ASK ERIC March 15th 2006
Hi Eric,
First off...I want to say that I'm glad you're back in KISS, even if there isn't a ton of activity with the band atthe moment. I look forward to eventually seeing you on tour with the guys again after being blown away in DC on the Rock The Nation Tour.
My question...Would you want to sing lead on a future KISS album or if KISS never records new music, what song(s) other than Nothin' To Lose or Black Diamond would you like a chance to sing lead on in concert?
Thanks in advance for answering my question and for writing me back when I've e-mailed in the past.
You Rock!
Jason Davis

ES: Jason, thanx for the support !! I love singing and would really like to sing on any KISS songs in the future if possible or needed. I always liked 'Strange Ways" by the way.
Another question i have for you if you don't mind...if you were to choose another instrument
besides the drums, what would it be...
armida gil

ES: I really like Guitar, although I am a complete hack !!! I have always been inspired by guitar driven/based bands.
Hey Eric, i have 2 questions
1. What was the audition like for the paul stanley solo tour? Did u ever think that u would get the job?
2. How do you come up with kool drum tracks like Hate, Devil's Stomp, and Domino? Peace! Troy

ES: Troy:I never actually auditioned for Paul. I was told he needed a drummer for his solo tour in 1989 while I was recording in New York. I went to the KISS offices and met with him and next thing I knew I was drumming for him! It was a very kool experience and a highlight of my career for sure.

2: When I "write" a drum part I usually try to come up with a melodic approach as well as a rythmic approach to a song. I also try to have each song on a record be different from each other to give each song an individual feel or style. Mostly I am inspired by the Vocal lines or Guitar rythmns. Sometimes whatever comes into my head first is usually the right thing. But, I also listen to other musicians for ideas since they many times hear it from a different perspective and many times that is unique and helps me think from a different point of view as well.
Hey eric. This is a pretty cool thing your doing with the "ask eric" section. Its really great that you take the time to talk to all your fans. Ive been a fan for many years now. I first saw you play with Alice on the
brutal planet tour in kentucky. That was about the time I decided to get my first drum kit. Since then ive been to all the alice tours and you and the band always put on an awsome show. Are you going to be working on any projects that will bring you to Ohio any time soon?

ES: Thanx Chris, keep an eye on my site for updates and tour info as it happens.
My name is Roman, Im 20 years old and Im from Czech Republic. Im a drummer and you are my god! Im going to visit your concert with Alice Cooper in Nuremberk (Germany). Its my big dream, to see you live on stage! Will you have a sign-in?
I have a few questions for you:
How you do the trick with drumstick in War Machine at KISS - Rock The Nation DVD? Its impossible :-)
Whats your favourite Alice Cooper song?
Will you throw a drumsticks at the end of concert in Nuremberg? :-) (please, hide one for me)
Thank You, your faithful fan, Roman.
(sorry my english is bad)

ES: Roman,thanx for the words & support !
My fav Alice song is Billion Dollar Babies
As for the question regarding stick tricks ? It is really hard to explain on paper. Better to show live or on DVD/Video. Maybe you can try using the step framing feature on your DVD to slow things down & you may get a better idea exactly what I am doing ?
good luck
Hey Eric,
I've been a huge Kiss fan sense 77! I was nine then... Oh getting old sucks! Anyway I grew up in Ohio
(Madison - about 45 miles east of Cleveland) I saw on a Kiss DVD that you are also from the home town ofCleveland.. My question is are you a Browns fan??
(hope you guys put out a new cd! if not all good!)

ES: Of course I am a Browns fan !!! (wich has not been easy the past few years as we all know...)
I am also a huge CAVS fan as well as Indians too !!
You can take the boy outta Cleveland but not the Cleveland outta the boy !!
Go Browns !!
Hello Eric,
I admire your playing with KISS and Alice Cooper. Being a Gary Moore fan myself, how did you get
involved with him and get the gig as a drummer on the Wild Frontier tour?
I still love his songs from that era, Over The Hills And Far Away, The Loner & Thunder Rising.
Any other artists you like to play with? Do you consider yourself a hardrock drummer or would you
also like to play with people like Peter Gabriel or Eric Clapton if they ask you?
MarcThe Netherlands

ES: Marc, I was very fortunate to get to play with Gary in 1987. He is one of the all time great guitarists in my opinion. Bob Daisley got me involved on that Wild Frontier tour thru our work together with Black Sabbath on the 1986/Eternal Idol record. Gary's band was probably the best group of musicians I have ever played with.
I do really like many types of music & would really love to play with other type bands/musicians outside of the hard rock circle. I have worked or played with Eurythmics, Bono & Edge from U2, Ms Dynamite,Zuchero and others in the past wich was a super experience for me.
Thanks for the website and the way to ask you questions.
I would like to know what drums and sizes were used on the first Badlands CD. I realize most people changedrums/snare/cymbals throughout sessions for a CD. Information on head usage would also be a great help.
Mike Rossi

ES:Mike, That Badlands record was many years ago....
I do know that I used PEARL drums on both sides of the record (if you notice there is an East side & a West side) Meaning half the record was done in L.A. the other half in New York City.
Both kits were Maple MLX 6 ply drums with 24" kicks. I remember using a Noble & Cooley snare drum for alot of the sessions. Also, on the song "Seasons" I used a GLX maple kit at the Record Plant L.A. since that was the actual demo version that made the record. Of course I used Zildjian cymbals thru-out and Remo heads at that time (I now use ATTACK) probably Amb. coated on batter side of all toms.
I hope this helps in some small way ?
Love your playing since Badlands. Met you in NJ at Kiss crap-vention last year.
Question: Being a working Bassist I dig a tight drummer but I also love that old school feel jazz/freeform ,
light sticking Peter Criss, Mitch Mitchell thing. Pre John Bohnam and the bashing drummer. What is your take on
this style and have you recorded anything like this?

ES:Thank you Rick,
I also apreciate that style of drumming too. I actually did a recording session with Bob Kulick producing for a Hendrix song. We recorded the drums in "mono" with one microphone just like they sometimes did in the old days. It was a very differant approach drumming wise for me since I had to play very very light & even to keep the sound uniform. It to date is still one of my favorite drum sounds I have ever gotten.
Hi Eric,
Could you give me the lowdown on hearing protection when playing live? My band does not use in-ear monitors.
With good foldback and a decent pair of earplugs (musicians or shooters), all should be ok? I'd say I'm a
pretty hard hitter and try to hit the drums consistently whether wearing plugs or not. After a gig when I
haven't been wearing plugs, the ears are ringing and I know that hearing loss is irreversible. I always wear
plugs when practising, but would like your advice regarding live situations. I'd like to think that protecting
the ears should be one's top priority.
Trevor from Australia.

ES: Trevor,
you are so very right regarding ear protection !! I use "in Ear" Monitors myself. They are a bit tricky to get used to & really sometimes make me feel disconnected from the band or music. But I realise that they also help reduce volume wich is so needed after too many years fo high decible music around me. I use ear plugs or shooting range ear protectors when practising at home on my own. I want to retain as much of my hearing as possible at this point.
My 8yr old son Zac is an aspiring rock drummer. Since he was just old enough to crawl he
would go to the kitchen,pull out the pots and pans, and go to work. When he was 3 we bought him a
small 3 peice set with the thought that he would lose interest sooner or later. For 2 years he beat that
little set into submission. When he was 5 we managed to buy him a Pearl Export kit and get him started indrum lessons. Now Zac is a very talented 8 yr old rocker who is fueled by watching great drummers like yourself,Steve Smith and Dennis Chambers. Whats more amazing about Zac is that neither I nor his mother play any kind ofinstrument. We don't push him at all either. He practices every day, sometimes several times a day. Zac has learned alot fro his drum teacher (Jason Gilardi of Caroline's Spine) and several drum DVD's that he has at his disposal. Right now, Zac is trying to figure out how to start playing all his favorite songs without a band to work with. He would also like to know what would be the next good kit to upgrade to. He wants a kit that will give him a great rock sound like some of his favorite groups.( KISS, Motley Crue, Skid Row, AC/DC etc.) We would also like to know so we can start planning for it.( We're a very blue collar family) Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Jim,Lisa and Zac Simms

