ASK ERIC April 12th 2006
Hello Eric,
I know that Peter was one of the founding members of KISS one of the
greatest rock bands in the world of our time, but you actually fit the band
best. I am very impressed by your professionalism in how you fit each
gig and you mold to it like you were always there.
question to you is: me being a drummer as well, I was curious about
the drumheads you use because we all know of the quality level of
heads these days
pulling from the hoop and coating chipping ect, no need to mention
company names. Why do you play Attack drumheads when they are the
most inconsistent head out?
They must make them for you custom like T Bozzio's,,, am I wrong and
if I am please fill me in because I never looked at Attack seriously.

ES:Thanx for the props !! I have had really great results with ATTACK heads for over 10 years now. I do indeed use the Bozzio model heads most of the time but have also had good results and consistency with the others as well. I don't know what else to tell you ? Give em' a more serious look perhaps ?? good luck E
Hi Eric,
I'm Andy from Powerzone Records of Rome (Italy).
I contact you becouse we would like to produce a new album of Badlands.
Do you think it's possible?
Are you in contact with the other guys?
Please let me know.

ES: Andy , BADLANDS made some good music many years ago. But, that was many years ago... I have moved on to a much better place in my life and have no idea what any of the other guys are up to at this point and time. I wish everyone all the best. Also, in acse you did not know Ray Gillen the singer passed away in 1993 which makes any record impossible...
Hey Eric, no question just some comments if I can.I got to meet you at the Kiss expo in Indy on March 10th.
I would just like to say that it was such a pleasure. My 10 yr old son got his pic taken with you and we both got alot of great pics signed by you. It was indeed a thrill for both my son and me( probably more for me). When you get to meet somebody like you and you are just that damn nice it makes it all worth it.I was very taken by how you treated everybody there. Just wanted to let you know what it meant to me.

ES:Tim, thank you !! I really enjoy meeting nice people/fans & because of people like you it just makes it all the more worthwhile.
Hi Eric, I have some questions for you. What artists have inspired throughout your career as a drummer? If you weren't a drummer would you be doing?

ES: Elizabeth, I have so many people who have inspired me. I think I have come to realsie that my parents probably were the biggest of all. Their support & musicality that they passed on to me has proven invaluable !! As for bands, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Beatles,QUEEN and on & on.
If I wasn't a drummer ?? hmmmm..... maybe a poilceman or a teacher of some type. Perhaps social work helping kids.
I visit your concert with Alice Cooper in Nuremberk. It was absolutely fantastic show and your drumming was fantastic too!!!
Thank you for your drum solo!!! You are the BEST!!! I have a question, What do you mean about present rock scene? Do you have any favourite present band?
PS: How many hours do you play drums? (daily, weekly...)
Where did you buy the shirt which you wear at the concert in Nuremberk? :-)
your biggest fan Roman

ES: Thanx Roman for the mail !!! Glad you liked the show & my drumming too. As for the present scene ? I like that there seems to be a better balance or more Rock & Roll oriented bands nowadays. I love Foo Fighters & Queens of the Stoneage. I practise when I feel like it or need to. (which means anywhere from a few hours a week to 10-20 hours a week)
Hi Eric (drum god) Singer!!
I´ve got 2 questions maybe you would be so kind and answer them.
1) Which other music styles do you also litsten to except of Rock music.
I listen nearly to every music (except Techno which I think is no
music:-)POP music, hip hop and rap)
I also like Classical music very much it allwas depends on my mood!
How about you?
2) When there is a Alice Cooper tour in Europe this year (especially
Austria=my hometown) will you be playing the drums? I hope to see and talk
to you maybe after a show!

ES: 1.I ike many types of music too depending on my mood. I listen to classical music almost everynite as I fall asleep. Mozart mellows the soul...
2:Yes, I will be there with Alice this summer c ya on tour