ASK ERIC June 24th 2006
Hi Mr. Singer, I'm a true fan of your music, based on your body of work you are VERY well respected by your peers as well as fands; I like to think of you as the Jim Keltner of hard rock; hope you take that as a compliment; as Mr. K is phenomenal (in my book)
Anyrod, without sounding too "out of touch" what have you got on your plate in terms of studio albums? Is ESP an "ongoing band?" I though it was just a one off thing? And as for Union, have you joined this band? Last I heard they had broke up? I remember reading a few years back that you had a "glitter band" tribute group you started are they defunct now? Sorry to innundate you with questions, I REALLY enjoy ESP & Union, I LOVE your version of "Teenage Nervous Breakdown!" Just wondering about your "status" as I'm guessing KISS is on indefinite hiatus? Ever thought about releasing a live gig on cd under the ESP or Union name? Just hoping....
Well, thanks for the opportunity to ask these "geeky" questions and know that we (your fans) will follow you wherever you go (musically, that sounded way too stalker-esque!)....One last "quickie" I noticed on Mr. Cooper's "Dirty Diamonds" you're in the photo inside but not on the album...why is that?
Be well,
Well Moose, seems like you have alot of questions !! :-)

ES: First of all let me say thank you for the huge compliments !
I am currently on tour w/Alice Cooper and will be going to Japan with KISS at the end of July for 4 shows wich I think should be very kool & alot of fun !
ESP is an ongoing "project" or fun band if you will...
We do gigs a couple/few times a year when possible or schedules permitting. We did record a "Live" CD in Japan for release later this year & may also release a "live" DVD as well from another show we did in Sydney Australia.
Glamnation was the fun Glam band that used to play around the L.A. area in summer of 2000
We did do shows on & off for a few years but everyone has moved on to other things and the band faded out.
It was alot of fun during that time I must admit since I got to play songs from such a great era...
And in answer to my photo on the Dirty Diamonds CD ? I did the tour and was there when we were rehearsing and the shot was taken....
I appreciate your answers, thank you very much !!!
Do you remember your visitation of Czech Republic? How do you like Prague? (you were here in 1998 at Kiss convention)
Do you remember your first drum set and your first song what you have learned?
PS: Which school did you graduated?
Thank You
Have a good time

ES:Hi Roman,
I remeber the Expo in Prague. A beautiful city & I remember a vintage watch store somewhere near the bridge that I have been to a couple of times !
My first drum set was a "DIXIE" blue sparkle finish. I remember playing "Hey Jude" in 6th grade for the classroom and was scared to death about playing in front of people !!!
I went to Euclid High School in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio
How long did it take you to feel compferable around KISS when you first started with them?

ES: I felt comfortable right away since I had allready done Paul's solo tour in 1989 and the REVENGE record in 1991.
Bruce was a big help to me in adjusting to "KISS life" :-)
As most people know KISS fans are unbelievable !!
Been a while since the last time we met in Copenhagen, 2005. Unfortunatly I can´t make it to the Coop-show at Sweden Rock Festival this summer.
Anyway; I wonder something about your drum setup, as I´m a drummer myself in the band X(Melon): Sometimes i see pictures of your setup with what seems to be the same depth of your toms, is it 12" + 13" with the same depth? And also, how do you (or the drumtech) tune your drums? Batter and resonant heads, lower/higher than the other?
Thanks and I wish you the best, and hope that you and KISS will record something soon, wishful thinking perhaps... :)
The best to ya!
Gianni Pegoraro
X(Melon) , Sweden

ES:Hey Gianni
Sweden Rocks Festival was really great this year ! perfect weather and alot of kool bands.
My rack tms are 12" x 8" and 13" x 8 1/2"
floor toms are 16" x 14" and 18" x 16"
24" x 14”: kick drums 6 1/2" x 14" snare
My tech Paul tunes the drums when he reheads them and many times I come in & retqeak them a bit when needed although he knows what I like after so many shows together (thanx Paul...)
The toms are tuned with the top head a slight lower in pitch than the bottom head to help get a bit more "overtone" wich I think helps the drums project better. Personel choice i always say !
Hopefully more from KISS in the future.
Hi Eric! Just picked up a pair of 2002c
eliminators,Iwas wondering how you have them set
up(cam used heal plate position,beater angle,etc I was
a loyal dw player for over 15 years and found when
they change the pedals I really can't get used to them
so I'm tring the pearls.Thanks for the time,You
Rock!!(as always) Mark

ES:Mark I too used to play DW pedals...
The PEARL Eliminators just work great for me. Real good torque and response as well a durability !
They are the best as far as I am concerned.
I use the stock cam outta the box and have fairly strong spring tension. I use the felt side of the beater as well to get a bit more of an "airy" sound. Very little dampening in the drum as well. Just an Evans EQ pad lightly touching the batter head. Hope this helps ?
Good luck !!
Hi Eric
I’ve been a KISS fan for ages and always thought you have replaced Eric and Peter in fine style. My question covers the microphone at conveniently swings out on cue to catch your vocals. This may be a silly question for “those in the know”, but is the mic operated by yourself and what is the actual mechanism? Also, has it ever gone wrong!!?
All the best, Axel Thomas, Stockport, England.

the actual mechanism is Joey "doppelganger" Arias my trusted tech !!
He knows the songs and cues of when to swing it into position. Otherwise I am hitting it all the time with my left arm/hand !!
Hey Eric-
I just finished watching the new Alice DVD. During Black Widow and your solo, you wear headphones, why is that?
Columbiana, Ohio

ES: Those "headphones" are shooting range muffs to cancel sound. I have found that the drums sound best while wearing them and it probably comes from practising while wearing them at home all the time for so many years now.