ES: Good to hear you are so supportive to your son Zac !! Good on you...
As for a drum set ? I must suggest Paearl Forum or Export series drumks for the best value for your dollar. Not too pricey and really great quality as well. Let me know how you make out in that area ok ?
good luck
First man, you are the best rock drummer out there today. Plus the hardest working, it seems, with Alice and Kiss. Are there any plans for Kiss to tour again? If not, do you think G & P will want to tour again? Also, I hear rumors that G & P will find replacement for themselves and have you, Tommy and these guys carry on Kiss......anything on those rumors??
My technical question is, I have a Chad Smith signature snare (I only use Pearl. I can't quite afford your signature snare yet). It seems too "pingy for me". Any suggestions to improve it? I use tone rings, and Remo heads, but can't get it quite right. I know you get what you pay for, but
I'm wondering if I can't get this snare to sound better.
Thanks, and hope to see you onstage sometime in the Southeast...

ES: Thanx Jim,
At this time I really don't know what KISS would like to do in the future. I am sure there will be more to come at some point...
As for your snare drum question, I suggest you experiment with heads & stick sizes for a different sound. A heavy weight drum head will probably help. I use ATTACK 2-ply heavy heads coated on the snare and this tones down the ringing alot for me.
Hi Eric,
I think your drumming on the unplugged version of Goin' Blind is the best drumming I've ever heard. You don't just give the beat, you also give a feel, an emotion to the song. My question: how do you come up with that kind of stuff? Do you have a rehearsal space where you work on a song?
Make different versions? Do you have to be in the mood for it or you just sit down and work on it? Also, how do you present it to paul and gene? I mean, that particular piece of drumming is so radically different from the original version, do you discuss it beforehand or do you just play it and see how they react? Thanks for answering.
best regards

ES: Bart Wow !! thank you very much for the compliments.
I try to play what I feel at the same time keeping in mind the original version of a song. Yes, mood & feelings have alot to do with most musicians approach to songs and performances in a live setting. Most people I have worked for usually have let me insert some of my own style or personality into their music. I always try to remember to not stray too far from the original version of a song. Unless asked to do so...
I have a practise room that I use to prepare myself for tours or recording sessions.
As a drummer and KISS fan since 1978, I have wanted a pair of chrome KISS bass drum heads like you play.
Could you advise if, where, and how I could get a pair. I have included pics of my kit as well as the kit my 13 year old son plays.
Drummers rule.

ES: have had a hard time finding "chrome" finnish heads anymore. Maybe try ebay ? Most companies stopped making them years ago due to lack of interest I imagine, plus they don't really sound that good to be honest with you. More for looks/ more show than go....
I noticed you had a lot of drum kits in the past. Do you come up with the designs you use for KISS?
Also I noticed something you would get a kick out of, look on the back of your RTN dvd, Tommy Thayer
is the only one selected on the Powervison thing. Guess you can choose yourself on the box when you produce the!
Rock ON!
Until next time- Joe Pennacchia

ES: Joe,
I usually try to pick or choose a drum set look based on the themes of a tour or band I am working with. I really love sparkle finishes as a first choice. I have been using a chrome finish kit for about 3 years now & it looks great on stage under the lights in my opinion. I may have to come up with something new this year since I am always trying to change the look for myself to keep me interested and inspired !! We all know the feeling when we get something new right ?
I am just 40 years old and I have been since 15 years old a KISS fan.
I ever loved drums but I couldn't till know learn to play drums; I have started my second years drums learning lessons.
This days I have bought my first Pearl ELX drumset and I would like to try to play some old KISS song. Unfortunatly it is very difficult to find drums tabs on the net and moreover the available ones seems to be wrong in magority. Finally, I found your sit web which contains many nice pictures but no drums tabs.
It would be very intresting for young (or less young) drummers to be able to try to play KISS song (I particularly love Christine sixteen song). Therefore, I would like to know if you would be pleased to put drums tabs in your web site.
Thanks for dreams you, and all KISS group, put in our young minds.

I am not aware of any available drum tabs for KISS songs other than the REVENGE songbook wich was released in Japan many years ago. I suggest you try a "Google" search perhaps ? I know that Japan has produced many Tabs for alot of bands & their records in the past, you may have luck in there....
Hello Eric,Ive been a fan for years and was wondering what your opinion was on remote hi hats..
I play drums and have been considering making a change, any input would be appreciated thanks .

