Name: Eric Doyle Singer

Date of Birth: May 12th 1958

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Hair Color: Brown but dyed blonde or black

Eye Color: Blue

Hobbies: Collecting Watches, Drums, Music, Sports (Football, Basketball)

Bands he played with: ESP, Lita Ford, Badlands, Black Sabbath, Paul Stanley, Brian May, Kiss, Glamnation, Alice Cooper, Gilby Clarke, Queen, Gary Moore and many more!!

Fave colors: Silver, Black and Purple

Fave food: Thai, Indian

Fave drink: Sparkling water

Fave tv show: Sanford & son

Fave actor & actress: Gregory Peck, Raquel Welch

Fave Movies: Silence of the lambs, Shawshank Redemtion, Schindlers list

Fave Website: