummer Kiss has ever had in and out of the studio. I have a couple of questions i am dying to know. Please be as detailed about these questions as time permits you, you happen to be my favorite drummer and i was too big of a pussy to talk to you in person, guess i just didnt want to seem like a dork asking you a bunch of questions, sorry!
1-Why did you leave Badlands after the first album?
2-Do you like playing with Kiss or Alice Cooper better?
3-on a scale of 1 to 10 what do you think the chances are of there being a new Kiss studio record with you on it of NEW songs.
4-Why do u not get involved in starting some type of super group?
thx a bunch you were cool as hell in person, and i only hope i have the pleasure of seeing you live again, i will come see you play POTS AND PANS---LOL

ES:1 I was fired by the band. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise for sure as I joined Alice Cooper on the TRASH Tour one week later and have moved on to a much better place since those days.
2 I actually like playing with both bands for differant reasons. They are challenging in many different ways from each other. But they both are show or visual type bands & that is what I find similar about them and whar appeals to me the most.
3 I would love to give you an honest answer. But, I really don't know so I would say "5"
4 I have gotten to play with so many of my heroes & influencial bands from my youth that that in itself is super to me !
Wondering if you'd be doing any clinics in the Boston area any time soon.
Paul M. (Milford, MA)

ES: Paul, I rarely have had any time for clinics. I did do a clinic in Tokyo ealier this year & that was the first one I have done in about 6-8 years. I seem to be always touring and when I do get time off I really need it. Hopefully I will schedule some time for a clinic tour and get a chance to get back to that area of my drumming again.
Hey Eric, thanks for doing the ESP show in Melbourne. It was awesome. It's obvious now why people refer to you as one of the greatest drummers around today, not only are you an awesome drummer, but you and the guys stayed back and signed stuff and had pictures with us. Thanks again man! One question,do you prefer being in a band and making up the drum parts and working on
the song, or do you prefer to come in and play in a band like you do with
KISS and Alice Cooper?

ES: Thank you very much !! Australia is a special place for KISS and myself. You guys have always been the best fans to play for and we love you for it.
I really prefer being creative and writing my own drum parts but, I have no problem playing for the music or song first. Playing with Alice or KISS gives me a chance to play some classic songs that helped shape me as a musician.
Hello, Mr. Singer.
I met you One time at the S.F. Convention. in Ca.two people where hounding you I said Hello Mr. Singer You snapped your head around fast and had a strange look on your face then you smiled Asked me if I was having a good time. I replied Yes. You reach out to me and shake my hand. I replied to you saying hope you don't get bugged too much. You rolled your eyes as saying "These guys are bugging me." Though the time we where inter acting the two guys where asking and wanting something. You are a Respect Man In my eyes. Question: Are you going to record any of the Live Show from ESP or Gigs that You, Bruce Play in You guys sound Great. Sale them on your Site or any other way. Would life to get some of the great show you have put on? So I can listen to them.
Ps. My Dad has always said this to me.
"To Get Respect is to Give Respect. Never Expect Respect but alway Demand Respect"
Thank You for your Time

ES: Thanx Sal, The KISS fans are really just the best & sometimes get a bit over the top, but that's what we expect from them right ??
We did record some ESP shows and have some video footage as well. We are in the process of deciding what to use or not and hope to have something available before the year is out.
p.s. You dad is right...
Hi Eric!!!!
How are you???
I´ve got a question:
Do you know where I can get a poster of you unmasked???
Hope you write back

ES: I am not aware of any posters of myself unmasked other than the PEARL promo poster from REVENGE tour of me standing next to my Oldsmobile 442 car with KISS in the background.
HI Eric....Do you know if you and KISS are going to do another consert?
I`m a drommer and i play in a band.We are playing many of youre`s songs they
are very good.
you are the best drummer in the worl you rock.
From a norwgian kiss lover on 12 years

ES: Very Kool !! thank you for the compliments...
KISS has a few events this year VH1 Rock Honors on May 31st and 4 shows in Japan in July. I will be on tour w/Alice Cooper most of the time this year. Life is good !
G'Day Mate,
Great to see you and the ESP boys in Melbourne last week, you seemed to have a great time entertaining us. l also saw last years gig when you toured with Alice Cooper and played the Corner Hotel. Both were fantastic though this year will be hard to beat. Are there any plans to return in the not too distant future ?
Also, thanks for being a genuinely great person, my only regret is that you don't get to play outside the pub environments as l'd love my 7 year old boy to meet you.......he'd learn a great lesson about remaining humble even when bless with extraordinary success. Maybe one day soon with KISS you'll be back !!!
Take care and keep up the good work,
Cameron Paxton

ES: Cameron, I really hope to be able to play there again real soon. We love Australia & plan on returning as soon as possible !!
Hey Eric.
Any chance you could bring the band over to the UK.?
Would be so cool also dude, do you rate Dave Lombardo?
Also (this is NOT the reason i emailed you) if you do come over and need a support act it would be so cool for my band. im currently in a covers band were all about 20, weve won a few battle of the band but the problem is my friend where do i go with this, i want to have real band but its really fucking hard after playing covers live for so long to write songs as good as the classics.
any thoughts
cheers Peter

ES: I will be there with Alice Cooper in a week !!
Dave Lombardo is the best at his type of music for sure and a nice guy too !

As for you, stay focused & find your place & way as were all meant to do.
Hey, how's it goin' ? I have a question regarding cymbals. I tend to break them alot. My wing nuts on the top are very loose, and I'm not hitting them on the very edge. Although I am a hard hitter, I don't want to sacrafice that because my feel is pretty good. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

ES: I am not aware of what brand you use or type ? I suggest try less tension on your cymbals and approach hitting a different way or with more finesse...?
Hey Eric I know you are crazy busy,and judging by the tour date section from your site that will continue for the year,and beyond I am sure!!!!
I will just tell you that you are my drum idol! I used to play as a teen then I was lured away by the evil guitar LOL!!! I realized that I sucked at that real fast and gave up on being a rock star !!! Then I saw you play with Kiss on the Revenge tour!!! Man you blew my away and now I am a drummer again and follow you and your site very close!! Your site is great and thanx for the ASK ERIC section!! I am sure I speak for all when I honestly say thanx for REALLY reading your mail and REALLY answering it!!!! It means alot to us ERIC!!!
I noticed that you are playing the Michigan State Fair with Cooper,will you guys be doing any in stores or any meet and greats for that show?? I would love to meet you and have you sign a few of my Zildians and if you could be so kind take a few pics with me for my drum room!!
You Rock Eric, Thanx
Brian A Windsor Ontario Canada

ES: Brian, I will hopefully get to meet you sometime in the future. Thanx for the support & props. As for in-stores or meet n greets ? none planned at this time. C ya on tour !!