ES: I have used a remote hat set-up in the past. It was mainly for singing to help ease my facility to get on the microphone with more ease. I have since dropped that from my kit. It may add another dimension for you ?? go for it !
hello my name is andrew tonan and i was wondering if i could ask you what is the hardest kiss song

ES: Hey !! Actually I have always stated that for me Rock and Roll All Night is tricky to play because of the feel. It is more of a 50's early 60's kinda style ala Chuck Berry which is not the music that I was weaned on. Even though it seems to be a very simple beat, it is not that easy to get the correct feel.
FIrst off I have to say, YOU ROCK MAN! You are by far the most talented
drummer KISS has ever had. You need to start singing songs during the KISS
shows man. I was at the Portland,OR show in 2004 on Tommy's mom's B-day. It
was my first KISS show and all I can say is that ever since then I'm
uni,pressed with any other show i've been to. You guys put on a spectacle
for the eyes and ears. I'm writing because I'm an aspiring musicia. I play
guitar in a band and I was wondering if you have any advice for breaking
into the music what kind of people to tlka on
getting gigs...advice for demos...stuff like that. I can't wait until the
next KISS tour. I was gonna see you with Alice Cooper in Eugene, OR but you
guys canceled the show(LAME!)...but oh well...i would've only been there to
see you play man..YOU RULE!
Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This
Brandon Christensen
Eugene, Oregon

ES: Brandon,thanks for the props !
All i can say is to hold onto your dreams & go for it !! That's what I did many years ago when I moved from Cleveland to Los Angeles. Many people said or thought I was crazy I'm sure. At least you need to know you have tried to do something you want or love.
I've been a Kiss fan since the Paul Lynde Halloween appearance "way back when.."
I'm a fan of your drumming abilities and energy...but more importantly, your ability to come off as a
very positive person in the press...even when it would be easy to get caught up in the "turmoil" we've
seen thru the recent years with Kiss.
I know you are involved in other bands. Do you consider yourself a member of Kiss with side projects
during the down time? Or, do you consider yourself a "contractor" with all of the bands you play with?
Finally, we all have the desire to leave our mark on the earth in our life-time... what do you hope that
mark will be for you?
Thanks Eric...and keep rocking!

ES: Steve,
I look at myself as a working musician period. I love to play & keep busy, this is what I do....
I am very blessed to have been able to see the world, meet great people and play music with so many awesome players in my life. For this I am thankful...
hey eric, your a great drummer man!
Im just wondering if your goning to be comming back to australia as i really want to meet u!

ES: Pete, funny you should ask !!! ESP will be playing in April down there. Melbourne & Sydney. Keep an eye out for the show dates
Hello Eric,
I know that Peter was one of the founding members of KISS one of the
greatest rock bands in the world of our time, but you actually fit the band
best. I am very impressed by your professionalism in how you fit each
gig and you mold to it like you were always there.
question to you is: me being a drummer as well, I was curious about
the drumheads you use because we all know of the quality level of
heads these days
pulling from the hoop and coating chipping ect, no need to mention
company names. Why do you play Attack drumheads when they are the
most inconsistent head out?
They must make them for you custom like T Bozzio's,,, am I wrong and
if I am please fill me in because I never looked at Attack seriously.

ES:Thanx for the kind words...
I have been using ATTACK heads for many years with really good results. I also use the Bozzio heads & I love their sound. All's I can say is try em' yourself & see !!!

ES: Thank you for your question !
I met Tobias many years ago and knew right away that he had a special talent. I have noticed that he and his band Edguy have slowly changed their style thru the years to become a bit more commercial sounding. I am glad to see this since I remember having a conversation with him about this many years ago. I always thought he would become more known if his music was more accessible to the listeners. He asked me to play on that one track a few years back & I was happy to do it for such a talented guy !
I buy the eric singer s snare drum and i yould like to know how Eric set his snare drum.How to tighten the skin , extremely tended skriking or not ? And the same thing for the stamp.
Thank you

ES: I hope you like my snare drum ?
I use a heavier head for live than the one that comes on the drum. I also use ATTACK drum heads. 2 -ply heavy head for live work and a 2-ply medium for studio.
I usually tune the drum on the tighter side for longer life & and better attack sound. I also many times switch the top rim to a steel hoop to get more of a "shell" sound out of the drum. try it for yourself.
Hey I'm 16 and I'm getting really serious about playing drums and making it in the biz.
(Been playing since 10 yrs old) I have been giging with my dad for a couple years now. I'm thinking about going to
school over @ P.I.T. in Hollywood. What would u recommend? Troy

ES: At your age maybe PIT would be a great thing. You will get so much information that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. And in the meantime it will give yourself more time to decide what direction you would like to go in musically.
How was your tour with deep purple in Germany? How kool was Ian Paice? What did he have to say?

ES:Deep Purple were awesome !!!
I really loved watching Ian every chance I could. He is an old school master and has so much to pass on to all of us drummers. I strongly suggest any drummer to check him out if you can.
Hi! Heard you are a collector of cars and watches. What would be your dream
car to own? What are you currently driving? Bought any cool watches lately?
Peace! -Alzi

ES: Yes, I LOVE watches & cars
I would someday love an Aston Martin as my dream car
I also love American Muscle cars
I have a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 4 speed car and a 1968 Mercury Montego MX
I currently drive a BMW M3 as my daily driver as for watches...
I am always looking and buying too many I think....
I recently have been into BIG watches (42 mm and up...) such as Panerai, RXW MM20, Anonimo and I have many TAG Heuer's
I got an Autavia from TAG Heuer last year while on tour as a gift wich I really love !!! They came to our gig in Montreux Switzerland & presented Alice & myself with awesomw watches before the show !!!
Dear Eric,
Ive seen you with Alice Cooper in Nrnberg and Munich, and I want to tell you, that Im very happy,
that at the end of the show , you gave your drum-stick directly in my hand. Thank you so much! I was very unhappy,that I couldnt catch Alices belt, but then I was very proud to get this nice present from you!
You are the greatest drummer Ive ever heard, and I love your drum soli.
I want to know, when you and Alice will return to Germany.
And will Alice sell Platinum-Tickets at his next tour?
I would like to buy one of them, because I hope, that I can talk with you and Alice for some minutes and perhaps
I will get autographs of you.
Please tell him, how much I love him and that he makes me very happy with his great music!
I hope to see you all soon again.
Being always with you
Heidi-Inge61 from

ES: I am glad you liked the show & got my stick as well !!
I know Alice will be back in Europe at some point again this summer. I am not sure about Platinum tickets though...
check his website for info in that area ok ?
Dear Eric,
I am a 13 year old boy that lives in New York (pleasant valley) that is a big fan of KISS. I signed my name,Tyler White, on your website as well as seeing that you liked the color purple. As you can see I decided to write it in that color. I got the new Rock the Nation DVD for christmas and I watched 3-4 times already. Now I will tell you some of my personal business. I play the guitar pretty good and the drums really good. I started playing the drums when I was 2 years old and the guitar in the summer of 2005. I watch you on the DVD and copy all of your moves on an air drumset since I don't have a real one. I know a couple of songs on the guitar by KISS as well as a couple from other bands. The guitar that I play is a Jackson. Me and my friend Brittnee put a band together called Black Sunshine.
She plays the drums and I play the guitar. I wish I could play the drums but Brittnee doesn't know how to play the guitar. I suggested some drum lessons for her but she can't afford it at this time and I try to teach her but she gets mad at me because she thinks that she is good already. Would you happen to have any suggestions or tips for her?
That would make her really happy to get some tips from the drummer of KISS. I seen that you liked alot of bands and you played in one of them that I liked. That band was Black Sabbath. My mouth dropped when I seen that. I also like a couple other bands like Metallica, Heart, The Cars, Lynyed Skynyrd, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Barry, Slam Allen which is a friend of my family that plays the blues, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and a couple more. I can't wait to see you and KISS on the next tour in New York. Thanks for everything. My e-mail address is
Sincerely: Tyler White

ES: That is so kool that you have a band and want to help the others too.
I suggest you encourage your friends to take lessons if at all possible & always be supportive to each other ok ? I hope to see you on tour sometime in the future and I think it is so great that you like so many bands from the 60's & 70's like me !!
Dear Eric
Hope you are well , i still think your'e the best drummer out there .
Two questions , i own a recording of the club gig in Brooklyn just after you joined Kiss in 1991 , your double bass drumming was awsome . How hard was it for you to learn the vintage Kiss songs and playing them on single bass ?
What exactly was your role during the Mandela 6664 concert during the Queen songs ? We saw you drumming with Roger Taylor but was
it support drumming or what ?

Keep on rockin'

Phil Anderson
Thanx Phil

ES: In the early KISS days I was kinda going a bit overboard with the double kicks I think LOL
I have since learned to tone it down and play more for the songs and what Gene & Paul really need from me drumwise.
For that 46664 Mandela concert, I was asked to play drums with all the other people from Brian May's solo band. It was an awesome experience needless to say.
I was there to play with whoever needed a drummer and also support Queen or Roger if needed sicne Roger was preforming so many other duties (singing, playing with other artists)
I got to play with The Eurythmics, Bono & Edge from U2 and so many others
Hi, Eric!!
I hope you did an amazing tour in the Germany! Let me know, do you record a new CD or DVD in Japan with ESP? I saw this news on

ES: We did record some shows in Japan, we need to see if they are good enouh quality for release. I will post info if it happens
Hey Eric!
My name is Christian, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Germany. I just got the Rock the nation DVD and as I am a drummer, too, I chose your angle. It's so impressive to see all the things you're doing that you can't see, when the focus is on Paul or Gene.
I must confess that in the first place, 5 years ago, when I was sucked into KISS and also got Alive III, I didn't really like your approach on Pete's parts. But now, whew! Totally blew me off, too bad the drums are quite buried in the mix. So now here are my questions:
1.With whom was it more fun to play with, Ace, Bruce or Tommy?
2. How the hell did you get so fast in muting the cymbals in Makin' Love with the hand with which you hit em?
3.Have you ever had problems with your ears after practicing, i.e. Tinnitus and what have you done to prevent that?
4.If it's possible, could you convince Gene and Paul to come over to Europe (esp Germany) to play for their European Army?
Well, that's it. Keep on rockin', cuz you really do!
PS: BTW, you're my favourite drummer of drummers alive, Bonzo is of course Over the Top...;-)

ES: Criss,
thank you
glad you like the RTN dvd !
It is done very well I must admit & Tommy did a great job with it.
I agree the sound is a bit muffled at times in the drum department (sorry)
I have enjoyed playing with all 3 KISS guitarists. Ace of course is the original who set the bar, but Bruce & Tommy are both total pro's and really underated in my opinion. They both have alot to offer and deserve much more credit than they ever get !
Yes my ears do ring at times & sadly this is one of the downside to playing loud music or drums...
I try to protect myself whenever possible.
Do you think European fans are more open minded and accepting of hard rock or metal ? I ask this because it doesn't seem to be nearly as popular
in the U.S. It's all hip-hop or rap. My understanding is bands like Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, The Coop are more popular their than at home. What do you think ?
Thanks, Patrick

ES: This is true, Hard Rock or metal has always been more popular in Europe.
I am glad that these countries support so many of the bands I have played with for many years. Thank you !!
Got a question too. You have been drumming with two of my all time favourite bands.Thank you!
First, KISS. Second Queen. I've seen you do a surprise Queen gig in Amsterdam with Queen and also on the 46664 concert. Did you do any more concerts with Queen?
I got goose bumps just watching 100000 people clapping to We Will Rock You and Radio Gaga. What went through your mind? Did Queen ask you to do more?
Were you nervous filling Cozy's shoes on Brian May's solo tour? Just some thoughts please.
Looking forward seeing you as the Catman again.
Btw. You sounded amazing with Alice Cooper!!!


ES: Jean I too have "played" with 2 of my favorite bands !
I only did a few things w/Queen that you mentioned (would love to do more :-)
I was honored to play with Brian May & was really honored that he chose me to replace Cozy who is one of my favorite drummers of all time.
I knew that I had to step up to the level that Cozy had left behind & I can only hope that fans were happy with what I did. He was one great drummer !
eric,whats up? Just a little question actually. I am a double bass player, but due to space (in the van :)) i
am thinking of trying out a twin pedal, just in case.
* Now everybody tells me sonor makes good ones. Is
that true? What would you suggest.
* Is this guy erek in Zurich still making those custom
racks? Do you have any contacts or site?
* What are, according to you, the five worst drum
inventions? (like that "crashbox from LP in the
* Any plans of coming to brazil?
take care
ES: I use PEARL pedals & love the Eliminator double pedal when using a single kick drum. I do not know about the Sonor models sorry...